Rune Berkano – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Berkano

Berkano – rune element of the earth. 18the rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Berkano rune – birch, female power, growth, fertility, profit, pregnancy, multiplication, prosperity.


Rune Berkano in the Futhark primarily symbolizes life as a continuous process of growth and development. Its key value – the emergence of everything new, the emergence of fruit and the results of invested efforts or resources.

Interpretation of the Berkano in the direct position is associated with several meanings that this symbol. As already noted, the key one is growth and development, leading to the appearance of fruits.

In this sense, Berkano carries a touch of straight Jera, but the latter is more associated with fruits as such, with the period of their gathering. Berkano also symbolizes, above all, the birth and development.

Another important value of rune Berkano is a feminine. Like Tiwaz, symbolizing the man, the masculine qualities and energy, Berkano inextricably linked with all women. First of all, this is a symbol of women of childbearing age, young girls are more consistent Laguz. Berkano symbolizes a woman’s ability to bear children, the period of pregnancy and motherhood.

A symbol of female attractiveness and such qualities as flexibility, the ability to get out of difficult situations intuitive way, female wisdom.

Description of the rune Berkano may vary depending on its position, the situation in which it falls or consciously applied, as well as the runes beside.

Rune Berkano in the direct position

The appearance of the Berkano rune in the direct position indicates the onset of a period of growth and development.

Rune heralds the successful development of any case, it speaks of the formation of new ideas and their successful implementation. But Berkano also speaks of the need to work hard, and not just trust in fate, efforts will be rewarded.

Often the rune indicates joyful events in family matters, as well as emotional and energetic fullness, good health.

Rune Berkano in the inverted position

Berkano inverted has several interpretations. First of all, it is a case whose success is cut short because of insurmountable circumstances. Expressed figuratively, it is the crops that did not come out because of drought, poisoning or physical destruction.

Lack of progress and prospects in the case: in this sense, it is partly similar to the inverted Tiwaz. Unsuccessful projects that will not end in success. Inability to move on to the next stage of development. Getting “stuck” in one place because of the wrong action strategy. Difficulties with the adequate perception of the situation.

Problems with the presence or expression of feminine qualities. Infertility as a diagnosis, in addition to fruitless attempts to develop any cause in the figurative sense. Impaired childbearing function, absence of children.

Interpretation of the Berkano rune in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Berkano in a relationship, falling out in the direct position – one of the best signs. In divination with the question “does a person have feelings?” gives an unambiguous positive answer. Talks about the great prospects for the relationship. Promises a harmonious, happy union of two people who are psychologically mature and ready for a relationship.

Indicates that each person in the couple is fulfilling his or her assigned role and behaves appropriately. This is a sign that there are no major conflicts in the relationship.

The most likely sign that the couple will have children in the near future. The prospect of creating a large family.

Growth and strengthening of feelings in the relationship. Mutual spiritual growth, in which partners help each other. The ability to communicate adequately, to solve problematic issues without conflict, to consider and not violate the boundaries of each other’s interests.

Inverted position

A sad sign for relationships, when in divination on them falls Berkano inverted: the meaning of this symbol – the lack of prospects for the relationship. Most likely, it is all about the fact that one of the partners has lost feelings for the other. Also, it often falls out when guessing on a forced relationship of convenience.

The unwillingness of two people to work on their relationship, to invest time and effort in its development, to develop and grow in order to build a harmonious union. Futile attempts to change something on the part of one of the partners, which will not bring results.

Blindly believing that you can change the other person against their wishes. Trying to influence the behavior of someone who does not want to and will not change for the sake of the relationship. Illusions and delusions leading to great disappointment.

The couple’s lack of children.

On career and finances

Direct position

The description of the Berkano rune in divination on the financial situation and career is built on its positive meaning.

First, it is one of the most obvious symbols of current or upcoming career growth. The development of a person as a professional, replenishment of the baggage of knowledge, skills and abilities, leading to the occupation of a higher position. A large amount of energy to conquer new professional peaks.

Secondly, it is a sign of financial growth. A significant increase in income associated primarily with the effort invested in it. A successful beginning of any new business. A good sign for a fortune teller who plans to start a business. Profits from the monetization of one’s hobby or favorite work, which, in addition to money, brings great pleasure from the very process of doing it.

Symbolizes professions related to beauty and health. Also a symbol of creative professions associated with the fine arts and the creation of all kinds of jewelry.

Inverted position

A state of stagnation. A position in which a person has no professional or financial prospects. Despite all efforts to improve one’s situation, attempts in the current direction are fruitless.

A sluggish crisis. Lack of understanding of where to go next in order to improve one’s financial situation or obtain a desired position. A sign that starting your own business is worth waiting for.

A sign that a job that does not bring money and pleasure is worth changing without fear that everyone else will be even worse. Most likely, the person has nothing more to do in his current place, and his position there will not improve over time. Conscious, planned and prepared professional changes will benefit.

On health

Direct position

A sign of female health and a working reproductive function. Also health in a broad sense. A good period to plan a pregnancy in terms of body condition. Harmoniously developed body due to good genetics and efforts made.

Inverted position

Problems related to reproductive health. Nervous and physical exhaustion of the body, metabolic disorders. Consequences of an improper diet. Unhealthy weight in both directions.

The “Rune of the Day” divination

As a Rune of the Day promises a productive day filled with events and emotions. Great opportunities that should by no means be missed. A chance to gain great success in the long run by acting energetically and carefully assessing the situation. The need to redo many things on this day in order to reap the benefits later on.

In the inverted position speaks of the onset of a difficult day, which will force to spend a lot of energy. It is important to survive it with the least losses, to spend it quietly and not to solve important cases, if they are not urgent.

Rune Advice 

All living things are inevitably growing. Passivity and stagnation will not lead to anything good. Need to evolve, even if it seems difficult or unnecessary – any success will end if not put in a significant amount of resources.

Man is a creator by nature, and it is to his advantage to create something new. This applies not only to material creations: creating and developing new qualities and talents is also an important part of a full life.

The ability to please people sometimes brings more than all the other skills. The art of diplomacy and the art of being acceptable to your interlocutors can be very useful to you in the near future.

Combining Berkano with other runes

Combining Berkana with other symbols of the Futhark almost always makes their meaning more positive, in the case when both runes are straight. The most significant combinations are worth considering in detail.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – the stabilization of relationships.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – growth, development.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – a break from work.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the manifestation of the higher mind.

Laguz + Berkano = feminine energy, positive energy flows of fertility, growth and development. Feminine beauty and attractiveness, able to influence circumstances.

Berkano + Sowilo = sudden insight, thoughts on the brink of genius, saving the hopeless, at first glance, situation. Understanding of how to act to get success.

Berkano + Gebo = incantation combination to strengthen and enhance feelings in an existing couple or attract a new partner.

Berkano + Inguz = symbol of pregnancy. Used to accelerate its onset or the successful course. Also suggests a large profit from a difficult and time-consuming business.

Fehu + Berkano = financial growth due to the effort put into it. Money flows that one attracts. The success of the case related to finances. However, if Berkano is inverted here, it indicates unplanned large expenses.

Uruz + Berkano = strength and health. A huge amount of energy that can be used to achieve prosperity and cope with all problems. All the tasks assigned to a person are within his power.

Jera + Berkano = another symbol associated with procreation. It also helps to achieve a truly impressive result in any matter, no matter how difficult and responsible it may be.

Tiwaz + Berkano = symbols of the male and female. Also symbolize a pair of people. Used in spells to denote a specific man and woman.

Othala + Berkano = the sign of home and family in the broad sense of the word. A large and prolific family with many descendants, ancient origins. Help from family members, especially older relatives.

Berkano + Wunjo = the joy obtained through the invested efforts. Success achieved in harmony with themselves and their circumstances.

Use of the Berkano rune in magic


Berkano widely used in magic because of its pronounced energies. First of all it is used for the successful promotion of affairs, projects and tasks. Used for growth in all senses. Does not guarantee a successful outcome of the situation, but helps her move in the right direction for the applied runu.

Also used in accordance with its second meaning. Very common symbol in the runic curses, in this context refers to a particular woman to whom you want to attract a partner.

It is used in the wags for the onset of pregnancy and its healthy course. It is used in the morokas to create the effect of attractive appearance and beauty.

In the long term use can help to gain weight, the appearance of a pronounced feminine figure.

Can be applied directly to the body does not take a large amount of energy.

Activation of the rune Berkano

Can be activated by any element at the discretion of the practice. Comparatively easy to activate. When using the male practitioner is recommended activation of the 4 elements, as in this case there may be some difficulties.

Meditation on the Berkano rune

Meditation on this symbol is a useful practice to improve the situation in life, a faster solution to the problem, accelerating the flow of time. Meditation is especially valuable for women who want to improve their energy exchange, restore mental strength and increase physical attractiveness.

Rune has a green color. When meditating on her important to be in a completely calm state of mind, pre-cleared his head from any extraneous thoughts, and the soul – from bright emotions. Untrained person may be difficult to perform this meditation for a long time, keeping their attention on the runes.

Living the Berkano Rune

To reside, the rune is applied to the body for several days. The residence of the symbol is not marked by negative influences. Can give strength and energy to a person of any gender.

As the single Berkano is used to enhance female attractiveness, may provoke increased attention from men when used by a woman. However, this attention is unobtrusive and non-aggressive, rather related to admiration.

After residence, the rune is washed away with gratitude.