Runes: the meaning of the runes, the use of runes in magic.

Examining the different types of writing, which were used in the past, or diving into the cultural history of the ancient peoples who inhabited northern Europe, people are inevitably faced with the question of what are the runes. Diving into this subject is often difficult: the runic symbols were used not only as signs of the alphabet, but also in magical rituals. It can be difficult to understand and understand the dual nature of these signs. The significance of the runes in the life of the ancient Scandinavians was not only practical: they were treated as sacred symbols. That is why the subject of runic writing deserves to be considered in detail.

What are the runes – a general description


The runes are the writing of the ancient Germans. In translation runa means mystery, not for nothing the Scandinavian peoples believed in their mystical properties and the magical meaning of the runes contained in each symbol. The symbols are portrayed using straight lines and carry powerful energy flows, using which you can influence reality.

The mythological origin of the runes


The myth that the writing was given to people by the gods, observed in many peoples. So, in the view of the ancient Scandinavians, the runes were given to people the supreme god – Odin. But he did not own their mystery originally: in order to comprehend the powerful signs, he was forced to spend nine days and nights, nailed a spear to the world tree Yggdrasil. Through this ordeal, he gained knowledge of the sacred symbols that could be used to transmit information across distances, to preserve it through the ages, and to use these symbols in divination and magic. Odin shared his knowledge with the people.

Types of runes


Runic writing in different variations existed among many peoples. Researchers distinguish:

  • Scandinavian,
  • Anglo-Saxon,
  • Icelandic,
  • Greenlandic,
  • Slavic runes.

The most widely known is the meaning of the Scandinavian, or Nordic runes.

Scandinavian Futhark – all the runes and their meanings.

During the study of runic writing inevitably raises the question: what is Futhark? Futhark is a runic alphabet. The senior, or main Futhark, which was used for both domestic and magical purposes, includes 24 senior runes. They are divided into three Aetts by 8 runes each. It is worth considering the meaning of runes and the interpretation of each in more detail.

First Aett – the runes and their meaning

The runes of the First Aett are responsible for the material part of the Universe.

fehuFehu – in its simplest and most direct meaning symbolizes the material property. Those values that can be felt, touch hands – gold, and later money signs. On a more subtle level – one of the runes with the energy of Fire, which carries the potential for material ideas. In divination involving the question “yes or no?” means the answer is “yes” in the forward position, and “no” in the inverted position. May mean a rich man and financial resources, the imminent enrichment. Used for magical purposes for profit.

UruzUruz – has several basic meanings: cattle (bull), human animals, on a more subtle level – physical strength and energy. Possesses the forces of the Earth. Another one of the interpretations – health and healing, often speaks of the recovery of a person when used in divination. Used for magical purposes as a source of power, which can be aimed at both destruction and creation. Can be used to heal and invigorate a person.

ThurisazThurisaz – symbolizes the hammer of Thor, which is used to destroy the objects of the material and spiritual plan. Instrument, with which you can create both good and evil. One of the runes of warriors. Means overcoming obstacles when it falls in the divination. Another symbolism – achieving goals by all means. Can be used to break a person’s defenses and help defeat an opponent.

AnsuzAnsuz – is one of the most sacred runic symbols. Means speech, words, everything one says out loud. Another common interpretation is knowledge, information, learning. Communication, the ability to handle information. In the predictions of the future could indicate the need for dialogue with the mysterious character or the fact that the situation will resolve in favor of someone who has more reliable information about it.

RaidoRaido – has several similar interpretations: the way, the road, the movement, the aspiration. And the way not only the material nature: Raido can mean the progress of any case, the situation towards resolution, culmination and denouement. If you ask the runes and get the answer Raido in forward position, we can assume that the case will end successfully, inverted Raido means that the situation was stopped, stalled. Used as a talisman for those who are going on a trip, a journey.

KenazKaunan (Kenaz) – means materialization, the realization of ideas into reality. One of the simplest interpretations – blazing fire, diluted with human hands, which contrasts his fire, which can ignite on their own. Means a definite answer “yes” to the question posed to the Higher Powers. Often used in love magic as a tool to kindle pure passion between people, even if between them there is no partnership and romantic feelings.

GeboGebo – means unity, partnership, cooperation and a pair of people, but if we are talking about a pair of lovers, in this case, they are not yet married and do not have common children. In a broad sense, it can denote friendship, business and ideological partnership. Supports harmony and balance in human relationships. Interpreted as an answer “yes” to any questions. Used in love magic, as well as to cement an alliance of any kind with another person.

WunjoWunjo is a symbol of joy, pure and unclouded by anything. Serenity and happiness, earned by the person who strived for it. Reward for success, achievement and labor. Lightness in the soul, laughter. Hanging upside-down in divination, may indicate depression and mental stress. Used in order to get out of a difficult moral state, to look at the world more easily, stop being afraid of it.

Second Aett – a description of the runes and their significance

The meaning of the runes of the Second Aett – the transformation of reality, correlating it with the personality of man and spiritual practices.

HagalazHagalaz – one of the heaviest runes. Belongs to the goddess Hel, who reigns in the realm of the dead. Means destruction in the broadest sense, more cruel and large-scale than Turisaz, but partly similar to her. However, it can not be called only negative. In divination, it indicates a definite positive answer, but the question asked will not be resolved in the way imagined by the diviner. Can be used with caution runes and magical cleansing attacks. Requires a lot of energy from applying its man.

NauthizNauthiz – compulsion, subjugation of the will for all purposes. Destiny, fate, from which there is no hiding. Forced changes in life, behavior, thinking, attitudes. The will of the Gods. Something that cannot be changed or corrected. Says that the situation is already predetermined, and should only expect its denouement. Has an extremely wide range of applications: cleaning from the negative, spoilages, hard spells and compelling people to the required behavior.

IsaIsa – the symbol of ice and cold. Another rune belonging to Hel. Freezes all situations, processes, feelings. Pauses everything, like a cold winter suspends agricultural work on the land. Can indicate that a person is too rushed events. A definite “no” as an answer to any questions. Can be used to aid in the treatment of illnesses, freezing pain and inflammation. Also “freezes” and consolidates, as if a layer of ice, the result of any magical ritual, not allowing to remove the imposed spell.

JeraJera – the rhythms of life, the universe, the calendar year. A looped, constant process that repeats from time to time. The successful completion of an undertaking, if it is aimed at the good. The harvest, the result of labors. Speaks of a positive outcome of a matter that one has guessed. Used to loop any events, making them repetitive from time to time. Brings harmony and rhythm to the life of the person using it.

EihwazEihwaz – a protective magical rune, bears the signs warning of danger. Patronizes those who use it, but this requires a certain experience and abilities. Can both give and take away the energy of life – depending on how and for what purpose to use it. Can give a strong defense if used for that purpose. Requires a holistic way of thinking and certain leadership qualities. Indicates that the outcome of the situation will be positive, but it will have to make efforts.

PerthPerth – revival from the ashes, renewal, rebirth. Secret, hidden side of anything: the universe, the human soul, the flip side of the situation, which for no one obvious. Allows a glimpse into the future, contributes to prophetic dreams. Negative answers to a straightforward question in divination. Widely used in magic, can be used for magical initiation, and to influence other people. One of the runes associated with pregnancy.

AlgizAlgiz – symbolizes the patronage of the Higher Forces, the Gods, help and protection from above. Something that guards each person does not give him to make fatal decisions and get into dangerous situations, if it was not prepared for him beforehand. Also related to religion in general. Warns of the need for caution, caution and flexibility of thought in the current situation. Used as a powerful protective symbol.

SowiloSowilo – symbol of the Sun, sunlight, warmth. Natural fire, beyond the control of man. In a broader sense – a positive solution to any problems, the joy of exit, the relief that difficult times are over. A positive answer to questions asked. Used for the purpose of obtaining good luck, coping with difficulties, as well as improving health and replenishing physical energy.

The Third Aett – interpretation of the runes

The meaning of the runes of the Third Aett is most closely associated with people, their characteristics, likely life situations and destinies.

TiwazTiwaz – the rune of masculinity. Possesses the energies of Mars. Can be interpreted as a man in general, as well as such qualities as courage, militancy, strength, determination. Quick and favorable resolution of the situation, which, however, will have to work hard. Also refers to the moral strength of man, his strong-willed qualities. The state of war, confrontation. In addition, could symbolize the parting with the old for the sake of acquiring a new.

BerkanoBerkano – rune femininity. Woman as such (adult, and usually married). Growth, rebirth, the emergence of something new. Feminine fascination. Fertility, abundance of resources, gifts from Destiny. Possesses the energies of the planet Venus. Promotes all-around well-being. Runa most closely associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Good luck in any undertakings. The answer “yes” to the question. Can be used in spells. In some cases, the stone may put on weight when it is used for magic purposes.

EhwazEhwaz – speed, rapid progression forward, the animal-symbol – deer or horse. Symbiosis of body and spirit, contributing to the most effective movement to the goal. Progress, a shift from the dead point. Causes a change for the better. Interpreted as standard for most runes – “yes” in a straightforward position and “no” inverted. Widely used in order to solve the case in their favor.

MannazMannaz – a person as such, as a creature of the physical flesh, endowed with a God-given soul. The personality of the person, his system of views and values. Often used in any magical effects to indicate the operator or someone who is directed to influence. Does not have a sexual coloring, so it can be used in influences on men and women.

LaguzLaguz – running water, stream, river, in a broader sense – any stream (energy, events, destiny as a series of incidents). Purification and renewal, “washing away” of old energetic influences. Another interpretation is a young, unmarried girl. Intuition, prediction of the future, can enhance the accuracy and quality of divination.

InguzInguz – means fertility in all aspects, partly similar to the Yera, but more fundamental and never denotes anything negative, is not used in negative influences. Strength and energy, health. The positive response to the question asked. A favorable resolution of a worrying problem. Prosperity and well-being.

DagazDagaz is the rune of change. Symbolizes the constant motion in which everything on Earth, from the level of atoms to the most global processes. Can change any situation by turning it in the opposite direction. A positive answer to all questions asked in divination, but the resolution of the situation will not be such as imagined by the diviner initially. Used in magic as an impetus to change, but requires an extremely careful approach.

OthalaOthala – a symbol of family, home, household. A married couple with children, all their joint property. Wealth belonging to the Rod. What is received as an inheritance. Marriage as such. Housekeeping, the ability to get along with people and achieve great results together. Used for “home” magic: to strengthen the feelings and well-being in the family, spells followed by marriage.

Magic runes


The runes have been widely used in magic since their inception. Single runes were applied to everyday objects: clothing, tools, utensils, walls of the home and weapons warriors. They were used according to their interpretations and the meaning of each. Sometimes several runes were applied in a row, in the form of runic formulas, so they affected at the same time.

In addition, the runes can be made up runic stavs – pictures in which several runes are imposed on each other. The resulting stavka combines the value of runes, their strength and manifestation aspects of each of the present runic symbols. The range of applications of runic magic is very broad, it can be as positive effects (to protect themselves, their property and loved ones, to obtain good luck, love, profit) and negative (spoilages, violent priests against the will).

Runic magic is used to this day. As a rule, when applying the runes, a person appeals to the Norse gods for help. It is believed that the magic of the runes is effective, especially if the person using it is acting fairly (for example, bringing someone harm only for revenge). Also runic magic is considered to be particularly effective for achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, obtaining “fighting” qualities of character, protection from enemies and improving one’s life in all aspects.

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