Rune Kenaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Kenaz

Kenaz (Kaunan) – rune of the element of fire. 6th rune of Futhark, belongs to the First Aett.

Meaning Kenazthe torch, the light that drives away darkness, new beginnings, a new look at familiar things, discoveries and insights.


Any energy, if it is not controlled, can bring destruction, but taken under control energy becomes a creative force.

Kenaz – a powerful by nature rune, which can direct the activities of a person, to give her the necessary force, to reveal the inner fire, to bring clarity. Rune Kenaz contributes to the concentration of the will and the realization of the planned, as well as the disclosure of inner potential.

As you move along the path of life, there comes a time when you need to reconsider your views and values. In order to make such a realization, one needs an inner light that will illuminate the main thing. Kenaz, like a burning torch in the night, helps to see the essence, hidden abilities, opportunities, and at the same time the shortcomings, weaknesses on which it is necessary to work.

Kenaz dispels the darkness of ignorance. It is a torch in one’s hands that helps to light the way.

Rune Kenaz in the direct position

  • For people in the creative professions fallout this rune can mean a new round of inspiration, the emergence of new meanings and the possibility of sudden discoveries.
  • Also, this rune can mean the emergence of new meanings in life, the light at the end of the tunnel, if the questioner has long walked in darkness, not knowing what happens next.
  • The symbol Kenaz can mean victory over the dark forces, the emergence of human power over the energy raging in it, finding an understanding of where to invest this energy to get results.
  • If there are any problems that require a clearer understanding, the rune Kenaz may portend the emergence of a person capable of looking at the situation with a fresh eye and offer a non-standard solution, or turn the situation in such a way that the main actors will all become clear in the shortest possible time.
  • Torch or fire, which is often represented by the rune Kenaz, has long been considered a manifestation of a warm fire, a hearth, not having anything to do with devouring everything and everything forest fire, so this rune is generally positive.

Rune Kenaz in the inverted position

  • Kenaz inverted indicates that your torch is going out, you are sinking into darkness, gloom.
  • Kenaz inverted can mean that the person has taken on too much, as they say, bit off a piece that he can not swallow, so will have to sooner or later get rid of this super-heavy burden for him.
  • Inverted rune Kenaz can mean that in human life, there will be events that he will just have to accept and let go, without running from side to side, and committing rash acts, which then him and hurt.
  • This rune is not suitable in order to analyze their past. On the contrary, it advises the questioner to calm down and let go of the past in order to be able to let something new and good into their lives. It also warns that those who cannot let go of past events and continue to rummage through them run the risk of being badly burned, that is, caught in an unpleasant situation.

Interpretation of the rune Kenaz in divination


On love and relationships

When you fall out Kenaz rune, the relationship is more pronounced than ever. Also brightly displays the Kenaz rune of love. In a relationship, Kenaz can mean the arrival of something new, good, perhaps a romantic relationship, or about dispelling the darkness that has covered some part of life.

Direct Position

  • In a direct position, this rune symbolizes a new relationship, holiday romance, a pleasant acquaintance. If you already have a strong and established relationship, it can mean the transition to a new level: marriage, the birth of a child, grandchildren, the purchase of real estate, moving.
  • Since this rune is masculine, the true meaning of it is always associated with the manifestation of initiative and action on the part of the male sex. Despite this, it can be successfully interpreted in relation to a woman, but in this case, the lady must understand that her side should be carried out certain active measures towards men.
  • In any case, in order to clarify the relationship, to shed light on it, a person will need to do something.

Inverted Position

The inverted position of this rune almost always means the destruction of an existing relationship. This can be a major quarrel with severe insults to each other, which does not provide for reconciliation, the understanding that the relationship is bogged down and for a long time did not move anywhere, and further will only get worse.

For career and finances

The fallout of this rune in most cases means that the person being divined is very strongly associated with creativity. Perhaps he works in this field, being an artist, musician or writer. Or his whole family, or a beloved other half, is involved in it. In any case, creativity occupies a large part of his life.

This symbol also means a person’s strong attachment to his work, a high level of professionalism and great dedication to his profession.

Direct Position

  • In a direct position, this rune suggests that a person needs as many resources to invest in their professional activities in order to achieve tangible results.
  • It can also mean the emergence of new opportunities and projects that need to immediately notice and grasp in order to get a good result in the future.

Inverted Position

The inverted position can mean that the person will get into an awkward situation or a situation in which he or she will feel helpless. It could mean some work misunderstandings that will not immediately come to light and will slow down the work process for some time. In order to overcome this strange time, the person will need to pull himself or herself together and show responsibility and diplomacy, not to place the blame on others, but to solve the problem himself or herself.

On health

This rune directly reports on the state of the patient. That is, there is no need to look for any additional meanings when it appears. If a relatively healthy person asks if everything is okay with him and falls straight Kenaz – then all is well and there are no problems.

Direct position

Kenaz in a direct position is an indicator of good health and quick recovery. Straight position can mean that if a person has any health problems, he can afford to be treated at home, provided that all the prescribed instructions of his attending physician are followed.

Inverted position

An inverted Kenaz is an indicator of deteriorating health. Kenaz in the inverted position means that a person should not self-medicate and, if there are any ailments, should consult a doctor. If the doctor recommends going to the hospital, then you should obey him and go to the hospital, otherwise the situation may worsen or get out of control.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

The appearance of this symbol as a rune of the day indicates that today will bring you a discovery. This can be a clarification of a previously confusing situation, the resolution of an old dispute, the solution to a problem that seemed to be already impossible to solve.

Perhaps some situation that you have been struggling with for a long time will come to you from another angle, you will look at it with fresh eyes and discover that not everything is as difficult as it seemed, and everything can be solved easily. Perhaps some problem will solve itself without your involvement.

Rune Advice

Rune advises not to despondent and to believe in their strength, even if it seems that no power left. It is like a light at the end of the tunnel, which means that you still have something to hope and believe that you can overcome this seemingly impenetrably dark, section of life and come out on the bright side.

Rune Kenaz warns against dwelling on the past and advises against looking back under any circumstances. Everything in the past must be forgotten and left behind. For a productive life, one must look forward and only forward.

Combination of Kenaz with other runes

Combining Kenaz with the other runes almost always bodes well. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the neighboring runes.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – new romances, love adventures.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – receiving help and support.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – purification, renewal, new potential.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – good luck in work and finances.

Positive combinations:

Kenaz+Gebo = triumph, victory, recognition of merits, receiving a prize or grant for research, receiving an award.

Kenaz+Laguz = joy, harmony in relationships and positive outcome of all ventures.

Kenaz+Fehu = meeting with a future patron, some high-ranking person, a profitable deal with him or fruitful cooperation.

Negative combinations:

Nauthiz+Kenaz = temporary parting with a loved one or, depending on the current situation, possibly a breakup for good.

Inguz+Kenaz = not a good combination. It may portend oppression, such as in a new team, or harassment based on race or gender. It can also mean not accepting the bride or groom by the new family.

Use of Kenaz rune in magic


  • As a mascot rune Kenaz suited representatives of the creative professions, to enhance abilities, energy recharge, attracting new ideas.
  • This rune is practically indispensable in the rituals aimed at love, all kinds of priests and return loved ones in the family.
  • Very popular and this rune at those who are engaged in healing people, as it contributes to the surge of vitality, strengthens the body, making a person more durable.
  • Kenaz helps to resolve confusing situations.

You can use the rune alone, applying it to the carrier-talisman or body, or as part of runic formulas.

Runic formulas with the Kenaz rune:

Kenaz – Gebo – Laguz


To enhance a woman’s attraction.

Kenaz – Ansuz – Othala

Kenaz - Ansuz - Othala

For ideas and energy recharging.

Algiz – Tiwaz – Kenaz

Algiz - Tiwaz - Kenaz

For unleashing one’s creativity.

Activating of the Kenaz rune

Since the rune Kenaz represents creativity, it embodies and life itself. Therefore, for its activation is necessary to open up to the world and open life itself. In a closed state, a person will not be able to activate this rune.

After applying the runes, it is necessary to formulate their intention, and activate the runu breath or natural elements.

Meditation on the Kenaz rune

When meditating on this symbol should discard all material and focus completely on his inner world.

  • It is necessary to find out what exactly the installations prevail at this time in your mind, and whether you can, if necessary, change them to the opposite.
  • You must also decide for yourself once and for all whether you can let go of your past, and if not, what actions you need to take to be at peace with that?
  • You need to consider your creative abilities, are you using all of the talents you have and if not, why not?
  • And also ask yourself: do you want to live your old life or are you ready to change it?

Living the Kenaz rune

Necessary to apply the runes to themselves or to carry with them as a talisman. Since this rune is all about creativity, it is necessary to live it with a creative component. To do this, you need to identify any, even the smallest, the seeds of creativity and begin to exercise them.

You can just start to intuitively do something: draw, humming tunes, take pictures of the world and objects. All this will help tune in to the energy of the runes and begin to live it. It is important to hear the echoes of creativity in yourself, do not be ashamed of your hobbies, no matter how strange they may seem, it is important to accept yourself with all your creativity and manifest it to the outside world.

The powerful energy of Kenaz will help attract new ideas and reveal your talents.