Runic formulas for money, work and business

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Runic formulas for money, work and business help to create a favorable environment that will help you in finding a job, additional sources of income, will help increase the profitability of the business, but only if you will continue to work and make efforts. It should be understood that the runes will not do all the work for you, but they will help those who are willing to strive and act. Consider in this article tested runic formulas to attract money, success in work and business.

Suggested below runic formulas are recommended to apply to the carrier, it can be a talisman, a sheet of paper, a photo. Carry with you, you can wear in the wallet. You can apply to the body with a permanent marker.

The next step – to say a spell – what do you want to runic formula.

You can use the proposed spell, modify it, or come up with your own spell, the main thing – the strength of your intention, which you invest in the spoken word.

Runic formulas for money


Fehu – Fehu – Fehu

Fehu - Fehu - Fehu

A very popular formula with tripled Fehu amplifies the energy of the rune, as if multiplying it by a factor of three. The formula attracts large amounts of work, helps to reach a new level, gives a kind of “kick” for development, pushing a person in the field of events, where you have to work hard. A man gets a working attitude and becomes very earthly, begins to perceive everything through the prism of the material.

The spell for the formula: “This runic formula attracts money and earning opportunities to me, gives me a working attitude, brings me to a new level of material well-being. My financial condition increases. I become a magnet for money. So be it.”


Fehu – Jera – Othala

Fehu - Jera - Othala

This formula creates a space for earning and accumulating finances.

Fehu – symbolizes work and attracts money, Jera – getting results of work, profit, Othala – accumulation of wealth, family, business, protection of finances.

The formula will work well for those who already have a source of income and want to increase profits. The formula will become a money magnet for those who are ready to work. The principle of operation of the formula is simple – the more you make an effort, the more you will be rewarded for your work.

The spell for the formula: “This runic formula contributes to the increase of my income, opens opportunities for me to earn, attracts profit and retains the money earned. Gives me the ability to work and earn and accumulate money. My income grows and my wealth multiplies. So be it.”

Income Growth

Berkano – Fehu – Jera

Berkano - Fehu - Jera

Formula promotes an increase in income, wages, profits. Acts softly and does not involve rapid and abrupt changes, everything happens naturally and stably. Berkano creates the necessary conditions for a gradual development, Fehu involves material energy, Jera helps to attract profits, strengthens the monetary energy.

The spell for the formula: “This runic formula increases my income, makes my financial situation steadily growing and expanding. I am financially growing and developing, I am ready for more work and earning money. So be it.”

Material Wealth Growth

Berkano – Fehu – Othala

Berkano - Fehu - Othala

Another soft formula that promotes planned business scaling. Berkano takes care of wealth, Fehu turns on the energy of money, Othala is responsible for business and wealth.

The spell for the formula: “This runic formula increases my money income, takes care of my financial situation, making it steadily growing. My income is increasing. I am ready for more work and earning money. So be it.”

Wealth Growth

Fehu – Berkano – Jera – Othala

Fehu - Berkano - Jera - Othala

Combination of the previous two formulas for material growth, business development and increased wealth. Reaching a new level in your own business or career.

Money channel activation

Raido – Fehu – Othala

Raido - Fehu - Othala

The formula will suit those who are in search of a source of income or people whose activities are related to travel, trips, tourism, business trips. Raido – way, journey, search, Fehu – money, material part, Othala – wealth, business and stability. Raido gives impetus to this formula, starts the process of movement, and Fehu and Othala attract money energy. The formula is also suitable for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their development. This runic formula helps to get things moving.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me find a source of income and runs in the realization of my plans and goals in work and business. The money is coming to me. I am ready for development and actively acting to achieve my financial goals. I am open to new money opportunities and ready to work and earn well. Luck helps me find what I want. My intentions are fulfilled. So be it.”

Getting to the next level in finances

Dagaz – Fehu – Uruz – Othala

Dagaz - Fehu - Uruz - Othala

This runic formula for attracting money helps those who are stagnant or want to break their financial ceiling. Dagaz helps put things in order, ends the old phase and moves to the new level, Fehu turns on the money energy, Uruz triggers a powerful energy of change, Othala promotes financial results. The formula can attract changes in work, dismissal from one place and transition to a new one, a change of sphere of activity, career growth, opening of new horizons.

Spell: “This runic formula brings me to a new level in finance and business, contributes to the growth of my income, the influx of new opportunities and a breakthrough in business and career. I am full of energy and ready for positive changes in my life. So be it.”

Protecting and saving money

Algiz – Fehu – Othala

Algiz - Fehu - Othala

Protects your money and savings, helps maintain and increase income, gets rid of unnecessary spending, makes a more economical. Algiz acts as a protective runes, and also includes money chuyku, Fehu and Othala are responsible for finance and stability. The formula is suitable for people working in the field of the Internet, information technology, psychology and esoterics.
Spell: “This runic formula protects and strengthens my material well-being, enables the process of growth of my finances, increases my wealth, protects my business and promotes the flow of money. So be it.”

Financial Rise

Fehu – Berkano – Jera – Othala – Sowilo

Fehu - Berkano - Jera - Othala - Sowilo

Formula helps solve financial problems, promotes income and career growth, business development and expansion, personal brand promotion.

Spell: “This runic formula increases my monetary income, takes care of my financial situation, expands my business, promotes attraction of new clients. Revenues grow, profits grow, the company thrives and grows. Good fortune goes with my business. So be it.”

Connecting to money power

Inguz – Algiz – Fehu

Inguz - Algiz - Fehu

The formula is suitable for those who begin their way and want to realize themselves and earn money. Favor employees of information technology, as well as esotericism and psychology.

Inguz promotes the beginning of a new activity, Algiz protects this activity, Fehu sets up the work and earnings.

Spell: “This runic formula connects me to the money egregore, I am full of energy and desire to work and earn. All my endeavors bring material success, I attract money and new opportunities. My income grows. So be it.”

Unexpected money

Ehwaz – Fehu – Inguz – Fehu – Wunjo

Ehwaz - Fehu - Inguz - Fehu - Wunjo

Formula for short-term use, long-term use of it is not recommended, because it can trigger a lot of changes in the material sphere. Ehwaz attracts unexpected situations for easy money, casual earnings. Wunjo brings positive energy of joy and can include a desire to spend that money just as easily.

Spell: “This runic formula attracts unexpected and easy money to me. I am a magnet for money, money and opportunities reach out to me wherever I am. My income grows and increases. So be it.”

Money acceleration

Fehu – Inguz – Sowilo – Inguz – Fehu

Fehu - Inguz - Sowilo - Inguz - Fehu

Formula activates energy potential, forces action and attracts earnings. Very active formula, events begin to unfold quickly.

Spell: “This runic formula gives me strength and energy , motivates me to activity, attracts to me good financial opportunities and money. So be it.”

Money cleaning

Fehu – Hagalaz – Jera

Fehu - Hagalaz - Jera

The runic formula helps to get rid of what’s keeping you from earning, it can break down those limitations and break you out into a new reality. Hagalaz promotes the destruction of the old, liberation, Fehu and Jera attract financial results.
The formula is used for a short period of time to trigger change in your life.

Spell: “This runic formula cleanses me of everything that limits my financial possibilities, removes unnecessary connections, starts the process of transition to a new level. All negative programs and attitudes are destroyed, restrictions go away. I am free to make money, money comes to me freely. So be it.”

Money reset

Eihwaz – Fehu – Hagalaz – Inguz – Jera

Eihwaz - Fehu - Hagalaz - Inguz - Jera

Another money cleanse that triggers powerful and radical changes. It helps to get out of the crisis, make a breakthrough and reach a new level. Eihwaz promotes transformation, withering away of the old, Hagalaz destroys and cleanses all that hinders, the combination Fehu – Inguz – Jera launches all cleansing processes in the sphere of material, which introduces new energy and helps to move to a new level. It is not recommended to apply the formula to those who are afraid of change.

Spell: “This runic formula cleanses me of everything that limits my earnings, removes all unnecessary connections, starts the process of moving to a new level of income. All negative programs, limiting attitudes and beliefs are destroyed. The money channel unwinds and attracts new opportunities and streams of money to me. So be it.”

Runic formulas work, career, business

Career Growth

Berkano – Fehu – Sowilo

Berkano - Fehu - Sowilo

Formula for career growth and moving to a new level in work. Helps with business growth and scaling. Berkano includes the energy of growth and development, Fehu includes monetary energy, Sowilo carries the energy of winning, achieving successk, realization.

Spell: “This runic formula helps my career growth and development. I go to a new level of development, I get everything, I attract new customers (positive attention of management). Along with my career growth my income grows. I earn more, my status and importance as a specialist grows. So be it.”

Breakthrough in business and career



The formula will suit those who want to make a real breakthrough. The formula will be suitable for those who want to make a real breakthrough in their business and career, but it should not be used for those who are afraid to go out of their way. Do not apply this formula to those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, as it can attract drastic changes for those who are ready for them.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me reach a new level and get out of the limitations that prevent me from developing. I am starting a new stage of life, my plans and intentions are being realized. So be it.”

Good luck in work and business

Fehu – Sowilo – Othala – Wunjo

Fehu - Sowilo - Othala - Wunj

A good runic formula for attracting good luck in any activity. The combination of Sowilo and Wunjo brings good luck, realization, joy, money comes easily and pleasantly, work brings pleasure.

Spell: “This runic formula brings good luck in my affairs and contributes to the realization of my plans. I get money easily, monetary luck accompanies me and my business, my work. So be it.”

Changes in work, business

Ehwaz – Fehu – Sowilo

Ehwaz - Fehu - Sowilo

This runic formula helps to get out of stagnation, triggers the process of desired changes, helps to enter a new reality. Ehwaz awakens the energy of these changes, Sowilo brings the desired realization and success, and Fehu attracts money. The formula brings change in activity, so it is worth applying to those who are ready for it.

Spell: “This runic formula realizes my true intention, attracts positive changes in my life, I start doing what I truly enjoy, and my income grows. So be it.”

Active Businessman

Inguz – Fehu – Othala

Inguz - Fehu - Othala

An energetically active formula for businessmen. Incorporates energy and desire to earn, opens real opportunities to earn money, converts the efforts made into a stable income. Formula helps untwist your business.

Inguz helps to untwist events, includes activity and energy, Fehu attracts earnings and sets up for work, Othala stabilizes the formula and contributes to real results.

Spell: “This runic formula unwinds my money channel, adds strength and energy, attracts earning opportunities and money to me. My income grows, my business thrives. I am a rich and successful person, money opportunities and money come to me easily and bring me joy. So be it.”

Energizer for work

Tiwaz – Fehu – Sowilo – Laguz – Inguz

Tiwaz - Fehu - Sowilo - Laguz - Inguz

The formula gives activity in work, strengthens energy. Tiwaz strengthens energy and helps in promoting goals, Laguz gently helps in work, strengthens intuition, Fehu includes the material side, Sowilo energizes action and brings success, Inguz gives activity and materializes your actions. Side effects of the formula can be increased emotionality and anxiety.

Spell: “This runic formula gives me energy and activity in my work, charges me with inspiration, creates a favorable space to implement my ideas and achieve success. I am full of energy and realize my goals, success becomes a part of my life. So be it.”

Desire to work

Fehu – Inguz – Kenaz

Fehu - Inguz - Kenaz

Formula to activate the desire to work, eliminates moping and apathy. Kenaz awakens the inner fire and help unleash potential.

Spell: “This runic formula activates in me a desire to work, earn, act actively, unleash my creative potential. I develop and achieve my goals. I am full of fire. Money and opportunities are attracted to me. So be it.”

Good Salesman

Ansuz – Gebo – Laguz – Inguz – Jera

Ansuz - Gebo - Laguz - Inguz - Jera

The formula is suitable for people who work in sales, negotiating. Ansuz – Gebo enhances the impact of your words, Laguz adds luck and creativity, Inguz helps materialize your actions, Jera attracts results, profit.

Spell: “This runic formula improves my sales, improves my speech and ability to influence clients. I communicate easily and find the necessary arguments to activate my clients’ desire to buy. The formula attracts customer flow, sales increase, my profits grow. So be it.”

Good luck in negotiations

Ansuz – Gebo – Laguz – Wunjo

Ansuz - Gebo - Laguz - Wunjo

The formula is not only suitable for successful negotiations, but also for establishing any communication and communication in general. Ansuz – communication, creativity, luck, Gebo – partnership, interaction, Laguz – luck, flow, Wunjo – joy, wish fulfillment.

Spell: “This runic formula brings me luck in communication and negotiations, brings joy and realization of my desires. My speech is easy, I easily manage to establish contact and mutual understanding. So be it.”