Rune Nauthiz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Nauthiz

Nauthiz – rune of the element of earth. 10th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of Nauthiz – need, demand, suffering, distress, hard lessons of life, caution, destiny.



Nauthiz is considered one of the most difficult and darkest symbols. The meaning of the Nauthiz rune is associated with the energy of Saturn, a cold and austere planet. It has  the energy of ice, dark blue or dark purple color. Despite this interpretation, it is important to remember that there are no unequivocally negative symbols in the Futhark. It is worth taking a closer look at the meaning of Nauthiz in order to understand its symbolism in a specific situation.

The Nauthiz rune reports on another quality that must be developed in a person. In the meaning of runes laid the concept of “need” and “demand” – similar in meaning, but still different in perception of the concept. Need brings the energy of suffering from lack, puts a heavy burden on the soul, and the same demand to stimulate to move towards the goal, gives energy for development.

Nauthiz teaches you to understand your need and distinguish it from a demand, to act from a state of demand rather than a need, to separate your own demands from those imposed, to move and shape your destiny.

Rune Nauthiz in the direct position

In the direct position, Nauthiz symbolizes the strictness of laws and rules. These can be both formal and unwritten, laws of life. It speaks of the necessity to humble one’s desires for the sake of achieving any goal. At the same time, obeying the rules and hard work pays off. It is not for nothing that one of the literal translations of Nauthiz is “benefit”. In this sense, it can be compared to a strict discipline in the process of learning or work, which pays off and brings a result in the form of high marks, extensive knowledge, increased income or position.

Rune calls for patience and warns of a difficult period, the lessons of fate, which will have to pass. Do not forget that obstacles contribute to development, so it is important to avoid discouragement and keep faith in yourself.

Runa Nauthiz in the inverted position

In the inverted position, Nauthiz symbolizes hardship and forced deprivation that one did not choose voluntarily. It is a submission to unpleasant, difficult circumstances. The hardships that fate has brought. The need and hardship one has to endure because the circumstances of life were created that way.

Often inverted Nauthiz gives a sign that the person is on the wrong path, and if he/she continues in the same spirit, failure and despair await him/her.

Often, Nauthiz in the inverted position indicates that a person is guilty of his problems, because he could not restrain his basest desires and impulses. Rune can talk about the difficulties that arose because of laziness, unwillingness to try and make an effort, lack of control of their momentary motives.

Interpretation of the Nautiz rune in divination


On love and relationships

Direct Position

The Nauthiz rune in a relationship, falling out in a direct position, can have several meanings. First, it often denotes a difference between partners of 7-10 years. In this case, the older partner surpasses the younger one not only in years: he has a more significant position in society, is likely to be tougher and less prone to display emotion.

Secondly, this rune can indicate that the relationship, which is guessed at, is destined for a person by fate. He can not avoid them because it is one of his destiny: the rune indicates a kind of compulsion on the part of fate.

In addition, the rune may indicate that for the sake of this relationship, one or both partners are willing to make sacrifices or just some kind of restrictions. This can be something minor, or serious actions in the spirit of moving or a radical change of career path for the sake of preserving the relationship with a partner.

Inverted Down

The Nauthiz reversed, falling out in a relationship divination, has very unhappy interpretations. It often indicates that one of the partners used magical means in order to forcibly enchant the other against his will, to force to be together with him. At the same time, this relationship was not intended by fate, so the consequences of magical intervention will not be as desired.

Also, this rune suggests that the partners are not willing to make sacrifices and self-limitations for the sake of the relationship. Most likely, they are psychologically immature, or do not consider the current romantic relationship seriously. At best, it is a light and pleasant affair for both, which will not end in a long relationship and marriage.

This rune may indicate infidelity that has occurred in a couple, but other signs indicating infidelity must be present to confirm it.

On career and finances

Direct Position

Nauthiz in the direct position is quite often dropped in career and finance divinations. Its appearance in divination indicates that the person is subject to work discipline, consciously approaches his career and is ready to invest a lot of effort in a worthy result – career growth and increased income.

Often falls in the case where a person considers his work a kind of duty to society or to himself. Can indicate that, although the work is difficult, wondering if you can cope with it.

Not promises the imminent fulfillment of desires related to higher wages or a change of employment, but also does not negate the possibility. It is necessary to continue to work, and with decent performance of their duties, the diviner can count on an improvement in the situation.

Inverted Position

Inverted Nautiz in career divination is a very negative sign. Often it indicates that the person is not doing a good job. This may be due to dislike of their position and profession, which in turn affects the results of work. In addition, the rune can speak of a lack of discipline and a negligent attitude towards their direct duties.

Can talk about the need to change jobs to improve their situation – at the current job prospects are not expected. Forced resignation due to the fact that those around you create unbearable circumstances.

Often falls out in cases where a person is literally “forced out” of his or her current job because he or she is unpleasant or occupies a position meant for someone else. In this case, there is no point in resisting: it will only get worse. A job change will allow you to get out of this situation with dignity.

On the health

Direct Position

The rune unequivocally speaks of limitations related to health. Often speaks of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, refusing to do things that are destructive to the body, even if they bring momentary joy.

Sometimes denotes professional athletes who sacrifice a great deal in order to maintain the necessary state of the body.

Can signal the need to treat your health more carefully, to schedule a number of examinations. Also reminds of the importance of following a daily regimen.

Sometimes indicates an overly rigid attitude toward oneself – for example, regular lack of sleep due to overwork, which has a bad effect on one’s general condition and nervous system.

Inverted position

In the inverted position Nauthiz can speak of diseases related to the cardiovascular system, kidneys, fluid metabolism in the body. Metabolic disorders, swelling, mobility difficulties and weak immune system are also not uncommon in those who fall this rune.

Often suggests that health problems have not yet developed, but are inevitable, if people do not learn how to lead a correct life, abandoning the pleasant, but harmful foods, drinks and other unhealthy pleasures.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

As the rune of the day Nautрiz speaks of the need to obey the established rules, even if it seems that their small violation will not hurt. This day is especially dangerous to any indulgence in discipline and order. Frivolity or indulgence in one’s own harmful whims and weaknesses is harmful.

Today could bring a test of strength of character and rational thinking. It is important to pass it with honor, then the negative consequences will not occur.

Rune Advice

Sometimes “must” means “must”, without indulgences, objections and attempts to bypass the mountain by roundabout ways, without climbing to its summit. Those who understand this will be handsomely rewarded. Order and discipline in affairs lead to success.

Combining Nauthiz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – hermitage.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – failure in business.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – you must carefully analyze the events.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – something unknowable comes into your life.

Hagalaz + Nauthiz = powerful in its destructive effect combination. Often used in spells, although it can also be used in a positive way, for example, to destroy the negative attitudes and programs, spoils and curses.

Sowilo+Nauthiz = one of the most popular runic cleanses. Burns out the negative energy, ridding the operator of it. Works relatively gently but effectively, burning away any kind of “dirt”.

Nauthiz+Uruz = powerful, focused energy. It gives strength, including physical strength. Invigorates and reduces the sense of fear before undertaking any kind of endeavor.

Nauthiz+Kenaz = used to evoke passion, physical attraction in another person. Often found in the composition of the runes charm complexes and stavs.

Raido+Nauthiz = powerful impetus to purposeful action. Emphasis on the progression, the shift from a dead point. Movement in the literal sense – the destruction of obstacles that may be lying in wait on the road, journey.

Nauthiz + Berkano = awakening, education and growth of whatever. Can be used before starting a project that never gets off the ground.

Wunjo+Nautiz = a little joy in the midst of a difficult time. Good news that is encouraging.

Nauthiz+Fehu = appearance of income, increase in wealth. However, it does not always go smoothly. One of the likely meanings is labor, which will pay off over time.

Laguz+Nauthiz = the inevitable flow of time, which goes forward. A change of one circumstance by another.

Algis+Nauthiz = a guardian symbol that protects the person or family from negative influences.

Eihwaz+Nauthiz = attachment, which is very difficult to get rid of. Magical influence on the person. It may mean a strong spoilage.

Use of the Nauthiz Rune in Magic


Rune Nauthiz is widely used in runic stavs any direction. It can often be found as part of runic love spells aimed at forcible submission to the will of a partner who does not feel feelings for the operator.

Also, this rune is used in most calls: it forces those to whom the impact is directed, to remember about the operator and to contact him.

Nauthiz is often used in spells. It is important to remember that she has a powerful energy, and any mistake in the work with her could end with negative consequences for the application of magic.

If you have a negative influence on a person, it is necessary to know how to use Nauthiz for a magic potion. It is recommended to put it directly on your own body, so that it was easier to proceed to the necessary, but obligatory for the implementation of the activity.

Often Nauthiz is used in cleansing – it forces all the negative energy to leave the body and soul of the one who cleans with it.

Activation of Nauthiz Rune

Rune Nauthiz should be activated in the usual way for the practice. Effective will be the activation of the 4 elements.

Meditation on the Nauthiz rune

When meditating on the Nauthiz rune, it is very important that the physical and mental state of the practitioner was quite stable and favorable. This rune is considered one of the most difficult and energy-consuming, meditating on it in an insufficient resource state can lead to a significant sense of weakness and deterioration of general well-being.

Rune Nauthiz should be visualized in dark blue or purple. When meditating on it, it is important to keep in mind that it is not unequivocally negative, so if this meditation causes negative feelings – the practitioner has problems in the sphere of application of this symbol. The practitioner may not be strong enough to keep discipline, obey the rules and laws.

Living the Nauthiz rune

Living the Nauthiz rune can be associated with unpleasant feelings, because this symbol is very energy-consuming. Often, when living this rune, a person has a feeling of vague protest in the soul. This suggests that by its nature it is not inclined to obey the circumstances. However, he should realize that in some cases it is inevitable and necessary. When living Nauthiz can manifest itself in the form of problems that have arisen due to those violations of the order that were committed by the person before.

Nauthiz helps to realize one’s true needs and requirements and to take steps to fulfill them.