Rune Pertho – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Pertho

Pertho – rune element of water. 14th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

Meaning of the rune Pertho – the secret, lot, manifestation of the hidden, the initiation of the sacrament, pouch for runes.


The meaning of the Pertho rune is one of the most complex and ambiguous questions faced by runologists and anyone interested in this topic. Even the origin of the name of this symbol is not entirely clear. The form of this rune is associated with a bowl – especially if you turn it so that it really resembles this object. This has an implicit meaning: one of the most common interpretations of the rune – the mystery to be solved. The cup here symbolizes the source of hidden knowledge, which should drink wishing to comprehend them.

In addition, the Pertho rune symbolizes cloth pouch, which are the runes, carved on wooden or stone foundations. This also refers us to the sacred meaning of this sign – the runes have always been considered the knowledge available to comprehend only selected people.

Rune teaches you to work on your consciousness, to manage your reality, shaping your destiny. In the rune Pertho laid the program destiny, as a result of all the processes that occurred before. Pertho reveals to a man of his chosen path, closing the door to the past.

Rune Pertho in the direct position

The direct position of the Pertho rune is difficult to interpret in isolation from the context, as it has many meanings.

Pertho often speaks of coming out of a difficult period and turning points in life.

Pertho is often associated with change. But, unlike the visible, physical changes given by Dagaz, they occur more at the level of a person’s consciousness, beliefs, morals, thoughts and abilities.

Rune may indicate that soon will be revealed some secret, still unknown to you. Possible unexpected benefits, a surprise.

One of the “everyday” meaning, which does not cause doubt and disagreement among runologists – the state of man in a dream, when his subconscious comes to the fore, overshadowing the consciousness. This is a dream as such: it is denoted by using this rune in the staves, aimed at obtaining a soothsayer dream.

This rune is often called rune of  initiation, revealing a person’s magical abilities.

Rune is associated with the skill of the writer and poet. Develops not so much speech and the ability to properly express their thoughts in form, as Ansuz, as the inner state of the creator, his ideas, the content of his work.

The most popular interpretation of rune as a “mystery” requires more detailed disclosure through the context of the situation and the standing next runes. It can be a secret knowledge associated with magic, a household secret that is hidden from the person around him, the mystery of his own self and the nature of his personality, which is exploring his consciousness man in an attempt to understand who he really is.

Rune Pertho in the inverted position

The interpretation of this symbol in the inverted position is as ambiguous as in the straight position. Rune Pertho inverted still associated with a mystery, but in this case – rather gloomy and unpleasant. It could be the scandalous disclosure of a deception, news of a betrayal, or disappointment in one’s own illusions.

The inverted rune suggests that your past is dead and your future is yet to be born, events may not unfold as you had hoped. Unpleasant surprises are possible.

Indication of a misuse of magic. Often indicates unpreparedness to be initiated into certain mysteries, his immaturity or lack of theoretical training.

Internal contradictions, a conflict between the mind and the subconscious. Sometimes indicates that a person’s mind is subjected to magical influence from outside – for example, in a violent spell.

The untimely receipt of information, which causes a storm of emotions – mostly negative ones. A blow to the psyche because a person has learned more than he or she was meant to and than he or she can comprehend.

Interpretation of the rune Pertho in divination


On love and relationships

Direct Position

Rune Pertho, falling out when divining the feelings of a chosen man, indicates that to ask such a question is still too early. Most likely, the person in question is indifferent to the diviner, but at this time, feelings are only emerging at the subconscious level, and he will not admit to himself what he is experiencing now.

When divining the future of a relationship, it indicates the possibility of its development if both partners are spiritually mature people who are ready to improve and support their soul mate in this.

One of the indications of the spiritual kinship of two people, the potential to create a strong family if there are other indicating factors in the scenario (the appearance of runes associated with love and relationships).

Inverted position

One likely indication is that the conjured person is hiding something serious from the diviner. This could be something that would potentially ruin the couple, or information that is neutral to the relationship, but changes the perception of the person.

One indication of the possibility of cheating in a relationship, with an objective possibility and other indicating factors.

An unpleasant secret that you have to hide in order to preserve the relationship. When fortune-telling on someone else’s family – one of the indications that the real relationship in the couple is different from what is shown in public.

Subconscious rejection of a person when the wrong partner is chosen. Unwillingness to admit that sooner or later the relationship will be deadlocked because of weighty disagreements on important issues between the members of the couple.

Probable magical influence exerted by those who would be glad to destroy this relationship.

On career and finances

Direct Position

Indicates professions related to psychology, psychotherapy and creativity.

When guessing at potential career growth or an increase in income, it suggests that the very question itself is incorrect. One of the likely indications of disappointment in his profession and its change.

Indicates the need to continue education.

In some combinations, it also indicates the receipt of an unexpected income or a large gift.

Often falling out in the case where the diviner has only just begun his career at the current location and does not yet know all the intricacies of the profession and its responsibilities. It speaks of a possible change in attitude towards their work.

Inverted Position

This position speaks of unpleasant discoveries that await at work. One of the most likely indications is gossip disseminated by colleagues about the diviner. Intrigues and conspiracies, including those woven by himself. Negative repercussions because of what was said about someone.

Deep disappointment in one’s life path. Potential indication of debts, loans. One of the likely signs that the profession was not chosen by the person voluntarily.

A low professional level, a lack of knowledge, skills, and proficiency.

On the health

Direct Position

Resistant to external influences, good health. Sharp eyesight. Clear mind, developed thinking abilities. Healthy psyche, no mental illness.

Inverted Position

Probability that unfavorable processes are going on in the body, the need for more attentive and careful attitude to his health. Poor eyesight, eye disease. Anxiety, neurosis. Skin diseases caused by psychosomatic reasons. Allergies.

The “Rune of the Day” divination

It is worth paying special attention to the details of the world around you, repeating words, objects and images. The world wants to tell you something. It is very important not to ignore your feelings, no matter how inappropriate and unclear they may seem. Dreams that come before the next day need to be interpreted.

On the flip side, you should be prepared for unpleasant discoveries. It is important to exercise caution.

Rune Advice

The one who comprehends knowledge always acquires more than the ignorant. Do not be afraid of the mysteries and riddles: they exist in order to be solved by the most attentive and intelligent people. Nor should any knowledge and learning be neglected, because it will benefit you later on.

All mysteries will sooner or later come to light.

Directing the energy of knowledge and creativity, you can achieve incredible heights, much more than spending it on the worries, doubts and negative thoughts.

Combining Pertho with other runes

The combination of the Pertho rune with the other runes gives the latter a special coloring. The powerful energy of Pertho and its interpretation subordinate the energy and meaning of other characters that serve as additions to it.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the intuitive insights, the gift of foresight.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the activities that will bear fruit.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – psychic abilities.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – a slow but sure movement towards a happy change.

Sowilo + Pertho = sudden insight, a thought that was very much needed but never occurred to me. A sudden and clear realization of a mystery that needed to be solved. A quick recovery from illness.

Pertho + Hagalaz = destruction of the outdated and unnecessary, especially concerning beliefs, attitudes and ideas. A revolution in consciousness. If Pertho is inverted here, it indicates a misapplication of magic, ignorance in these matters, which can be dangerous.

Pertho + Dagaz = a secret that quickly becomes apparent. Changing the situation in which one has the role of a guided blind man: awareness of the whole picture of what is happening and one’s role in it. Exit of consciousness to a qualitatively new level, the beginning of practicing magic.

Pertho + Eihwaz = leading a dream that literally shows the reasons for what is happening in the past or the future development of events. Illumination, getting an answer in a dream or in meditation. Successful divination or the need to conduct it in the near future by asking a question of interest.

Pertho + Fehu = unexpected receipt of money or other material benefits. The presence of a patron, which others do not realize, sometimes even the person himself. Receiving an inheritance.

Pertho + Laguz = Indicates occult, magical abilities. Sometimes directly speaks of the need for their development and application. Warns of the danger of a passive attitude to the current situation.

Pertho + Gebo = indicates the beginning of a new romantic relationship or the emergence of feelings. Love that is beginning to bud.

Pertho + Berkano = one of the symbols of pregnancy, already existing or the one that will come soon. Indication of the mysteries associated with the infant period of human life, his first year of life.

Pertho + Nauthiz = compulsion to a certain way of thinking, suggestion of thoughts and feelings, penetration into human consciousness. Imposing magical programs and attitudes. Compulsion to act in a certain way.

The use of the rune Pertho in magic


Rune is widely used in runic stavs aimed at suggestion of certain thoughts, changes in human behavior through changes in his mind. Symbolizes the “head” in which laid those or other attitudes.

Also used to develop magical and psychic abilities, strengthens human connection with other realities besides the material world.

In some cases, used in protective sutures as a symbol of consciousness, which will not penetrate the negative programs and attitudes.

Can be used in nonviolent priesthoods aimed at strengthening feelings in the existing pair.

Activation of the rune Pertho

Activated by water or using energy 4 elements. Quite easy to activate, does not require a large expenditure of energy at the same time, but it can spend it in the process of using the stavs with this runoy. Can cause anxiety when activated.

Meditation on the rune Pertho

One of the most important meditations used for various purposes. Used in the need to obtain a prophetic dream. Also contributes to the development of clairvoyance and magical abilities.

Helps to get an answer to a worrying question. Strengthens support of the Supreme Powers.

Strengthens protection of the mind from extraneous influences, imposed beliefs and thoughts. Helps to form their own position, the most correct and beneficial to humans.

Rune has a silver color. When meditating on her effective visualization on the background of a stormy sky or vast sea.

Living the Pertho rune

Accommodating the Pertho rune involves a number of possible difficulties. Can temporarily increase anxiety, suspicion and fixation on certain thoughts. One should not be brushed aside by these feelings. Their careful analysis and the logical conclusions drawn from them can say much more than a few divinations or attempts to get answers in other ways. Often provokes a lucid dream. Can lead to unexpected and even at first glance absurd conclusions, which, however, should not be discarded.

After living, the symbol is usually washed away with gratitude.