Rune Dagaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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Meaning of the rune Dagaz

Dagaz – rune element of time. 23rd rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Dagaz rune – day, year, time, breakthrough, awakening, transformation.


The meaning of Dagaz can be interpreted in several ways. First of all, it is a transformation taking place on every possible level. Like a number of other runes, Dagaz inverted does not exist in the classical runic tradition. Therefore, its symbolism can only be expressed on the basis of a single direct position. Dagaz also gives additional nuances to the runic symbols next to it.

It is quite difficult to determine where the Dagaz inscription came from. Many find in its form a resemblance to the butterfly, a creature that goes through several stages of transformation in its life. This association quite accurately explains the meaning of the Dagaz rune.

Dagaz condenses energy, accelerates the development of events. The rune dramatically transforms the personality, changes life events and destroys stagnant phenomena. The rune makes a real change in life.

Rune Dagaz in the direct position

The direct and only existing position of the Dagaz rune can be interpreted in several ways. Often the literal meaning of this symbol is referred to as sunrise, which marks the beginning of a new day.

That is why the interpretation of Dagaz is often associated with an exclusively positive aspect. But this is wrong. A new day can bring anything, and changes can be both positive and negative. Dagaz symbolizes constant movement and change. Working, acting, this rune promotes continuous change, so it is recommended to use with caution, clearly delineating the time frame.

Dagaz can be interpreted as spiritual growth, the transition to a new level of consciousness. In some cases, it is interpreted as a breakthrough in life: a global situation, after which nothing will be the same as before.

Dagaz is not only the process of change, but also their catalyst, the impetus for the beginning of action. It is that very insignificant and seemingly small event, which leads to the beginning of an avalanche, sweeping away all the old and already lived through. It is also the energy that is needed for change.

Interpretation of the Dagaz rune in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Dagaz in a relationship is an extremely ambiguous symbol. Its interpretation in the reading depends very much on the specific situation and fallen out next to the runes.

In divination with the question – what are the feelings of one specified person to another? – Dagaz can be interpreted as a process of rethinking feelings and attitudes of the indicated person. If next to Dagaz dropped such runes as straight Gebo, Kenaz or Wunjo, it can be argued that at the moment one of the riddled person falls in love with another. The feelings are only incipient, but they promise to be passionate and mutual.

In the same case, if next to fall in the scenario, such runes as inverted Hagalaz or Isa – riddled person experiences a cooling or destruction of romantic feelings.

When answering the question – what does the future hold for the relationship? – Dagaz shows that right now it is too early to draw any conclusions. Somewhat clarify the situation will help the other runes in the layout. If, next to Dagaz dropped out Isa, Nauthiz or Hagalaz, the relationship is experiencing a crisis from which it will be difficult to emerge with a positive outcome.

Dagaz in love is a good symbol if the question was asked during the divination whether the difficult period currently taking place will end. It is most likely a temporary phenomenon and the partners have a good chance to establish and strengthen a positive atmosphere.

For single people, Dagaz promises a new acquaintance that will soon ensue. The outcome of this acquaintance depends only on the efforts of both potential partners, their mutual interest in each other.

On career and finances

Direct position

Dagaz in the career and finance declinations usually has a positive meaning. Describing a person in the context of a job, Dagaz indicates a professional who has considerable work experience and has experienced many work-related changes – for example, repeatedly stepping up the career ladder or changing several organizations in which he was employed.

In the layouts with the question – what is the future of the riddled person at work, the profession? – Dagaz promises significant changes – most likely, they will be for the better. However, it is also a warning of the possible instability of the person’s position in the position he or she will occupy. The problem may lie in the team, the boss or the specifics of the job.

In the business Dagaz decks warns against making unnecessary hasty decisions. In this context, the rune warns that the owner needs to keep a hand on the pulse and be prepared for unexpected events.

In the financial situation Dagaz is a positive sign. He promises a quick way out of a difficult situation, sometimes – unexpected for the man himself.

On health

Direct position

In divination on health Dagaz is a good sign. This rune speaks of the process of recovery of the body after an illness, healing.

Improvement of physical form, recovery.

Fortune telling “Rune of the Day”

As the runic symbol of the day, Dagaz prepares the diviner for unusual events that have every chance to happen. One must be aware: anything can happen today. Do not be alarmed by this: the risk of serious negative events is minimal. However, predicting the future for this day will be difficult.

The dreams that were seen the night before are likely to be deceptive. Do not trust their meaning and especially succumb to the temptation to interpret them literally. Deceptive in this day can be a divination and signs, so you should be especially cautious and try to solve these issues on another day.

Rune Advice

Never give up. Life is inevitably cyclical and everything that exists in the world is in constant motion. Remember that every situation has a solution, and often more than one. Try to do everything in your power to improve your situation. Work on the result and find even more than dreamed of and expected.

Do not trust the deceptive stability and constancy. In fact, even the most immutable positions and people are replaced by others. Strive to continually move forward, but remember that regression in some cases is inevitable – the main thing in time to stop it and fix the consequences.

Circumstances will not remain the same, so it is important to actively develop, learn something new, take the time to stay abreast of events and current processes. In addition, it is important to facilitate the spiritual and personal growth of people around you.

Combining Dagaz with other runes

Combining the rune Dagaz with other runes often directs the value of the latter in a different direction, strengthens or emphasizes it.

  • In combination with the runes element of fire – the victory, success.
  • In combination with the runes element of air – the right look at the problems.
  • In combination with the runes element of water – the increased intuition.
  • In combination with the runes element of earth – stable prosperity.

Sowilo + Dagaz – a universal formula for the fastest and best exit from a critical or just a difficult and unpleasant situation, often adding to it Wunjo. The energy of the sun and fire Sowilo is strengthened by the movement of Dagaz, and together they play the role of a ray of light that spills on a dark and difficult situation.

Dagaz + Fehu – soon improvement of financial situation, quick and unexpected gain in finances. Also used in many runic formulas to increase wealth. Should be used with some caution, because Dagaz is fickle, and can both give and take away benefits.

Dagaz + Inguz – soon and unexpected acquaintance with an attractive, interesting person. For people who have a family, can be seen as an impending pregnancy.

Dagaz + Wunjo – joy, which replaces a heavy and unpleasant black streak. Sudden advancement in an important matter for the person, which is stuck on a dead end. A surprise, an unexpected pleasant gift, often from someone from whom it was not expected at all.

Gebo + Dagaz – a change in the relationship between two people from negative or indifferent to partnership. The nature of the partnership is determined by the specific situation: it may be friendship, romantic or business relationships.

Dagaz + Laguz – a rushing stream of events, drawing the person along and leaving no chance for him to stand still. Abrupt and global changes that have occurred in life and have seriously changed its course.

Uruz + Dagaz – strength to accomplish things, an increase in the amount of energy, determination, and strength of character. Development of leadership qualities.

Dagaz + Jera – receiving a long-awaited result after an intense, exhausting period of waiting. Maturation of the process, which took a long time, but in the end successfully completed.

Dagaz + Isa – an ambiguous combination that may change its meaning depending on the context of application. In general terms, it means a freezing of any changes, most often produced artificially. For example, it may be an unplanned halt in career advancement due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dagaz + Berkano – growing up of a girl, formation of her feminine qualities, sometimes – acquisition of magical abilities. Growth and development as such, a rapid growth spurt of any indicator.

Dagaz + Tiwaz – improvement of the current situation due to the efforts made, persistent and long work.

Dagaz + Othala – formation of a family or changes in its composition. Often used as a catalyst for a faster transition to a life together. Appearance of children in the family and resulting changes in the lives of parents.

Dagaz + Ansuz – changes in thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs of the person. A change of heart on any issue to the opposite. Changes in life arising from changes in the mind.

Dagaz + Algiz – help in difficult circumstances, received from the hands of the Higher Forces.

Dagaz + Raido – impetuous movement towards the goal, overcoming obstacles on the way. Also movement in the literal sense, trips and flights, especially distant.

Use of Dagaz rune in magic


Rune Dagaz is used in magic extremely actively, but its use should be associated with a certain caution and is not recommended for beginners, except for the only formula Sowilo-Dagaz-Wunjo. This formula is considered easy to apply and suitable for most situations. It promotes improvement, a sharp turn for the better.

Other formulas, however, including rune Dagaz, requires experience and knowledge of the specifics of this symbol. Dagaz by definition can not be permanent, so its action must be strictly limited to a specified time frame. All the positive formulas that include this runu, may turn the opposite effect, if not suspend their action at the time when the desired result will be achieved.

Activation of the Dagaz rune

Activation of this rune does not require much effort. You can apply the ritual of the 4 elements. In general, during the activation can be used in the usual way for the practice. When applied to the body practice Dagaz does not require special activation, as it is activated by human energy.

Meditation on the Dagaz rune

Meditation on the image of this symbol allows you to initiate the determination to change, to get rid of outdated, irrelevant attitudes. It also allows you to take a fresh look at life itself, to reconsider your situation, to look at it from another side.

Dagaz is either white or golden in color – different people interpret this symbol differently. Some practices argue that this rune has no specific shade and shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, which corresponds with its nature.

Living of the Dagaz rune
Living of this rune is often fraught with moral difficulties. The fact that many people by nature are not inclined to any instability and change. For such people living runes Dagaz can be a real test. One way or another, this symbol does not create specific problems. People with an open mind, aware of the cyclical nature of life, may benefit from the residence of this symbol. After living, the symbol is traditionally washed away with a demonstration of gratitude.