Rune Uruz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Uruz

Rune Uruz – rune of the element of earth. The 2nd rune of the Futhark, belongs to the first Aett.

Uruz is strength, energy, pressure, power, effort, physical health, sexual potential, stubbornness.

The rune represents vitality, physicality.


Our health is an important indicator of vitality in the body and mind of a person. Life energy shapes a person’s consciousness in many ways.
It is impossible not to notice how different the consciousness of a physically healthy person is from the consciousness of a person who has to constantly struggle with illness. As the proverb says – “A healthy body has a healthy mind”.

But not for nothing in Futhark first rune is Fehu, symbolizing the strength of spirit, because when a person is developed in this major power, it can change a lot of his life, including the state of his health. We can say that the strenght of spirit includes the power of life, awakens the potential of life.

And the Uruz rune concentrates this life power. This rune is the strongest energy in its original form, and this energy can be creative, being sent to the constructive direction, the realization of ideas and creative ideas, or the rapid flow out of control, sweeping away all in its path, as a raging tempest.

Uruz exacerbates the earthly side of a person, increases sexuality and attraction to the opposite sex, giving men masculinity and women femininity. But there is no wisdom, knowledge in it, it is only a power that moves forward, no matter what.

Rune Uruz in the direct position

In the direct position, Uruz symbolizes:

  • the beginning of a new life, new beginnings,
  • growth and development,
  • rune may indicate dissatisfaction with his life, the desire and need to make a change,
  • promotes the restoration of health,
  • points to the improvement of affairs, but stresses the importance of making an effort,
  • rune activates inherent human strength and advice to act proactively.

It is important how exactly you will use the inherent power – sweep away all in his path, like a hurricane, or to direct their energy in a constructive direction of development and the soft, environmentally friendly overcoming obstacles.

Rune recommends stepping out of your comfort zone and not be afraid of change. Open your inner power and go to your goals.

Rune Uruz in the inverted position

Uruz inverted carries negative meanings and calls for attentiveness:

  • Indicates fatigue, weakness, illness, loss of strength,
  • stagnation, lack of movement and development,
  • crisis, failure in business,
  • unpleasant changes,
  • disappointments,
  • lack of self-confidence.

It is necessary to analyze your actions, perhaps there was a weakness or on the contrary – you have taken on too much.

Uruz reversed indicates low vital energy, like a lack of inner resources, or even an illness.

Do not indulge in dejection and upset, it is important to take the inverted rune as a signal to think about yourself, what you fill and energize, about the attitude to your own health, about the correctness of the chosen path. Free yourself from the burden of the past, everything that has outlived itself, limiting attitudes.

Interpretation of the Rune Uruz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Rune Uruz in a relationship indicates strong, passionate feelings, physical attraction, the beginning of a new romance or the transition to the next level in the relationship.

The Rune can also indicate a man in a relationship.

Often the sign recommends letting go of the burden of the past, for example, in situations where it is not possible to start a new relationship, it is necessary to analyze whether there is no attachment to a previous partner.

Inverted position

In divination for love inverted Uruz indicates disappointment in the partner, doubts and problems in the relationship, the approaching or already arrived crisis. It may indicate insecurity, low self-esteem and complexes that prevent building a relationship.

On career and finances

Direct position

The symbol indicates the success of financial projects, but to make a profit will have to work hard. Often the rune indicates a career advancement or obtaining a new position, new responsibilities. You will be able to cope with the responsibilities entrusted to you, because Uruz – the rune of indomitable energy.

In combination with the auspicious runes indicates obtaining wealth and overcoming obstacles.

Inverted position

Uruz reversed indicates a missed opportunity, which you may have overlooked or afraid of a lot of responsibility, or maybe let your fear and uncertainty block your path to success.

The rune indicates a weak willpower, a lack of motivation to work.

On health

Direct Position

Uruz indicates excellent health, absence of disease, and a speedy healing for the sick person.

Inverted position

In the inverted position, Uruz indicates exhaustion, loss of energy, impending physical ailment. It can also indicate that the person is a prisoner of problems – physiological or psychological in nature.

Fortune telling “Rune of the Day”

Do not resist the changes that enter your life, new things will come in the place vacated. Open the way to new opportunities, giving up what has made itself.

Remember that we can change our own destiny, awakening the inner power, allow it to break free.

Rune advice

Do not be afraid to act and change your life. Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of the old, like a snake shed its skin to let a breath of fresh air in life.

Awaken your vitality, find a resource, energy-generating activities that will fill you with strength, confidence and desire to act.

Combination of Uruz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of the earth – the slow progress towards the goal for which it is necessary to make an effort.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – a good chance, a new opportunity that should not be missed.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – a strong family relationship, the help of close friends. In the negative options could mean a dependence on relatives.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the new powers, recovery, healing.

Positive combinations:

Uruz+Fehu = successful realization of plans and projects.

Uruz+Ansuz = new knowledge, development, intellectual progress.

Uruz+Kenaz = achievement of desired goals, realization of one’s power, abilities.

Uruz+Gebo = a mutually beneficial partnership.

Negative combinations:

Uruz+Isa = stagnation in affairs, malaise.

Uruz+Vird = lack of development, degradation.

Using Uruz Rune in Magic

The energy of the rune is very powerful, so it must be used cautiously and not everyone, because it can destroy a lot in its path.

  • The Uruz symbol talisman is recommended to be worn by people who are unsure of themselves, who are stuck in a dead end, who lack strength and energy.
  • The symbol also helps in love magic, increasing passion and sexual attraction to the opposite sex.
  • Rune also helps well in strengthening health, it is used to increase the energy forces of the body.
  • You can use runu to attract new life events and situations.


Apply the rune should be on a carrier (amulet, a sheet of paper, etc.) and carry with them or apply to the body.

Do not do tattoos with the rune or apply it to the threshold / walls of the house.

Can be used as a single rune or as part of the runic formulas.

Runic formulas with the Uruz rune:

Fehu – Uruz – Othala – Dagaz

fehu uruz othala dagaz

The formula used to get out of difficult crisis situations.

Tiwaz – Uruz – Hebo

tiwaz uruz gebo

The formula helps to achieve success in work, business, affairs.

Kenaz – Uruz – Inguz

kenaz uruz inguz

The formula helps to improve health, become stronger and more enduring.


tiwaz sowilo uruz

The formula draws you out of a crisis situation, helps you cope with problems and achieve your desired goals.

Gebo – Uruz

gebo uruz

The formula helps restore male power and attract good luck in personal relationships.

Activation of the Uruz rune

Apply the rune or runic formula to a medium, photo or body with a permanent marker.

Create an intention, that is, think about your desire, what you want to get from the runes.

Pronounce the names of the runes, referring to them, and also say your desire – the intention.

Imagine it in color and feel the emotion, as if the desired has already come into your life.

You can activate the runes with your own breath, a drop of blood, the element of fire (giving a tongue of flame lightly “lick” the talisman). Still, the main condition is the strength of your intention, not the method of activation.

Meditation on the Rune Uruz

Relax and let go of thought, focus only on the symbol Uruz, you can do this by directly contemplating the rune or imagine her image, closing your eyes.

Feel the rune, feel the energy it bears, listen to the feelings in the body, to the images that the rune awakens in the mind.

Allow the energies of the runes to penetrate into your body, fill your chakras with their life-giving power.

Meditation on the Uruz need to be undertaken with caution, people and already active and aggressive, with high blood pressure such energy will not benefit, but in situations of weakness, lethargy, reduced activity for the awakening of their vitality – the very thing.

The rune calls for reflection on the following questions:

  • What or who are you most attached to in your life?
  • Is there something in your life that has long outlived itself, that you need to let go, but you do not dare?
  • Are you afraid of life’s changes, are you willing to let them into your space?
  • What do you feel if events do not turn out the way you would like?

Living the Uruz Rune

Apply Uruz to your body, feel the rune, address it with your intention, meditate on it. Wear it on your body for about a week and note the events that will happen to you during this period.