Rune Fehu – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Fehu

Rune Fehu  – rune of the element of fire. 1st Futhark rune, belongs to the First Aett.

Symbolizes wealth, property, livestock, possession, welfare, fertility.

In the modern generally accepted interpretation of rune, Fehu is a sign of money, prosperity, material property.


The description of the rune Fehu and its application is primarily associated with material possessions, preservation and multiplication of wealth.

Many interpreters describe the rune only in terms of material wealth, but is it so? After all, everyone comes into this world without any material values, it only uses the benefits of his family. The power of the Fehu rune is located within each person and does not depend on the material and social status of his family. The concept of “wealth,” embedded in the rune, speaks primarily about the inner strength, the potential of man.

It is the power that symbolizes the strength of spirit, one’s own self, the potentialities inherent at birth. And this strength of spirit determines a person’s capabilities in the material realm – will he be able to dispose of his inner resources correctly to develop them and multiply them in the form of material prosperity?

Rune Fehu carries a great energy of inner strength of spirit, willingness to develop this energy and embody it, receiving earthly benefits. Rune teaches understanding – it is necessary to learn, develop and make efforts, to observe the laws of energy exchange in order to get the desired profit.

Rune Fehu in the direct position

Fehu in a direct position indicates upcoming positive events and a favorable development of the situation:

  • receiving money, gifts,
  • financial gain, good profits,
  • successful business development,
  • overcoming of stagnant situations, overcoming of obstacles,
  • receipt of coveted material goods, things dreamed of, profitable acquisitions.

You can expect prosperity and abundance, all that you have sought, you will receive. However, the rune recommends to think that for you it is more important – a successful purchase or work on yourself, development. After all, you can get a large sum of money and then immediately spend it, and you can profitably and wisely invest, multiplying the funds, gaining experience, thereby reaching a new level of development.

It should be noted that the wealth that promises the rune Fehu, not only relates to material things, but also your activism. After all, doing your favorite work, you not only make money, but also release the energy that helps further growth and development. Also, do not forget about intellectual development, learning, gaining experience, new knowledge.

Rune Fehu in the inverted position

Rune Fehu inverted warns of certain difficulties of a material nature:

  • lack, absence or loss of material possessions,
  • losses, business failures, crisis,
  • unforeseen expenditures,
  • obstacles in the way of achieving goals,
  • disappointments both in activity and in communication, in relations with people.

Difficulties can be as surmountable obstacles in the way, if the rune falls in combination with the positive runes, or have a more unpleasant nature and point to great losses. Rune inverted can also carry the advice to abandon their plans.

Inverted rune should not be seen as a negative prophecy, but as a warning to be more careful with money and papers, to monitor your activities and financial spending, improve competence and professionalism.

Interpretation of the Fehu Rune in divination


On love and relationships

In divination of love Fehu speaks about the material well-being of the couple and the importance of a well-established household, family home.

Direct Position

The rune speaks of well-being, abundance and prosperity in the family, home, and the successful development of the family business. Rune Fehu in love emphasizes the importance of energy exchange in partner relationships, when there is a balance of “take-give”, that is, there is mutual care, mutual respect, mutual work for the benefit of the family and relationships. In domestic terms, the couple will be in harmony.

Inverted position

Rune Fehu inverted in the relationship portends disagreements at the domestic level, associated with the performance of household duties, lack of finances, unwillingness of someone from the couple to develop and work. It is difficult for the partners to come to a compromise. Possible misunderstandings and conflicts can lead to a crisis in the relationship.

For career and finance

Fehu patronizes everyone who has a business, it is a good talisman for anyone involved in the accumulation and development, especially for workers in the trade. The Fehu rune gives money to those who are willing to work and grow constantly.

Direct Position

In the direct position Fehu promises success in new projects, receiving the benefits of active work, career growth, good profits, income growth, receiving bonuses. But do not stop there, it is important to use the available benefits wisely and responsibly.

Inverted Position

Now is not the time for active spending, it is necessary to observe the regime of economy, because there could be financial difficulties, losses, devastation. Beware of fraudsters and dishonest people. Business projects will not bring the expected results or even be unprofitable. Rune can also indicate a situation of stagnation, not only financial, but also moral, when a person does not know where to move forward, or simply does not want to evolve, hence the financial difficulties.


The rune speaks more about the material side of the issue than the physical condition.

Direct Position

No serious health problems are expected, and minor ailments can be treated quickly at minimal cost.

Inverted position

It is possible that your health will worsen if you’re not attentive to yourself and your body. It can also mean the sudden development of the disease, the treatment of which will require a lot of money.

Fortune telling “Rune of the Day”

If the rune Fehu falls as the rune of the day, you have every chance to get good money, close a lucrative deal or start a new promising business. Gifts or good news may await you, which is certainly good news.

Rune advice

Fehu recommends that you treat with caution the conduct of business and disposal of money. Runу teaches how to treat money as a tool, not to waste, make money work. Do not fall into the other extreme – in stinginess, it is important to be in balance. Fehu also teaches you to work on yourself and your development as a specialist, to treat the matter with responsibility and love, to reveal in yourself this fiery energy of action, creation.

Combining Fehu with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – symbolizes a strong tension, unpredictability.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – failure of plans, inadequate situations.
  • In combination with the runes or the element of water – a creative boost, success in development.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – a material benefit, the growth of profits, success in business.

Positive combinations of the runes Fehu:

Fehu + Gebo = Conclusion of a deal on mutually beneficial terms.
Fehu + Mannaz = Enthusiasm, active work, diligence, achievement of high performance in work, receiving bonuses.
Fehu + Raido = Additional source of income, moonlighting.
Fehu + Kenaz = Sudden promotion, change of career field, business breakthrough.

Negative combinations of Fehu inverted:

Fehu inverted + Bercana = Problems with pregnancy, conception.
Fehu inverted + Teivaz = crisis in relationships, separation, betrayal, betrayal.
Fehu inverted + Mannaz = conflicts at work and in relationships.
Fehu inverted + Isa = Do not rush to act, think everything over.
Fehu inverted + Turisaz = Possible health problems.

Use of Fehu Rune in magic

In runic magic Fehu is usually used to attract money, the business success, increase profits.

  • You can apply the runу as a talisman on a carrier (amulet, pendant, bracelet, piece of paper, etc.) and carry with them, for example, in the purse, to obtain money, multiply income.
  • Applied on the body rune Fehu to attract money, material wealth, the disclosure of monetary energy, gaining new experiences and knowledge.
  • At the threshold or over the door – to protect property and to attract wealth and abundance in the home.


You can apply as a single runу, and use Fehu as part of runic formulas and stavs.

You should not do a tattoo with the rune.

How to draw the Fehu rune? When applying the symbol with a precise and confident movement, draw a vertical line and two diagonal lines, there should not be any perpendicular dashes, blotches.

Activating the Fehu Rune

It is very important to activate the rune after applying it, so that it starts to work in your desired direction. Rune Fehu – how to activate it correctly?

  • First of all, you must create an intention, this is your sincere desire and willingness to achieve results.
  • Then you must say the name of the rune, as if turning to her, and say contract, voice what you expect from the rune.
  • Activate the rune can own breath, blood or water. The main condition – visualize your desired result.
  • Do not wait until you have applied the rune, a bag of money will fall on your head. Rune awakens the energy in you to act, work, achieve, will open up prospects, but to come to success, you will need to make an effort to be ready to work and grow.

Meditation on the Fehu Rune

Relax, let go redundant thoughts and focus on the symbol rune Fehu, its energy, feel the energy that comes from it.

You can meditate with your eyes closed imagining the Fehu symbol in front of you.

If you are in the phase of meditation, pay attention to the information in the form of sensations and images.

Feel how the energies of the rune penetrate your body, how they resonate in it, how they fill your spirit with the creative energy that gives you the determination to create.

Pay attention to the following questions:

  • What is of greater value to you in life – the material or the spiritual component?
  • Do you value what you have?
  • Do you manage your resources-money, possessions, knowledge, experience, talents-wisely? Don’t you waste them?
  • Where do you direct your energy – to multiplying your resources and self-development, or to dissipating your energy into things that only eat away at your resources?

Living the Fehu Rune

Put a Fehu symbol on yourself, meditate, and feel the rune. Within a couple of days to a week, observe the events and internal feelings, record them and note what the rune brings in your life.