Rune Tiwaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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In the runic alphabet Tiwaz is a symbol that has a pronounced masculine energy. Rune opens the third Aett, devoted to the spiritual beginning. This is one of the most revered symbols of the Viking warriors, embodying courage and bravery. Here you will find a description of the rune Tiwaz and its interpretation.

The meaning of the rune Tiwaz

Rune Tiwaz – the element of fire. 17th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of the rune Tiwaz – rune warrior, struggle, truth, success.


You must have a good sense of the nature of your body, and you must be able to see it in your mind, and not to be afraid of it. This is a kind of vector that indicates the movement forward to achieve the goal, despite the obstacles.

This rune has always symbolized the struggle, rivalry, a battle for the ideals. It is associated with a warrior, a courageous and persistent. This is a leader who knows how to not only give orders, but he goes into battle on a par with subordinates. He defends the weak, trying to minimize the devastating consequences of his own actions. His strength is never outside the law.

Rune Tiwaz designed to produce real results in the real case, awakens courage and determination, strengthens the spirit, gives the ability to defend their beliefs.

Tivaz gives direction, helps to follow the chosen path, reveals the strength and will.

In the reading of Tiwaz can fall in a straight or inverted position. Its meaning will depend on it.

Rune Tiwaz in the direct position

Tiwaz in the direct position is a favorable sign. It symbolizes:

  • A real man with a strong character and willpower. This is a warrior, not necessarily on the battlefield. He stands up for his ideals, always adheres to moral principles and follows the code of honor. Such a person achieves what he wants despite obstacles and unfavorable circumstances.
  • The event, which encourages a person to action, calls to move forward, to fight for the ideals and dreams, not turning off the planned path.
  • Success in any matter. This applies to any sphere: health, love, career and business, the search for one’s self.

Rune Tiwaz in the inverted position

The inverted Tiwaz portends difficulty in business, losses, obstacles, loss of motivation, and a feeling of powerlessness. It is not necessarily a question of complete failure and failure of the case, but it will take a lot of effort and time to achieve success.

Inverted rune indicates a misunderstanding of the situation. Fortune-teller should not act rashly, relying on their emotions. He will face a difficult choice: to change their principles or continue on the chosen path. Tiwaz calls to set priorities and determine their place in this life.

Interpretation of the rune Tiwaz in divination


Depending on the type of the reading, the concreteness appears and the decoding becomes more detailed.

On love and relationships

In the love printout, Tiwaz always symbolizes a stormy passion, strong feelings.

Direct Position

Teivaz in love in the direct position indicates:

  • On a particular man, already familiar or a meeting with whom is just to come. He has strong feelings, is ready to fight for his love to the end and has serious intentions. He will not be stopped by the obstacles that stand in his way.
  • On a strong relationship between partners, based on sincere affection and passion. Neither time nor ill-wishers will be able to destroy them.

Inverted Position

The inverted Tiwaz in a couple’s relationship portends a breakup. Most likely, the passion has already passed, the feelings have faded, and it will be very difficult to revive them. Lovers are close to a complete breakup, and love may be replaced by hatred.

For career and finances

In divination for career and finance, the rune Tiwaz shows the state of affairs at work, indicates the prospects in the career.

Direct position

In the direct position, Tiwaz predicts financial well-being, prosperous business and a successful career. But the way to success will not be easy. You will have to make efforts and show firmness of character in order to achieve the goal.

Inverted position

If Tiwaz falls in the inverted position in the financial scenario, it predicts financial losses, difficulties, business failure. To avoid financial collapse, it is necessary to change strategy.

On health

Tiwaz will show the state of health of the diviner and his loved ones, as well as the success and correctness of the chosen treatment in the case of illness.

Direct position

In the direct position, Tiwaz indicates that there is nothing wrong with the person’s health. Even if there are some diseases, the crisis is behind. A complete healing awaits the person.

Inverted position

Tiwaz inverted indicates that it is necessary to pay attention to your health, visit a doctor and possibly change your lifestyle to avoid problems in the future.

The “Rune of the Day” divination

If Tiwaz falls as the rune of the day, it should be seen as an indication of the need to act, to move forward. The diviner at this stage has enough strength and energy to carry out planned, it is only necessary to choose the right direction.

For men, this is an indication that the time has come to take on the role of leader and find the courage to make decisions. This will allow you to achieve success in your career and the recognition of your colleagues.

For women, Tiwaz, falling out as the rune of the day, is a call to be harder and more determined on the path to the goal.

Rune Advice

In the direct position, the rune calls for perseverance in the situation. Success will come to him who does not retreat, acting directly.

The reverse Tiwaz indicates that you need to pay attention to your inner world, to understand yourself. The situation at the moment is not going in the best way. But the reason for this lies not in external circumstances and not in other people. It is not necessary to try to solve problems now. This will be a struggle against windmills. Before moving on to global issues, it is necessary to put yourself in order, to stabilize the internal state.

Combining Tiwaz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the unpredictable events.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – the order in everything.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the consolidation of human strength.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – the achievement of victory, albeit not quickly, but surely.

Solving the meaning of rune, we must pay attention to its surroundings. This will help to specify a message. Sometimes the interpretation of Tiwaz can change dramatically in combination with other symbols. Here are some common combinations:

Sowilo + Tiwaz = indication of victory, not necessarily on the battlefield. Success will come if you act powerfully and decisively.

Algiz + Tiwaz also means victory. But to act in this case, not to break through, but with the protection of their own positions. The situation requires some time to stay in the shadows, to gather strength and cause a sudden, but calibrated, well-calculated blow.

Tiwaz + Gebo. Rune Gebo brings with it a kind of balance. In order to achieve the goal, you must accurately calculate when it is necessary to act, and when it is better not to interfere in the course of events and remain on the sidelines.

Wunjo + Tiwaz. This combination foretells a victory if the battle will take place in the territory of the diviner.

Tiwaz + Raido. This combination of runes portends success in any endeavor.

Laguz + Tiwaz = predicts disclosure of secrets, plans of competitors.

A combination of Tiwaz + Uruz = you can boldly move forward without fear of even the strongest opponents. The higher forces are on the side of the diviner.

Dagaz + Tiwaz = Predicts a protracted conflict, interference from outsiders.

Tiwaz + Inguz = not a very favorable combination, foreshadowing various gossip, intrigues of enemies behind one’s back, and sometimes the loss of a loved one.

Tiwaz + Ansuz = predicts a retreat with great losses and the appearance of a strong opponent.

Tiwaz + Hagalaz = unfavorable combination for the diviner. It indicates that the opponents have a significant advantage over him and bypass them is unlikely to succeed.

Tiwaz + Fehu = indicates a tendency towards rivalry, a punching talent. This may cause the emergence of enemies and competitors.

Tiwaz + Mannaz = threat from enemies. They are plotting something bad. Attack is the best defense in this situation. It is necessary to have time to get ahead of the enemies and give them a decisive blow first.

Tiwaz + Berkano = predicts the reunification of the broken family.

The use of rune Tiwaz in magic


Runa Tiwaz has a strong energy, so even in ancient times it was often seen on the talismans, amulets and amulets. In ancient times, Tiwaz was considered the rune of warriors. They drew it on their bodies and weapons. It was believed that this would help win the battle, give courage and bravery.

In our time, when it is necessary to achieve a goal, they use the help of Tiwaz. No matter what it is about: winning sports, building a career, inner struggle or physical healing from an illness.

Amulet made of wood, you can simply draw the runes on a piece of paper or apply a sign marker or henna on the body. It can be used for a short time, to achieve a specific goal. After this amulet should destroy: burn in the fire, delete the picture, – otherwise it can take away the energy of the owner or will attract the circumstances, so that he was constantly in a situation of struggle, went to the result through the overcoming, even if it is not necessary.

Tiwaz is not used as a defense. It involves active action, the constant movement, the way to meet adversity, struggle.

Activation of the rune Tiwaz

To rune energy was launched and begin to operate, it needs its activation, that is, the establishment of a connection between a magical sign and the person conducting the rite. To do this, tune in to its energy, enter the runes.

Activation should be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere, in a good feeling and mood. The importance of correctly draw a sign. Inaccuracies in the drawing of the symbol can cause damage and can lead to the opposite effect. Usually, the rune are drawn on the left wrist or upper thigh of the right leg. There are energy channels. After applying the rune, say the words and activate it in any convenient way:

  • by breathing,
  • by power of fire,
  • by power of blood,
  • by power of the four elements.

If Tiwaz is applied to the body, the easiest way to activate it is to breathe. To do this, you need to focus on the goal, draw air, mentally warm it, and direct it to the rune.

Meditation on the rune Tiwaz

Meditation will help tune in to runic currents. It takes place in a free form. It is necessary to visualize the rune in front of their eyes. Focusing on their own self, shutting off from extraneous thoughts and concerns, it is necessary to follow the arising images.

During meditation on Tiwaz, the main thing is to concentrate attention on the problem and try to realize your inner strength, courageously look in the face of enemies external and internal, to understand whether there is a desire to go to the end for the sake of victory.

Living of the rune Tiwaz

For the living of the rune, it is applied to the body for several days. Living of Tiwaz involves thinking about their own goals and plans for their implementation. Rune will accelerate the process of implementing what has been planned, will help to focus on the task at hand and overcome obstacles encountered along the way. But this will happen only if there is confidence in the right choice and a sincere desire to achieve the goal.

During the lifing of the rune need to be attentive to events, thoughts and words. They can be recorded in the diary, so as not to miss important.

A few days later you should erase the rune from the wrist and let it go with gratitude.

Tiwaz strengthens the spirit of a man, helps him to move along the planned path to achieve his goal, without regard to circumstances, obstacles encountered, intrigues of opponents. In this case, the rune teaches you to sacrifice yourself for the good of others.