Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2023

As the Sagittarius horoscope for March 2023 says, in this month a lot of your attention will be occupied by matters related to family and home, with the issues of moving. March will help you complete processes that have been dragging on for a long time. March will be both a stressful and a successful month for you, when existing problems can escalate, but this is what will help to solve them.

The moving of the planet Saturn into Pisces on March 7 will require Sagittarius natives to be responsible and actively involved in family matters. Over the next two years, you may have to change your plans and limit yourself to the needs of your family members. You could also buy a home, change your place of residence, and get involved in home improvements.

The planet Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23 will start the processes of transformation in your social circle. In the coming years you should expect active movements, trips, travels. This is an active time for public activities and communications.


healthAny actions aimed at the improvement of appearance and health will be favorable in March. It is possible to undergo any cosmetic procedures and to begin a course of treatment. It is recommended to engage in sports and carefully monitor your health.

Sagittarius people, who have already undergone any treatment before, in March can expect good results from this treatment, your well-being will improve significantly.


workMarch will bring clarity in matters related to work and career. During this period, you will be able to align your plans in such a way that they will lead you to achieve your long-term goals. At the beginning of the month, you may get the important papers you’ve been counting on. This is also a favorable time for training, professional development, and taking exams.

The beginning of the month will bring Sagittarius natives a burst of luck and creative inspiration. You will be able to show yourself brightly at work or in your creative hobby.

The full moon on the 7th of March will help to bring clarity and launch a change in work processes. An important conversation with your boss or superior organization is possible at this time.

In the middle of the month it is recommended not to make any serious and categorical decisions.

The third decade of the month will be marked by new creative ideas. Processes of renewal and liberation are set in motion. Work rules may change, which will bring you relief.


moneyHoroscope for March 2023 recommends Sagittarius not to make large purchases, as well as to invest funds. It is worth avoiding all financial risks and gambling. Carefully consider all the possible consequences of your actions. It is recommended with the special scrupulosity refer to your expenses in this month.

March will make issues related to receiving other people’s resources relevant to you, for example, payments from the state, insurance payments, alimony. Conflicts with a relationship partner on the basis of formation and distribution of the joint budget are possible.


loveThe beginning of March will be a wonderful positive time for Sagittarius. You are full of enthusiasm and attract the attention of others. This is a time of active communication, which will help you meet the right person for a romantic relationship. This period can also bring you bright positive events related to children, pregnancy.

Family and home affairs will be relevant to you most of the month. At this time, processes related to moving, registration of registration, repairs are possible. It is recommended not to be aloof from these matters and take everything under your control in order to successfully cope with all the tasks.

Tense planetary aspects in mid-March can aggravate old problems in personal life and partner relationships. It is recommended to sort out the problem, in March you will have all chances for its favorable solution.

The new moon on March 21 will give Sagittarius people a period of inspiration and romance. New romantic acquaintances or active development of existing relationships are possible. Children will also require your special attention.

In March, it is not recommended to succumb to depressing moods and to show excessive dependence on the opinion of others.