Rune Wunjo – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Wunjo

Wunjo – rune of the element of earth. 8th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the First Aett.

The meaning of Wunjo – joy, happiness, harmony, golden mean, work, perfection.


All these meanings seem logically complementary to each other, if we consider a more detailed interpretation of Wunjo.

Runa Wunjo symbolizes the golden mean, the ability to find joy in everything that happens to man. The ability to enjoy life, to find the source of happiness within – this is the greatest gift. It is necessary to develop this skill in oneself.

The principle of the golden mean is not inherent in the rune for nothing. Humans tend to go to extremes, which are associated with their self-esteem. Falling into self-deprecation or self-exaltation, we lose an objective view of reality. Runу Wunjo appears as a rune of self-esteem, reveals a person’s self-confidence, but not in the form of complacency or pride, and an objective awareness of its importance in this world.

The meaning of Wunjo in the direct position

In the direct position, Wunjo has a basic interpretation, reflected both in the runic poems of the ancients and in the works of runologists of later times. That interpretation is joy. A light and unclouded feeling of joy, healing the soul and giving strength. But the meaning of Wunjo has a deeper interpretation. This joy did not come out of nowhere, but was given to man for his efforts. That’s why one of the meanings of the name of this symbol is work. It is a well-deserved, generous gift from the Gods, which only those who have worked hard enough for it receive.

It is a bright streak in life, coming after a long and diligent attempt to get out of a bad streak with the least amount of loss. A reward that only the worthy receive. Relinquishing the weight of painful memories that leave a sad imprint on one’s personality. The desire for gratitude for all the good things that have been, are and will be in life. A celebration after a long and difficult weekday filled with worries and cares.

The meaning of Wunjo in the inverted position

Wunjo inverted is interpreted as sadness, a long and prolonged despondency, lack of joy even in cases where there are objective reasons to be in a good mood. Most often it indicates the internal problems in the soul of a person: depression, lack of confidence in themselves and their future, the moral decline.

The inverted rune Wunjo does not promise serious danger, but warns that something is clearly going wrong with a person and his life. It can also mean serious insecurity, difficulty in making decisions, and a negative assessment of one’s own human qualities. Something that happened in the past may deprive one of the opportunity to rejoice, pressing on the psyche, arising in the mind again and again.

May speak of a conscious denial of positive emotions: people who treat life as a hard and dismal path may refuse their own happiness and accept anguish even when it can be avoided.

Interpretation of the rune Wunjo in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Wunjo in the relationship, falling out in a direct position, is an extremely positive sign in divination. It clearly indicates that both partners are happy and comfortable to be in a couple. And this is the type of joy that will not disperse like smoke after the initial stage of falling in love. It is a conscious and grounded happiness that two people who are truly suited to each other and who love each other have met and can build their future together. It is a sign of a strong and healthy relationship, where no one infringes on anyone or forces anyone to act against their will.

This rune is seldom used in divination of an unhappy love or a newly formed couple – the joy granted by direct Wunjo is more peculiar to a long and enduring relationship. There are, however, some exceptions: it often signifies a “yes” answer to the question of whether one should start a relationship with the person who is proposing it. This is a sign that they will be happy and strong, and the future lover will become a soul mate and a true soul mate.

Means a “yes” answer to the question of whether the person of interest is in love. It can also mean the joy of a new addition to the family in the near future.

Inverted Position

An inverted Wunjo in a romantic relationship prediction indicates that at least one person in the couple is deeply unhappy. There may be various reasons for this: a sense of being neglected, a burden of old grudges against a loved one, the realization that the relationship has exhausted itself. Both parties may also be unhappy: for example, an inverted Wunjo may manifest when a man and a woman are aware of the need to separate, but are unable to do so due to some old attachments and memories of old feelings that once bound them.

Another likely interpretation is a relationship that has to be maintained because of shared responsibilities, such as shared children or other reasons that keep them from breaking up. This is a joyless union, but it cannot be broken anytime soon.

Very often an inverted Wunjo appears in a divination for unhappy love. Unfortunately, it really confirms the answer “no” to the question of whether the diviner loves a certain person, if other signs – his coldness, aloofness, rudeness – also indicate it. It means “yes” if the diviner wonders if the deadlocked romance should be terminated.

On career and finances

Direct Position

Wunjo, which fell in the direct position in a career divination, speaks of a worthy reward for past work. For diviners, this can manifest itself in different ways: as a promotion, as a transfer to a more attractive and promising place, as a monetary reward from one’s superiors. In any case, this reward will truly please the one who was going for it and deserved it.

A good sign for those who are in search of work: indicates that soon the diviner will come across one or more interesting offers, and with a little more effort, he can get a job that will really be suitable for him. It may be difficult, but the salary will be commensurate with the work invested.

In divination on financial matters, it can mean a quick way out of a difficult financial situation. Often falling out before the questioner will get back debts or otherwise pay him money owed but for some reason not received in time. In the long term, it means an improvement in the financial situation as a whole, an influx of money, a reduction in unpleasant forced expenses (for example, the end of treatment and a reduction in the cost of medications).

Inverted Position

In the inverted position, Wunjo is not fatal when divining finances or jobs. It does not promise an imminent forced layoff, but its meaning is still not particularly happy. Most often, in divination at work, it means fatigue from the constant routine, professional burnout, loss of interest in the current job duties and unwillingness to perform them constantly, again and again.

It can mean rejection by superiors when requesting a promotion or transfer to a more comfortable place of work. Also, an inverted Wunjo often means strained relationships with coworkers or clients. Even if the profession likes and satisfies the salary, everything can be spoiled by conflicts, mismatch of work pace, inadequate behavior of those with whom one encounters on duty – this is a very common value of this rune.

Means “no” to the question of whether you should change your current job right now for another – the job the questioner is thinking about at the moment will not be as suitable after you get it, in addition, there is a risk of not being hired for another job.

On the health

Direct Position

Wunjo in the direct position in the health prediction means a positive prognosis in this regard. Filled with vitality, enough strength to do everything planned, vigor and health – this is its main meaning in such runic divinations. Health in this case, not only physical, but also mental – the absence of any mental and moral problems.

Can speak of a quick cure of an illness or a long and steady remission in the case of chronic diseases. Treatment is bearing fruit: Wunjo foretells its positive and clear result.

Says that the person who cannot be contacted is currently healthy and not in physical pain.

Inverted Position

In the inverted position can mean a physical and nervous exhaustion, the consequences of wrong lifestyle, in particular, too exhausting and intense schedule or too physically demanding work.

It can indicate a worsening of chronic diseases, especially due to stressful situations. Dull, nagging pain, which is difficult to relieve with medication.

One of the most likely signs of depression, neurosis, phobias and increased anxiety. Wunjo inverted may indicate insomnia.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

As the rune of the day, a straight Wunjo means a successful and energetic day. The probability of receiving good news is extremely high, more expected and legitimate than unexpected. Rewards for efforts made in solving life’s problems in the past are likely. A state of pure joy, satisfaction with life.

When inverted as a rune of the day means a dreary and depressed mood, an attack of sadness due to difficult memories or small, but annoying failures.

Rune Advice

Do not dwell on the bad – in life there is always room for positive emotions. Choose joy over sadness, go to the positive events consciously, and they will not be long in coming. Focus on the present, trust life, realize that everything has its turn and its time. Notice the good things in your life and be grateful for them.

Combining Wunjo with other runes

In combination with the runes of the element of earth and the element of water – harmony, prosperity, success.
In combination with the runes of the element of fire – success in action.
In combination with the runes of the element of air – a creative boost, pleasant trips.

Gebo+Wunjo = happy partnership, marriage, mutual love.

Fehu+Wunjo = joy of financial income, improvement of financial situation.

Nauthiz+Wunjo inverted = forced sadness, difficult life circumstances.

Combination Wunjo+Algiz = one of the most favorable, means support of Superior Powers in undertakings and affairs, protection from troubles.

Dagaz+Wunjo = unambiguous combination because literally it means changes for the better, but Dagaz may at any moment turn everything in the opposite direction, so it is necessary to be more attentive.

Use of the rune Wunjo in magic


  • In runic magic Wunjo is widely used to obtain positive emotions from anything.
  • In runic staves to find and attract love, this rune is used to ensure that future relationships were happy and joyful.
  • Almost always used in formulas for a successful exit from the situation, the successful completion of the case.
  • Wunjo helps to improve self-esteem and gain confidence.

This rune is usually applied in gold, yellow or green, although some authors runes stavs may recommend using another color in the case of his particular work.

Apply the rune to yourself or mascot bearer both independently and as part of the runic formulas.

Activation the Wunjo rune

Since the rune Wunjo refers to the element of the earth, it is best to activate it using salt, symbolizing the earth. Need to sprinkle runu salt, while pronouncing the sentence, focusing on his intention. Used salt leave under any tree.

Meditation on the rune Wunjo

Meditating on the rune Wunjo, it is important to focus on clearing the mind of all sad thoughts, especially if they are present in the head regularly. Imagine it in its peculiar colors of gold, yellow or light green. Feel the energy of Wuño, let it enter you.

The Rune Wunjo helps you get answers to the questions:

  • Am I able to organize my work, make plans and goals?
  • Can I enjoy life?
  • Can I enjoy simple things?
  • What does success mean to me and how do I get there?
  • This kind of meditation speeds up the process of getting the rewards you deserve, gives you the vitality and energy to solve all problems successfully, and encourages you to receive joyful news.

Living the Wunjo Rune

Wunjo lived by the standard rules for all runes: the application to the body from noon to sunset immediately after the previous rune – in this case, Gebo. It should be worn for up to three days, as well as the other symbols. When lived can bring a sustained emotion of joy and satisfaction with life. Contributes to a good mood while worn on the body, can give positive dreams. When the residence is over, it is necessary to wash it off with gratitude and apply the next rune.