Rune Eihwaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Eihwaz

Eihwaz – the rune of the element of water. 13th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of Eihwaz – yew, protection, defense, delay, signs warning of danger.


Eihwaz – the rune of transformation, its meaning combines the fundamental opposite phenomena – life and death, movement and stagnation. The rune symbolizes a gradual development, the transition from one state to another.

Eihwaz helps to get rid of unreasonable fears, to recognize them and transform them into strength. Such changes give a sense of support and protection, obstacles no longer seem insurmountable.

Rune Eihwaz gives awareness of one’s connection with the Kin, allows one to feel its support and protection, gives qualities that help to pass tests.

Rune Eihwaz in the direct position

The meaning of Eihwaz in a general sense is the right direction, the path to be overcome with all perseverance. Straight position indicates protection from trouble and attempts to turn aside. This can be assistance from the outside, good luck or cautious judicious actions of the person.

Description of the rune Eihwaz directly depends on its context. It embodies the connection of times and generations. Ancient shamans read it as the ancestors’ help in an important matter. If in the scenario appeared Eihwaz, it is worth to listen to your feelings and trust the voice of intuition. The situation could be ambiguous, but resolved as appropriate.

Often, the rune warns of obstacles in the path. But do not grieve, take the delay as a test. Demonstrate caution and perseverance. Divide your goal into small steps and systematically move forward.

The main feature of the rune – it has no inverted position, the drawing is completely symmetrical. But sometimes, for the accuracy of interpretation, make special marks. This does not change the meaning of the rune, but it may be useful in the work. Also, the additional meaning should not be neglected if the bar with the symbol has fallen with the image downwards.

An upside-down Eihwaz does not bring bad news, but it warns of a surmountable obstacle, a little trouble that can slow down progress, but not stop it completely. You may have to take a step back, but you must not lose your determination and restore the previous pace as soon as the problem is solved.

Interpretation of the Eihwaz Rune in divination


On love and relationships

Rune Eihwaz in the relationship is a sign that does not carry negativity. It may portend changes, perhaps not the most pleasant events, but in the end everything will turn out well.

Eihwaz, falling out in a divination for compatibility, indicates strong feelings and a successful partnership. People are compatible and will achieve more together than they would separately.

For a single person, the symbol predicts a successful acquaintance in the near future. It may not end in marriage, but it will provide a loyal friend and ally.

The rune Eihwaz in love may also portend some difficulties. They won’t turn life upside down, but they will be a bit of a challenge for the couple. Perhaps the lovers need to have a serious talk with each other.

For career and finances

Eihwaz in a divination for work promises success. But for it, you will have to work hard and discover new qualities in yourself.

The rune suggests that attempts to prove themselves in the business world and improve the quality of life will not be in vain, even if it now seems like a waste of time. To achieve the goal, you will have to work hard and diligently, learn and train new skills, and take responsibility. Promotion, business success and wealth creation will not come by themselves, but will be the natural result of the efforts of the individual.

Eihwaz can be a warning of trouble or a hint of the need for some sacrifice. One cannot be successful in all spheres at the same time. In order to achieve a result, it is necessary to concentrate and temporarily put aside all other matters.

On Health

Eihwaz in the interpretation of the health question brings hope for recovery.

Rune offers to look at a health problem from the other side – to change treatment, to make another examination, to treat not the symptoms, but the root cause.

A single rune indicates a general state of health, and the combination with other runes can clarify the source of the disease.

The Rune of the Day

The rune of the day Eihwaz suggests thinking carefully about all past and present affairs. If any tasks remain in limbo because of the difficulties, you need to look for a non-obvious solution.

Trouble presses and interferes with rational thought, but you can not give in to panic. Advice, a sidelong glance, untapped resources, loopholes, intuition – any means could be the very solution to the problems.

Rune Advice

A symbol reminder that any event must be considered from all sides, to find the thin thread of correlation disparate facts. No need to act rashly, without thinking through their steps. But at the same time we should not just wait. Problems won’t go away on their own. Find a compromise between planning and action will help intuition.

Combination of Eihwaz with other runes

The meaning of the rune Eihwaz serves as a clue, but rarely gives a complete picture of the present and future. It is more convenient to study the symbols together, as a single message. Then vague and contradictory meanings are clarified and become quite concrete. In practical magic, for example, to create amulets signs reinforce each other, creating a solid shield.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – a return to past traditions.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the need for action.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – the success of creativity.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – the need to come down from the sky to the ground.

The combination of the runes Eihwaz + Sowilo = portends trials that will have a strong impact on the human psyche. Possible nervous breakdowns and depression. This combination can also be used as a talisman against mental and moral damage from the outside.

Eihwaz + Laguz = abrupt change of circumstances, possibly a change of residence. Such a change will require time to adapt. In practical magic, these runes will help to survive the separation and loss, and make the process of meeting new people more pleasant and productive.

Hagalaz + Eihwaz = time to take a breath and prepare for what is to come. The situation is at a standstill and nothing can be done right now. The best moment to lay low and plan their next steps. Amulet with this stav helps in creative thinking, gives a chance to study any phenomenon from all sides.

Eihwaz + Isa = need to listen to yourself, pay attention to what you really want, examine and analyze their actions and internal impulses. In practice, these runes help you free yourself from outside influences, act on your own and seek new talents in yourself.

Algiz + Eihwaz = dangerous stanza. In health divination, it speaks about necessity of surgical intervention. Magicians practitioners use it to attack the victim with a series of minor, but unpleasant problems. If ignored, they will lead to disaster.

Eihwaz + Ansuz = positive message in divination. A promotion at work or the transition of a romantic relationship to the next level is expected. Efforts are noticed and will be well rewarded. A guardian with the stave helps in learning, strengthens concentration, supports in a difficult period.

Raido + Eihwaz = a hint at experiments, the use of unusual approaches to solve routine tasks. Stav helps not to be afraid of the new, to get out of dependence on other people’s opinions, to find their own way.

Fehu + Eihwaz = an indication on the supervision of the Higher Forces. They are not just watching, but give signs and protect from the wrong path. One must trust one’s intuition and follow the hints. The effect of such a presence can be created amulet with these runes. He will help to sort out or ignore minor mishaps and not to turn from the intended path.

If you use three or more symbols, the power of the statue increases, as well as changing the interpretation of the rune Eihwaz.

Use of the Eihwaz rune in magic


Rune Eihwaz is one of the strongest symbols of protection. A sign in combination with other runes can be used to create amulet against trouble and postorenyh influence. Amulet with this symbol will help those who are tired to fight fate and need help. Especially Eihwaz useful for people with poor health, both physical and moral.

Also, the symbol will be a faithful helper to those who want to change lives. He will get rid of doubts, clarify the mind and support in the endeavor.

Amulet used for:

  • Protection from negativity;
  • Increase analytical abilities;
  • Enhance intuition;
  • Spiritual growth;
  • Searching for harmony within oneself.

Activation of the Eihwaz Rune

To use the power of any rune, you need to activate it. First of all, you should study the rune, learn about its significance, basic and additional interpretations, possible combinations with other characters. Only when a symbol will be perceived as “their own” on a subconscious level, is to proceed to the manufacture of amulet.

Amulet is made of natural material – wood, stone, clay, a piece of leather or dense fabric. Depending on the basis, the symbol itself is drawn, embroidered or burned.

After making, you can activate the rune with a ritual. To do this, you need to light a candle, and hold the amulet over the flame. It is not necessary that the fire touched the workpiece, enough heat from it. Then you should dip or spray the amulet in water. After that, the amulet should be fumed with an aromatic stick or taken to a windy place. Finally, the amulet should be sprinkled with salt. Activation of the elements is carried out in a convenient order and depends on the material from which the amulet is made.

It should be understood that the main thing – not the way of activating the rune, but the power of intent, which is invested in the formula.

After all the action, the amulet should be worn with them. It is universal and has no restrictions on gender or age of the carrier. It is also possible not to make an amulet, and apply the symbol on the inside of the wrist with a henna or permanent marker.

Meditation on the rune Eihwaz

In order to feel the energy of the rune, you need to runic meditation. To do this, it is important to find a quiet time when no one will interfere and nothing will distract you. The sign of the runes is put in front of you and for a while just studying. Considering the sign, you can look for associations, to see images. It is important to think about the desired changes in life, to let the energy of the runes.

It is recommended to focus on such questions:

  • What does a state of true security mean to you?
  • Which fears are contrived and which ones require real attention?
  • What are you capable of doing without fear?

Living the Eihwaz rune

To inhabit the rune, you need to put it on yourself and keep track of what is happening in your life. Eihwaz is comfortable to wear. Rune does not fight with his host, does not ignite the inner flame in him, but gently help to enter the flow of things. Monotonous work is much faster, it is easier to concentrate and find errors. Filling out important papers passes without difficulty.

In relations with loved ones, it’s easier to suppress emotions and come to a compromise. The course of illnesses slows down, sleep becomes sound and without dreams. The flow of life slows down, but it doesn’t stop. Many tasks can be accomplished in a day.

On the other hand, Eihwaz may exacerbate some conflicts, bringing them to an end. Old problems may resurface, unexpected mistakes may be discovered. It’s all an opportunity to close things out and move on.

The rune Eihwaz is considered one of the most powerful for a reason. It helps self-confident people to follow the path, supports the weakened, so they find the strength to get stronger.