Rune Ansuz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Ansuz

Ansuz – rune of the element of air. 4th rune Futhark, belongs to the First Attu.

Meaning of the rune – mouth, inspiration, communication. Ansuz embodies erudition, poetry and magic.

Ansuz is under the influence of Mercury, the planet that governs the energy of our words, relating to the intellectual capacity. The rune is associated with the Deities Odin and Loki.


When the Spirit (Fehu) and Power (Uruz) are awakened in a person and Determination (Turisaz) is developed, then Knowledge, which gives the rune Ansuz, is necessary to begin one’s journey.

Rune embodies important knowledge, without which it is difficult for a person to develop and take prudent actions. Ansuz – is the ability to analyze and make informed decisions, to choose your path, your goals and destination.

The world around us is changing rapidly, so it is important to learn how to correctly perceive information and adapt to new conditions. Do not get lost in the flow of information will help the ancient runic sign.

Ansuz is often called the rune of wisdom. It has always attracted respect and esteem, and is not able to bring misfortune. The magical sign is a link to the Higher Powers, inspiration, creativity. Ansuz allows to get to the bottom of the truth, to understand the root cause. Gives the opportunity to lift the veil of mystery and unravel the laws of nature.

Familiarity with the rune awakens energy, provokes a creative outburst, helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses, to find clues to yourselves. Encouraged people are ready to move mountains and if the situation will take advantage of, could make some truly great deed. Ignoring a sign of fate, returning to the starting point will be impossible.

Rune allows you to recognize the chance and comprehend the secret of success. People do not tend to look closely and appreciate the uniqueness of the moment, in turn, a magical symbol allows you to discover new opportunities.

Rune Ansuz in a direct position

  • The meaning of Ansuz in a direct position always carries a positive meaning. If the symbol is surrounded by negative signs, it means that you should expect changes, exit from the crisis.
  • Ansuz gives awareness, teaches creation, directs to the right path. Rune helps to discern that through the people and incoming information with diviners talk representatives of Higher Powers.
  • Ansuz in a direct position speaks of the incoming information of great importance.
  • The symbol is comparable with the door, opening which allows good changes in life.

Rune Ansuz in the inverted position

  • Rune Ansuz inverted indicates that the situation is deceptive, probably someone intended to make material gain by using someone else’s labor.
  • The symbol in the inverted position characterizes the diviner as a person who does not want to follow advice. Such people need to go their own way, exactly as it was intended. They tend to take blows and stumble over obstacles, even if the negative consequences could have been avoided.
  • The combination of Ansuz and Odin demonstrates that the person is not opposed to gaining new knowledge, but he does not know how to apply it in practice. In this case, a frank conversation with a mentor (preferably a close relative) is recommended.

Interpretation of rune Ansuz in divination


The main meaning of the symbol is to set up a diviner to think about his actions, and then analyze the decisions made. Ansuz urges people to abandon impulsiveness. Any action must be conscious and reasonable.

The rune is closely connected with communication, with public speaking, and the interpretation depends more on the position of the symbol and the details of the layout.

On love and relationships

Direct position

Ansuz in love characterizes the connection between people and indicates their sincerity towards each other. Rune in a direct position promises harmony and understanding, may herald a gift or an unexpected appearance of a person.

Ansuz+Gebo = understanding, compatibility, agreement.

Ansuz+Othala = need to ask for help from a mentor.

Ansuz+Jera = stable developing relationship that takes time.

Ansuz+Berkano = sign that the woman must subject her actions to deep analysis.

Inverted position

Ansuz reversed in a relationship indicates lies, self-interest and obstacles. Do not blindly believe what you hear, be wary. If the rune is inverted, it means that the union is built on a lie, or there are many disagreements between partners.

On career and finances

Direct Position

The presence of Ansuz in career and financial divination represents an influential patron who can provide support or sound advice.

If we are talking about a future partner – this is a reliable person with whom it is pleasant to do business. In addition, there is always something to learn from him.

Ansuz + Mannaz = useful acquaintance, which promises good prospects.

Ansuz+Sowilo = joint activity will be successful.

Ansuz+Fehu = project will be successful.

Ansuz+Nauthiz = faced with difficulties, an expert should be consulted.

Inverted position

Ansuz inverted is a signal that it is necessary to change the field of professional activity.

On health

Direct Position

Seeing Ansuz in the health chart, it should be taken into account that the rune characterizes the mental state and usually indicates developmental and speech problems.

Ansuz + Hagalaz = weak-mindedness, psychosis, nervous disorders.

Ansuz+Thurisaz = obsessions, head injuries, phobias, developmental delays.

Ansuz+Isa = autical disorder, paralysis and disorders of hearing, vision, speech.

Ansuz+Ehwaz= mental disorders, schizophrenia.

Inverted position

The inverted rune warns that the diviner is being misled about his or her health or loved ones.

Fortune telling “Rune of the Day”

Rune Ansuz as the rune of the day speaks of receiving new information, communication. Numerous questions this day will find answers. The rune promises to resolve conflicts and find common ground with those people with whom previously did not get along.

Ansuz reveals oratorical abilities and allows you to gain self-confidence, and it is important to avoid excessive talkativeness.

Rune Advice

The rune advises you to listen to your intuition and the signs coming from the environment. Be attentive, but avoid being too trusting. Need to be able to get along with the world around you, to build contacts and smooth things over.

Combining Ansuz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – the success of education, the development of intuitive abilities.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the end of the crisis, success.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the rapid changes.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – receiving material assistance.

The combination of run Ansuz:

Ansuz + Algiz = clairvoyance, strong intuition.

Ansuz + Uruz = communication with a wise man, which will bring new knowledge.

Ansuz+Jera = the help of a qualified lawyer should not be neglected.

Ansuz+Berkano = in the near future, relatives will provide necessary support, financial or moral.

Ansuz+Othala = guesser needs advice from a blood relative, who is older than himself.

Ansuz + Laguz = they are connected to the element of water. Such a combination can be interpreted as a victory in the water competition.

Use of Ansuz Rune in magic


The symbol has a calm energy, Ansuz is not peculiar brightness and impulsiveness, with her events unfold gradually.

Methods of influence of Ansuz on a person’s life are different, as a rule, the magic symbol influences through creativity.

This symbol is recommended for people engaged in practical magic, having faith in the power of the Higher Powers. In some cases, the rune can be used as an amulet for people in a group or collective. As an individual talisman Ansuz rarely used.

  • Ansuz allows you to find a clear view, to see what had previously been hidden, it is a tool for new achievements.
  • When interacting with rune people gain new knowledge, otherwise assess what is happening.
  • Used to lend credibility to the speech, to establish communication.
  • Rune gives confidence in themselves and their abilities, helping to successfully pass the exam.
  • Ansuz enhances magical energy.

You can apply the rune to bearer-talisman or on the body as a single or as part of runic formulas.

Activation the Ansuz rune

The process of activation is a ritual, charging magical power and binding rune to its owner.

There are several activation rituals runes signs. They do not require much effort, but must be performed with concentration and seriousness.

  • With the breath;
  • With the involvement of the internal energy of man (the power of intention);
  • With the use of natural elements (water, earth);
  • Destruction of the formula (burning).

Activation should begin with the phrase “I activate rune with natural energy… (then you must mention the force used)”.

Meditation on the rune Ansuz

In order to be imbued with the energy carried by the ancient magical symbols, one must become aware of the meaning of the runes. Meditation allows you to find a connection with your subconscious, to prepare it to receive new knowledge, to understand the power of the runes.

Before you start meditating, you should light a candle, placing it on a flat surface. The flame is considered a conductor between reality and the subconscious. Fire distracts from routine and allows you to come into an appropriate mood.

To begin meditation, you must:

  • Close your eyes and move to a place where you can feel peace and happiness. It can be a place from memory or an imaginary landscape. The main thing is the inner feeling. You should look at the place in detail and experience a pleasant atmosphere that will allow you to relieve stress.
  • Next, you want to present the image glowing in the void rune, consider it and several times in a quiet voice to say the name.
  • Then talk to a magical symbol, asking to reveal the truth. In this way, Ansuz will share its energy needed to get out of a difficult situation and solve the problem. From active thought activity during meditation, it is necessary to refuse. Asking a question, the answer must be expected in a relaxed state. At the same time, words, visual images, and events will arise in the mind.
  • To end the session, it is necessary to take a number of deep breaths and exhalations. This will be followed by a return to reality.

Living the Ansuz rune

Apply the rune to the wrist to feel its impact. Living Ansuz, you can get new information that arouses interest in gaining new knowledge, to do new things. Soon there will come a feeling that the energy of the runes gathers you into a single point, your thoughts will come in order, which is very important in a situation where you need to shine knowledge, for example, when applying for a job.

Ansuz – the rune is relevant to creativity. It encourages to create, turns thoughts into deeds, materializes the ideas. This is the magical process of creation.

Interacting with the runes, you can get support from an infinite field of options, which will give direction through the signs and dreams. Experienced shamans recommend in this process to pay attention to loved ones, to record thoughts in the diary.

After a few days to express gratitude rune Ansuz and let go, wiping it off the wrist.