Runic formulas for love and relationships

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In this article, let’s consider strong runic formulas for love and relationships. The action of the proposed formulas for love is first of all to reveal in yourself the necessary qualities, to strengthen your own energy to attract the desired relationships, to create a space that will attract to you the right people.

Rules of using runic formulas

It is necessary to understand the thin line between ecological magical practices and destruction spell. Any influence on a person and his feelings without his will – it is a destruction spell for which only you will be responsible. If you realize that your partner is not ready to work on the relationship and does not want to be with you, do not engage in self-deception and call your actions as harmonization of the relationship. The most correct way is to influence yourself directly.

The order of activation of a runic formula:

  • Apply runic formulas with a pen or marker on the carrier – your personal talisman, a sheet of paper, you can apply it to yourself.
  • After applying the formula, say a spell, you can use the suggested in the article, modify it or make up your own. You can also do without a spell, the important thing is the strength of your intention. That is, you should clearly imagine what you expect from the runic formula, visualize desired.
  • Activate the applied runes own breath, saying the name of each rune or the elemental method. It is not important the way of activation, but your feeling of energy of each rune and the strength of your intention.

Activation of female beauty and attractiveness

Uruz – Dagaz – Berkano – Laguz – Sowilo

Uruz - Dagaz - Berkano - Laguz - Sowilo

Formula aimed at strengthening female attractiveness, helps to activate your femininity, sensuality, attractiveness to the opposite gender. Uruz gives the necessary breakthrough, enhances energy, Dagaz promotes transformation, Berkano turns on femininity, Laguz awakens feminine attraction, magnetism, Sowilo helps to attract attention and get success with the opposite gender.

Spell: “This runic formula activates my feminine power, beauty, harmony, femininity, sensuality, attractiveness. Light and beauty are emanating from me. I am in a beautiful mood, I want to love and enjoy myself. I attract worthy men into my life. So be it.”

Pleasant conversation

Ansuz – Gebo – Wunjo

Ansuz - Gebo - Wunjo

This formula activates a person’s sociability and promotes pleasant communication and harmonious interaction with people. It is used to make connections, acquaintances. Ansuz includes the energy of sociability, Gebo makes the interaction of people harmonious, Wunjo brings joy and helps to get the desired pleasant communication. The runic formula is used to attract new relationships in life, as well as to establish communication in existing ones.

Say: “This runic formula makes me sociable and attractive, attracts new acquaintances into my life. I get acquainted easily and joyfully, I enjoy communicating with people. My interactions with people are easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. So be it.”

Creating a family and progress in relationships

Ehwaz – Berkano – Othala

Ehwaz - Berkano - Othala

This runic formula is suitable for those who are in a state of uncertainty and want change. The runes trigger the process of change, help to move the relationship to a new level, or find a new relationship. Ehwaz helps change happen, Berkano carries the energy of creating a family, Othala helps to build a stable relationship.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me realize my intention to create a serious relationship transitioning into a family. Helps to move to a new qualitative level in relationships and in life. So be it.”

Establishing communication with the opposite gender

Ansuz – Kenaz – Gebo

Ansuz - Kenaz - Gebo

Formula helps ignite passion and unleash your potential in communication, removes barriers, helps ignite the spark between people. Ansuz carries the energy of communication, Kenaz helps to reveal personality and release their passion, Gebo builds relationships, helps to interact.

Spell: “This rune formula helps to reveal my talent to communicate, awakens fire and desire in the partner. The opposite gender enjoys communicating with me. I evoke passion and desire. So be it.”

Searching for a partner to create a family

Raido – Gebo – Othala

Raido - Gebo - Othala

Formula attunes an active search for a suitable partner. For existing relationships helps their active development. Raido is responsible for finding and achieving the desired, Gebo builds contacts, Othala helps to create stable family relationships.

Say: “This runic formula promotes the search for a partner to create a strong family, opens the roads between us, includes activity on my part as well as on the part of my partner. So be it.”

The flame of love

Gebo – Kenaz – Wunjo

Gebo - Kenaz - Wunjo

The formula helps ignite love passion, attracts the opposite sex to you, makes you a magnet, ignites passion in a relationship. Gebo sets you up for communication, Kenaz turns on passion and desire, Wunjo makes communication joyful and helps you achieve what you want.

Spell: “This runic formula awakens the flame of love and passion, attracts men to me like a magnet, helps create a relationship and awakens passion between us. So be it.”

Family and Home Protection



Formula for the protection of family and property. Algiz performs a protective function, Othala symbolizes family well-being.

Spell: “This runic formula protects my family, my property, warns of possible influences from the outside, does not let into my space those who carry any negativity for me and my family. So be it.”

Love runic formula

Tiwaz – Gebo – Berkano

Tiwaz - Gebo - Berkano

Universal formula for creating a relationship. Tiwaz promotes the goal of creating a relationship (Gebo) and the following transition to the family (Berkano).

Spell: “This runic formula awakens energy and sensuality in me and in relationships. Activates all my best qualities to create a serious relationship and family, gives me strength to achieve my goal, increases my sexuality. So be it.”

Creating a Family

Inguz – Ehwaz – Berkano – Othala

Inguz - Ehwaz - Berkano - Othala

Formula for changes in the personal life. Helps find a partner for lonely people. Those who are in incomprehensible relationships, helps to break the vicious circle and either reach a new level in a relationship, or to meet a more suitable partner. Suitable for those who are ready for changes in their personal lives. Inguz is responsible for fertility, breaking of closed situations, the connection of female and male, Ehwaz triggers the process of change, attracts a suitable partner, Berkano promotes the birth of a family, Othala is responsible for stable relationships.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me to create a serious relationship and family, creates the necessary conditions, where I and my partner, who is suitable for me, enjoy our relationship. So be it.”

Attracting a partner in destiny

Pertho – Inguz – Berkano

Pertho - Inguz - Berkano

Attracts into life a serious relationship, a partner who suits you. Pertho – the rune of destiny, Inguz – fertility, Berkano – creation of a family.

Spell: “This runic formula attracts to me a suitable partner to create a serious relationship and a strong family. We are ideally suited and complement each other in the relationship. (description of desired partner). So be it.”

Hot Woman

Kenaz – Berkano – Sowilo

Kenaz - Berkano - Sowilo

Formula for women, to attract the attention of men. Kenaz activates sexual energy and magnetism, Berkano makes you an attractive woman, Sowilo makes you bright and attracts the attention of men.

Spell: “This runic formula makes me beautiful and attractive, awakens my feminine power and sexuality. I am a magnet for men. My beauty and sexuality awakens desire and passion in men. So be it.”

Sexual activity for men

Uruz – Tiwaz – Inguz

Uruz - Tiwaz - Inguz

The formula enhances physical sexual power, solves issues with self-confidence and acts as an energizer. Uruz awakens energy and power, Tiwaz gives purpose and awakens masculinity, Inguz gives activity.

Spell: “This runic formula increases my potency, gives me confidence and energy, activates male hormones and makes me more active. So be it.”

Sexual magnet

Gebo – Kenaz – Inguz – Kenaz – Wunjo

Gebo - Kenaz - Inguz - Kenaz - Wunjo

Formula to attract attention and ignite passion. Activates sexual energy and causes a response in the opposite gender. Gebo is responsible for partnership, Kenaz doubled enhances passion and sexuality, Inguz attracts bodily contact, Wunjo makes the relationship pleasant, bringing joy. You need to apply the formula with caution, as it may attract unwanted attention to you, attract violence.

Spell: “This runic formula kindles sexual passion in my energy and makes me a sexual magnet for the opposite gender. I light up with passion and fire, and people around me light up too. The formula promotes quality sex with maximum pleasure. So be it.”

Finding a partner and creating a family

Raido – Gebo – Mannaz – Berkano – Wunjo
Raido - Gebo - Mannaz - Berkano - Wunjo

This runic formula for love helps set up on a serious basis, starts the process of finding (Raido) with the right person (Gebo + Mannaz), the development of relationships (Berkano) and create a strong family (Othala). Strengthens existing relationships.

Spell: “This runic formula helps to establish my family life and find a suitable partner to create a strong and stable family relationship. So be it.”

Attracting the attention of the opposite gender

Gebo – Ansuz – Sowilo – Inguz – Wunjo
Gebo - Ansuz - Sowilo - Inguz - Wunjo

The formula attracts new acquaintances and connections in your life, the right people to create relationships. Sowilo makes you the center of attention, Gebo attracts the right connections and acquaintances to you, Ansuz favors communication, Inguz translates communication into relationships, Wunjo brings joy and realizes your desire.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me become an attractive person. I attract people’s attention, people like me, people are happy to meet me and communicate with me. So be it.”

Serious relationships with the creation of a family

Kenaz – Gebo – Wunjo – Ehwaz – Berkano – Othala
Kenaz - Gebo - Wunjo - Ehwaz - Berkano - Othala

This runic formula for a serious relationship is suitable for attracting a partner, building a relationship with common goals, bringing joy. Kenaz and Gebo promote new acquaintances, Wunjo grants the desire, Ehwaz harmonizes the relationship, Berkano and Othala contribute to the construction of a strong union.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me find a full-fledged serious relationship with a transition to a strong family. So be it.”

Getting out of a crisis in a relationship

Gebo – Ansuz – Dagaz – Berkano – Othala
Gebo - Ansuz - Dagaz - Berkano - Othala

Helps to overcome a crisis in the relationship. Gebo harmonizes relationships, Ansuz establishes communication in the couple, Dagaz leads out of the crisis, does the reset, Berkano and Othala stabilize and strengthen relationships.

Spell: “This runic formula helps to harmonize the relationship between (name names of partners), promotes harmonious communication, brings the relationship in order, brings it to a new quality level, strengthens the relationship. So be it.”

Success in love for women

Laguz – Gebo – Berkano – Wunjo
Laguz - Gebo - Berkano - Wunjo

Formula for new successful dating and attracting love. Laguz helps a woman to become active and attractive, Gebo promotes the creation of relationships, attracts new acquaintances. Berkano strengthens your femininity, Wunjo fulfills the desire and brings joy.

Spell: “This runic formula makes me lucky in relationships and love. I am lucky with men. I attract into my life a man who suits me. I am ready for a serious and long-term relationship based on mutual respect and partnership. So be it.”

Magnet for Men

Kenaz – Gebo – Laguz – Sowilo
Kenaz - Gebo - Laguz - Sowilo

A formula for attracting the attention of men and immersing them in love and passion. Kenaz kindles fire and desire, awakens sexuality and magnetism, Gebo helps to make acquaintances, Laguz reveals feminine energy, Sowilo makes a woman bright and attracts the attention of men.

Spell: “This runic formula makes me lucky in love and relationships. Men reach out to me, lend me compliments and gifts, show their attention. I enjoy life and relationships. So be it.”

Conception and Pregnancy

Inguz – Pertho – Berkano – Jera
Inguz - Pertho - Berkano - Jera

The formula helps with conception and pregnancy. Also, the formula attracts a man to your life for a serious relationship and conception of a child. Inguz promotes the process of conception, Pertho heals the problems that prevent pregnancy, activates the female energy for pregnancy. Berkano promotes a favorable pregnancy, Jero symbolizes the fetus.

Spell: “This runic formula helps conception, pregnancy and the successful birth of a healthy child. So be it.”