Black Water Rabbit Horoscope 2023 by zodiac sign and year of birth

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What is the secret of success in life? Its not insignificant ingredient – the ability to plan your life, based on circumstances. Many of the current trends of a particular year become common to all people in the world – the horoscope is responsible for this. Which animal is the patron of the year – an important question, knowing the answer to which you can anticipate some important events and make successful plans. The horoscope for 2023 will help in this.

The general trends of 2023


What will be the year of the Rabbit 2023? First of all, it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of this animal:

The rabbit is a gentle and affectionate creature. He has a benevolent disposition and is not prone to deliberate aggression. In addition, he patronizes people with a similar character and lifestyle.
The black color of the Rabbit symbolizes the feminine energy “yin”, which, according to the Chinese, has a dark color. Accordingly, the main themes of the coming twelve months will have more significance for women.
The element of water has its own special characteristics. It is in harmony with the Rabbit, it is also quite soft, but it is not so easy to subdue – it is directly related to unexpected events and changes.

Based on these qualities, interesting conclusions can be drawn. The year promises to be relatively calm only at first glance, but it is distinguished by its unpredictability. For anyone who wants to succeed and not make mistakes, it is important to remember the qualities that are useful for this year:

  • flexibility of thought;
  • the ability to adapt to circumstances;
  • a non-conflict nature;
  • the ability to solve problems peacefully, through negotiations and diplomacy.

Love and relationships in 2023


The astrological forecast for 2023 in the sphere of romantic relationships makes it clear: these months are made for spending them with family. Rabbit is an animal that patronizes tender marital relationships, marriage, the birth of children and their upbringing. Therefore, astrologers recommend that you dedicate this year to strengthening your marriage. Listening to the thoughts and desires of your significant other, investing time and effort in the family – this is a recipe for success.

Single people have a higher chance of finding a second half in 2023. However, too intrusive attempts to get into a relationship run the risk of defeat. It is worth to act softly and observe the reaction of a potential partner or partner. Being too assertive, aggressive and trying to assert oneself at the expense of other people will suffer a defeat and lead to failure.

It is important to fulfill the desires of a loved one, to please him and take care of his state of mind. Such a strategy will allow success with the highest probability and will contribute to strengthening the relationship and taking it to the next level.

Finance and career in 2023


What will the year of the Rabbit 2023 be like as far as finances are concerned? Don’t think that the mild Rabbit is incapable of presenting financial success. Increased prosperity awaits everyone who will show the qualities that are important for this year: flexibility, diplomacy, the ability to think big and to act in consultation with reason. Career and financial success awaits such people. Also successful in these twelve months will be any training, education or professional development.

Rabbit is too soft to patronize business or reckless career decisions. Therefore, anyone who wants to drastically change jobs or start their own business should think long and hard about all the possible consequences, pros and cons. Hasty decisions are dangerous. It will be especially useful to consult with experts – those who know a particular area better and can give sound advice. Do not act against the predictions of knowledgeable, experienced people – Rabbit does not welcome excessive risk and arrogance.

Health in 2023


How will the Black Water Rabbit affect people’s health and what should we pay attention to? First and foremost, this is a year of female energies. Therefore, all women should pay attention to their well-being, state of mind and body. This will allow to avoid many problems that may occur in this year. In addition, the year of Rabbit increases the chance of successful conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Also, all people, regardless of their gender, are advised to pay special attention to the health of the respiratory organs – they become vulnerable in the years of the element of Water.

Also, this period can bring kidney disease. However, this is relatively easy to avoid if you monitor your health, undergo examinations and give up bad habits. Alcohol consumption is especially dangerous this year. If possible, it should be kept to a minimum. The year of the Rabbit is suitable for the start of all kinds of sports.

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