Chinese Horoscope 2023 for the Dragon

The Dragon is a rather willful sign of the oriental horoscope. People born under this sign are very energetic, active and motivated. They are not willing to listen to criticism, even constructive, even on the case, it hurts them and makes them doubt their own strength. At the same time, they are for the honesty, they see through hypocrites. Dragon in the year of the Rabbit 2023 should be ready to undergo a number of tests, but he certainly copes with everything and will only get stronger and more experienced. So, what does the Chinese horoscope for the year 2023 foretells the Dragon?


healthThe year 2023 will be one of the most stressful periods in life. Rabbit will seriously grind your nerves, and you will have to take care of your mental health. Probably, you will be able to solve all the arisen situations in a more peaceful way, but if you will not learn to control your emotions and will increasingly show irritation, short temper and anger, your nervous system will quickly fail.

The stars recommend to pay more attention to yourself and it doesn’t mean that you should run and do a full body check-up. Daily rituals that will strengthen not only your nervous system, but also your physical health will be quite enough for you. We recommend practicing yoga, breathing practices, meditation, walks in the fresh air. If you feel a response, then take up sports, but be careful not to overdo it.

Love and relationships

loveRabbit has prepared a number of challenges for you in personal relationships. You will have to learn to train your patience, take your negative emotions under control and learn to control yourself. Otherwise, you can not avoid misunderstandings with others, the rupture of relationships and loneliness. For Dragons who are in a relationship, the main advice from astrologers is to learn to restrain themselves. If there is a need to express their disagreement and discontent, they recommend to delay and postpone the conversation to another day.

Free from relationships Dragons should also be careful in dealing with others. Your irascibility does not please people, and they can simply stop communicating with you. Try to think what you say, otherwise the circle of your acquaintances will be markedly narrowed, and it will be difficult to return the old relationship. Already by the fall your negativity will decrease, new acquaintances and even novels are possible. If you can learn to shift the focus of attention from your own personality to people, you are sure to build strong relationships.


workYou really need stability during this period, especially at work, but the horoscope for Dragon for 2023 promises grand changes. For some, these will be long-awaited changes, but there will be those who are not ready for such twists of fate. It is likely that such events will cause a storm of emotions: misunderstanding, aggression, resentment and more. But all the events that occur in your life will bring you only positive changes, even if not immediately. If you can accept everything that happens to you with humility, be sure that success is just around the corner. If negative emotions overwhelm you, it is more likely that you will miss what you’ve been waiting for.

Some Dragons will have the career growth that they have been going for so long, and all the changes will be to their advantage. But there will also be those representatives of the sign who want change so much, but it does not happen, thereby causing disappointment and resentment. Whatever the circumstances, keep your feelings under control and don’t lose hope for the best.


moneyIn this sphere, respectively, there will also be changes, but they won’t always be negative. Of course, some representatives of this sign may have financial losses, loss of basic income. But such situations will force you to pull yourself together and use your own potential to 100%. The first 3 months of the year will seem to you that the money is in short supply and there is not enough to cover even the most important needs. But by the summer the financial situation should normalize, and the income may come from new sources.

There is a possibility that your hobby can be monetized. If you have spare money, then feel free to invest it; the volume of profits will certainly increase. The year 2023 is a favorable time to buy real estate, it will bring income in the future. In the fall, it is better to avoid large purchases, you are likely to become a party to fraudulent schemes. If there will be financial losses, treat them with wisdom, because you have every chance to earn triple.

Dragon Men Horoscope

menIn 2023, a series of important events awaits the men. In spite of the tense beginning of the year, on the whole, the year is quite favorable. At work in the fall, there could be a number of difficulties that will force you to get out of your comfort zone and begin to act differently. Astrologers recommend you to keep your emotions under control and to be more restrained in your conversations with the superior people. This will allow you to avoid many problems. Situations may push you to make important, even life-changing decisions.

In general this year you should pay attention to the development of your professional skills, perhaps take courses or get higher education (yes, another one). Don’t give a reason for gossip, keep up your dignity.

There are also possible storms of emotions and misunderstandings in the family, but keep your head in the cold, as they say, and think soberly. This will keep the family together. Free men can find a lady of the heart already in the fall, but you will have to work hard at it. A little patience, persistence – and you will win the heart of the lady. This relationship will be successful, though it will force you to change and change your views on some important things for you.

Dragon Women Horoscope

womenAs the horoscope of the Dragon for 2023 recommends, the woman Dragon since the beginning of the year should engage in personal and professional growth. It’s time to find a new hobby, go to yoga, go to dance, there you will find new friends and associates. In addition, a new activity can give you a number of positive emotions that you need. The first half of the year is quite favorable for strengthening working relationships. Perhaps, you will receive a favorable proposal, and you will change the type of activity. Well, basically, stability is what you need right now.

In your personal life, you just have to dream about stability. You are surrounded by gossip, which affects your emotional state. There may be disagreements and misunderstandings in the relationship with your loved one, which should be resolved. Try not to cut with the heat, many of these actions you will regret, and there is no going back. Relationships with children and parents are no less strained, you have a hard time accepting that they do not meet your expectations. The only solution is to take care of yourself and your own development.

Horoscope for the Dragon by zodiac signs

Here is a brief astrological horoscope for each zodiac sign born in the year of the Dragon.

Dragon – Aries

ariesThe year will not be easy, but interesting. Before you will open new horizons both in your personal life and at work. Do not miss the chance to change, otherwise you’ll remain dissatisfied with current circumstances and waste a lot of energy.

Dragon – Taurus

taurusPay attention to your personal life, perhaps something that you have long been unsatisfied with, it’s time to fix it. Situations will occur in such a way that you will instantly make decisions. That is why it is important to learn to control emotions and not to go along with them.

Dragon – Gemini

geminiWant something new, fed up with everyday life? Be careful with your desires. For women there will be a number of significant changes in their personal lives that they couldn’t even dream about. Men should also pay attention to their personal life and direct the remaining resources: time and money.

Dragon – Cancer

cancerAstrologers recommend you to pay attention to your body: take care of yourself, take time for your beloved. The best time to give up bad habits, the celestial luminaries will help you in this. Summer is a great time for travel, you can safely go on the most adventurous trips.

Dragon – Leo

leoKeep your emotions under control and remember – your opinion is not always necessary to express. Your task is to preserve the relationships you’ve been building for years. This applies to personal life and work. There may be provocations from the universe, but you have to control yourself and strive to become the best version of yourself.

Dragon – Virgo

virgoThink about what you wanted to be as a child. Maybe then you will realize why you are not satisfied with your life. The stars promise you a series of changes that will simply turn your destiny upside down. But in what direction – for the better or vice versa, depends on your awareness, so it’s time to work on your spiritual and personal development.

Dragon – Libra

libraDoes it seem to you that the world is not fair to you? Then it will be! Astrologers recommend watching your thoughts and words, it can change your life. Especially be careful when communicating with women.

Dragon – Scorpio

scorpioThis year it is recommended to understand your own desires and goals. Do not doubt yourself and set yourself global goals. The year will be favorable for the development of your own business. Your task is to learn how to invest your resources wisely.

Dragon – Sagittarius

sagittariusThe most successful time of the year for you is spring. You are ready for changes, your heart is open to new acquaintances, and the stars are ready to help you with this. Difficulties at work are possible, but they won’t spoil your mood.

Dragon – Capricorn

capricornIn 2023, your task is to learn to listen to others and not to impose your point of view. People don’t have to conform to your expectations, and that’s no reason for you to get upset. If negative thoughts arise, get some physical exercise.

Dragon – Aquarius

aquariusFor you 2023 is a good year if you are ready to change. You strive for novelty, and it should start with your personal transformation. At least try to change your hair style, go the new way to work, make new acquaintances, and your life will play with new colors.

Dragon – Pisces

piscesYou should pay special attention to work, that’s where the changes that you need are waiting for you. Perhaps these changes will not be exactly as you expected, but they will open up new horizons for you. In 2023 you will learn to accept everything that happens to you.