Rune Raido – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the Raido rune

Raido – rune of the element of fire. The 5th rune of Futhark, belongs to the First Aett.

Rune Raido means riding, traveling, moving around

The meaning of Raido is not only the possibility of travel, but also ways, roads. And this refers not only to physical movement, but also to change in general.


For example, it could be a path of spiritual search, or a road in search of one’s destination, the meaning of life, new relationships, and so on. Therefore, this symbol should not be interpreted unambiguously as a trip or journey, it is important to pay attention to the current situation in the life of the person and the events occurring in it.

Raido rune – this is the rune of the path of life, the channel in which the flow of life. The symbol helps to engage in this flow, do not stop, not to succumb to obstacles, to make choices and move forward without interrupting traffic.

Raido rune in the direct position

For someone who is at a crossroads and does not know how to act, this symbol can mean a call to action, the fact that one must continue to search for the right path, to continue to reflect on it.

A person who is stuck in his life path, for example, sitting at home and does not want anything, the rune says that he must keep moving, to find the meaning of his life, to do something, to try new things. And even small changes in a positive direction can help a person slowly climb out of the mire.

More runes says that each action must have its own meaning and purpose. Do not do something just because you have imposed it on society or loved ones. Doing something you have to understand why and for what you’re doing it, are you not thereby pursuing someone else’s goals and meanings? Such actions that one performs without understanding their meaning, is a waste of time and effort, and therefore are useless and even harmful. Rune allows you to look back on your life and think: are you doing everything right and who really needs what you are doing.

The rune also suggests that sometimes it’s worth it to succumb to the current and let it take you out. Sometimes in life, there are times when nothing depends on your actions. For example, when the outcome of the situation depends on other people, their actions and desires. In such cases, your excessive initiative may even be detrimental, for example, excessive persistence can turn away other people. Sometimes it is necessary to stop fighting windmills and let the situation resolve itself.

Raido Rune in the inverted position

This rune itself can mean a variety of events related to travel and travel. For example, it can be a delay or postponement of a flight, traffic congestion, and other unpleasant little things. Or it can be much more serious events, such as a vehicle breakdown, an accident or other unpleasantness. Maybe you will get an unpleasant fellow traveler who will spoil your mood all the way, or you lose your luggage, a ticket, you may have your documents stolen. In order to see the situation more accurately, it is important to pay attention to the runes in the neighborhood.

Interpretation of the inverted runes can also be positive, it usually means an unexpected trip that was not planned.

Interpretation of Raido in divination


On love and relationships

Direct Position

Falling out of this rune in a direct position means that you need to clarify the relationship with your other half. To do this, you must talk, and it should be a light and casual conversation, but not clarify the relationship.

That is, you need to start the conversation with a proposal for a solution or a question, but not with a complaint. The partner must not defend himself against you, he must understand that you are friendly and open and you can speak frankly and sincerely. Only in this case, the conversation will make sense and it will be possible to agree to move on together.

Raido in love promises that a constructive conversation will help the relationship to reach a new level.

Inverted Position

The Raido Rune reversed can mean that the relationship is in danger of something. This can be as small quarrels as a result of misunderstandings between partners, temporary rifts, cooling in the relationship, mutual claims, and parting.

For a more accurate understanding of the situation, it is necessary to look at the surrounding symbols. In any case, this symbol means that you are missing something in the relationship, you are not paying attention to the obvious signals and signs that your partner is giving you, perhaps unconsciously.

On career and finances

Direct Position

  • Since Raido means road and path, in divination for work it can mean a career path, a new step, i.e. promotion.
  • It can also mean a job change with positive consequences, such as a raise in pay, a promotion, or the appearance of further prospects.
  • The symbol could mean the receipt of a letter or an information message via the Internet with new information or pleasant working news.
  • This could be a successful exam or job interview. It is important that the information will go some way, that is, it will not come directly from the person.

Inverted position

  • Raido rune upside down can mean some broken plans, delayed or cancelled a business trip or work trip, an unsuccessful interview, moving the company to not the best premises or unsuccessful lease deal.
  • When falling out with this rune should be deferred at the time of the move, a business trip and other matters related to the movement, because they certainly will not be too successful.
  • Also should be postponed and search for a new job, and the dismissal of the old, if possible.

On the health

Direct Position

This rune, falling out in a direct position, means that the questioner would be nice to go on vacation and heal. This can be a direct call to go somewhere for the specific purpose of treatment, as well as a call simply to go to the sea or a warm country to rest. After all, an ordinary vacation can also have a positive effect on a person’s health, at least morally, which is also very important.

It can also be a trip to a sanatorium for the purpose of preventive treatment, weight loss, some procedures. Or a person will be offered a trip to another city for a necessary operation or procedure related to his health. In any case, any treatment-related trips will be positive and positive and will be successful.

Inverted Position

In the inverted sense of Raido means that the person should rest more, worry less and monitor your health.

You should pay attention to your diet, it should become more balanced and proper. You also need to monitor your daily routine, get enough sleep and more rest. Excessive stress should be avoided, no one to quarrel with and no scandals.

All difficult and confusing conversations and problems should be delegated to other people or postponed for some time, there is no need to worry too much.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

Falling Raido rune as a rune of the day advises not to sit still and go on the road, because you are waiting for a fascinating adventure. This is not necessarily a long journey, it can be a trip to a nearby town for a couple of days, a hike with friends in the woods, a visit to a friend, or even a simple stroll in the park or around town. It is important not to sit at home on this day, but at least go somewhere. By the way, a shopping trip will also be successful.

Rune advice

This rune says that every problem has a solution, so do not give up. The rune encourages you to look for unconventional solutions, or just give yourself time to think, to see what is on the surface. In any case, it is worth trying all possible options for solving the problem, you may have to go to someone for advice. The main thing is to remain honest and sincere with yourself and other people and not to act to anyone’s detriment.

Combining Raido with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – danger, force majeure, the situation is out of control.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – intellectual discoveries.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – romantic entrainment.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – financial success, a pleasant pastime.

Positive combinations:

Raido+Nauthiz = the combination of these runes means that things will not be very good in a couple’s relationship. For single people, the combination of these symbols can mean a crown of celibacy.

Gebo+Raido = This combination bodes well for an exciting journey together as a couple, almost a honeymoon. Or a pleasant time together.

Raido + Fehu = This combination foretells both ordinary travel or a trip proposal, and unforeseen difficulties depending on the request of the questioner.

Negative combinations:

Uruz+Raido inverted = someone is plotting against you, or you are facing an open conflict or confrontation with someone’s unkind position.

Mannaz+Raido = requesting – too soft and malleable person whose weaknesses are taken advantage of by other not so positive personalities. Therefore, he needs to pull himself together and learn to refuse terms that are disadvantageous to him.

Thurisaz+Raido = all efforts may be in vain in the absence of faith in oneself and belief in the successful outcome of events.

Using Raido Rune in Magic


In magic, this symbol is intended to direct people to the right path, to help him deal with the consequences of a wrong choice made earlier, or the consequences of a situation that confused everything, and now he does not know how to be.

Rune will help people to look at their situation from the outside, to see new opportunities, to find their strength and understand where to move next and where to start a new path.

You can put a symbol on a carrier or on the body, either alone or as part of runic formulas.

Runic formulas with the Raido rune:

Algiz – Raido – Algiz


A talisman in travel from trouble and accidents. It is recommended to keep in the vehicle.

Algiz – Raido – Thurisaz – Tiwaz – Algiz


Removal of an obstacle or problem.

Raido – Eihwaz – Laguz


Protection in transport, on the road, traveling.

Nauthiz – Raido – Nauthiz

Nauthiz - Raido - Nauthiz

Protection against sorcery.

Activation of Raido Rune

To activate this initially need to make a meditation on the rune, asking yourself all the necessary questions about your life. After meditation must be carried out with a rune or draw it on his wrist. Be sure to turn to the runes, calling it by name, and ask her to give you the direction necessary for further development and to pass the intended path for you.

Meditation on the rune Raido

To meditate on this symbol should look carefully at him, and then turn his gaze deeper into himself. Then have some questions related to your life path.

  • Is the path you have chosen really yours?
  • Did you choose it consciously or was it imposed?
  • Are you excited about new adventures and experiences, or do you prefer to live in the same old ways without changing anything?
  • Do you consider it important to change and find new ways, or do you prefer to act the old way, even if that way is more difficult?

Living the Raido rune

Apply the rune to yourself, call on its power, feel the energy. To inhabit the rune, you must open your heart to new experiences. During the day, it is important to pay attention to all new opportunities, to respond to invitations to visit and agree to travel. It is also not unreasonable to turn on the imagination and look for new ways to solve everyday problems. The simplest thing to do is to go to work in a new way, to go to a new store after work, to talk to a new person.