Rune Gebo – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Gebo

Gebo – rune of the element of air. 7th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the First Aett.

Meaning of Gebo – a gift, partnership, unity, peace, sacrifice, compensation.

Gebo is the rune of luck, harmonization of relationships.


Any relationship is built on the exchange of energy. This is the meaning of the Gebo rune – Gift and Sacrifice. By investing in a partnership, a person expects a return, and receiving something as a gift, understands that it is necessary to pay for it – energy, attention, money, feelings.

When considering the importance of energy exchange in a relationship, do not forget about the principle of balance – if somewhere has arrived, then from somewhere has departed. The Universe always seeks balance, and here opens another meaning of the rune Gebo – compensation.

Gebo not only harmonizes the relationship between people, it balances and those forces that include the previous six runes, making the movement of man on the path of life more conscious and harmonious.

Another interpretation of Gebo – the rune of balance, it shows a person – what you sow, you reap.

Thus, this rune reveals the law of balance and energy exchange, it helps to manage their resources.

In general, this symbol is positive and its fallout almost always foretells a person something good. This is because the symbol has no inverted meaning. The only case where the prediction of the rune can be negative is when negative symbols are dropped next to it.

In general, the rune means a good, partner relationship based on equality. And it is not only about the love relationship between a man and a woman, but in general about the relationship of a person with others and even with the whole world.

Rune Gebo in the direct position

  • First of all, the direct position of the rune suggests that a person must tame his selfishness and start to act with other people, not commanding them, but as equals. This is what confuses many people faced with this rune, especially those who are used to being a lone wolf.
  • Falling out of this symbol can mean that a person needs to pacify their leadership qualities, to take control of them and stop commanding and commanding others, as if they were his subordinates.
  • In matters relating to any interaction, this rune means the need to work together, a constructive dialogue, the requirement to consider the opinion of the other party and act out of necessity for the common good.
  • Also, since this symbol means “gift,” the prediction may have a slightly different meaning. For example, that a person is finally waiting for a white streak, after some time of failure. It is important to be humble, and to notice this gift, because it can be both tangible and intangible, such as: a positive impression, a good new acquaintance, pleasant news, a long-awaited event.
  • It is important to understand and recognize one’s insignificant position compared to the power of the universe, and then one will be able to see all the positive things that happen to him. This is what the fallen out Hebo rune means – humility and modesty allows you to achieve more, and working together without pulling the blanket over yourself will always bring positive results.

Rune Gebo in the inverted position

Gebo has no inverted position, so it is necessary to interpret its value in the straight position, as well as from information obtained from the neighboring runes.

Interpretation of the Gebo Rune in divination


For love and relationships

  • Falling out of this symbol in divination for love always has a positive meaning. Here, the most important role will be the questions that ask the diviner. It is necessary to clearly formulate the question of interest and then it will be possible to get an equally clear interpretation.
  • In general, the rune means that the couple at this time has a harmonious, equal relationship, invests an equal amount of power and love in them and has every chance of further prosperous development.
  • Fallen Gebo rune means that in a couple, each partner respects and cares about the interests of the other, but at the same time does not dictate their terms, and gives them a certain level of freedom for personal growth and development.
  • Also, this rune can indicate the rapid positive changes, such as a baby or marriage proposal.
  • Since the reverse position symbol does not have, then the negative prediction may follow only in the neighborhood of another rune, for example, the proximity Gebo with Thurisaz suggests the presence in a couple of problems, such as the desire of one partner to dominate and subordinate the second, therefore, from such a relationship in a couple may appear disagreements and problems.

For career and finances

  • Dropped Gebo rune in divination for career and finance always means interaction with other people, and successful and productive. It can mean that the person successfully enter into a new team for him, with which can productively work hand in hand for a long time.
  • It also means that the person whom the questioner has chosen as a business partner will fully meet his expectations and create with him an excellent business alliance.
  • When getting a job, such a symbol can mean the successful completion of the interview, finding the most profitable job for himself, in studies – the successful passing of exams and obtaining new skills.
  • In the meaning of “gift” this rune symbolizes the emergence of the right and useful people in the path of life, which will help in getting a job or learning new and useful skills. It can also mean the protection of high-ranking persons in obtaining a job or a business permit.

On health

  • In health divination, the Gebo rune will mean either that all is well with the health of the person and the body is working like clockwork, or that the person will be given recovery and qualified specialists for their problem will be found for them.
  • The falling out of this symbol can mean that the person is on the right track for today. That he was assigned the correct treatment, or he himself is doing everything in his power to maintain and increase their health.
  • Also, this rune can indicate that all is well with the energy system of the person that he is not under negative energy influence and not caught in co-dependent or destructive relationships.
  • Even in the case of falling out Gebo next to the negative runes, the layout of health will not carry anything threatening, because the positive value of this symbol levels the negative impact. In any case, there is no great danger to life, and if there is some small troubles, they are easily correctable and will not cause much harm.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

The fallout of this symbol in the divination of the rune of the day always has a positive meaning.

Such a symbol can mean a very useful and productive day. It is possible to conclude profitable deals, conclude contracts with desirable companies, receive a long-awaited offer of cooperation.

It can also mean a useful acquaintance, a fortunate coincidence in some areas of life or the receipt of unexpected profits.

In the relationship between a man and a woman, this rune can mean a long-awaited marriage proposal from the lover.

Rune Advice

Rune Gebo advises a person to calm down and stop rushing in all directions at once. Such tossing in different directions only brings chaos in life, and the truth is carried farther in the direction away from him. This is why a man at a crossroads must simply sit back, be still, and let events take their course.

This does not mean to sit back, no. A man must perform the actions that he needs and that his family and friends need. Everything else that does not directly concern his life should be left alone. By doing so, one will bring balance to one’s life and allow the changes one desires to come into it.

Combination of Gebo and other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – giftedness.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – passion, success.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – healing.

Gebo + Wunjo = very productive cooperation in various fields. If divination occurs in a relationship, the combination of runes Gebo and Vunho promise a speedy wedding or a first-born in the family.

Gebo+Laguz = combination showing the state of human health or his energy system. Such a combination means good health without any significant problems, as well as the proper functioning of the energy system of a person, his excellent emotional and physical condition in general.

Kenaz + Gebo = suggest a very good interpersonal relationship. In matters of relationships between a man and a woman, this combination promises passion and fire in life together. Also, a person is foretold a bright new romance or improvement of existing relationships.

Gebo + Ansuz = this conjunction is typical for career predictions. In this area, it means an imminent promotion and other successes in the workplace, raising the prestige among coworkers. This combination most favors those who are engaged in politics, those people it promises impressive success.

Kenaz + Gebo = unprecedented success, receiving a large research grant or a major award for creative or personal achievements.

Gebo + Thurisaz = the person needs to slow down a bit. He is too blinded by his desire to get something and does not see the obstacles that could hurt his nose.

Use of the Gebo rune in magic


Given the extremely positive value of the rune and one of its main values of “partnership”, in magic, this symbol is very often used for the establishment of personal life.

However, there is a point that not everyone takes into account, and for good reason. Gebo though it is a positive in many respects runoy, yet it has its own complicated nature, so it will not help to fall in love with the first encounter, as she fully supports the fact that in a relationship of all were equal. If the person on whom a spell is made experiences obvious negative emotions in the direction of the one to whom he is bewitched, then nothing good will come out of such a rite.

The main purpose of this rune in magic is to create harmony. The main purpose of this rune is to create harmony, so no ties created by force with its help. With its help, you can only accelerate the already emerging relationship, no matter what, personal or business, or push indecisive person to action, which he already would have done sooner or later.

Also by using this rune can balance the relationship between relatives, such as parents and their naughty children. You can also repair the relationship in the home, if they are for some strange reason broke, or even calm the home environment, in case if something there is often broken and falls into disrepair.

Apply the rune Gebo can be either alone or as part of the runic formulas on the carrier-talisman or on their own.

Activating of the Gebo rune

To activate this rune must initially hold a meditation on it. After you feel its energy, you must draw this symbol on your left wrist. This can be done with a regular ballpoint pen. Then you must turn to the rune, aloud or silently, and ask her to attract the desired events in your life – a suitable partner, marriage, relationships.

Meditation on the Gebo Rune

To meditate on this rune, it is important to ask yourself questions concerning your relationship with the people around you and your relationship with life:

  • Are you willing to compromise your principles to build a close relationship with another person?
  • Are you willing to face and work with your negative agendas?
  • Can you accept other people’s point of view without needing to prove them wrong by any means?

Living the Gebo Rune

To live the rune you need to put it on yourself and keep track of the events in your life. Gebo will bring harmonization in different areas of life, show the importance of partnership and help interact with people.