Ehwaz rune – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the Ehwaz rune

Ehwaz – rune element of air. 19th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Ehwaz rune – change, movement, progress.


Rune Ehwaz means that the goals set by the man at the moment, right, and his actions will inevitably lead to the necessary result.

Also this symbol means movement, that is, a change in the current situation. This can be a movement in the literal sense, that is, moving, travel, business trip, as well as in figurative – a change of workplace, marriage, the appearance of children and other important events in human life.

Ehwaz means the emergence of new ideas, including creative, the beginning of a new path in any important area, readiness for change and the beginning of active action.

Ehwaz is considered to be a rune of magicians, helps to assess the events of this world from different angles, to move between dimensions and take energy and knowledge from different planes of existence. Ehwaz helps to develop magical abilities, transform their thinking, shift the assemblage point and contributes to the result. Rune Ehwaz activates the power and energy, gives flexibility of thought and firmness of his own position and purpose, thus forming a magical view of the world.

Rune Ehwaz in the direct position

In the direct position rune Ehwaz means that the questioner is doing everything right, no matter what the question. The person is doing the right thing, and they will definitely lead him to his intended goal.

Also rune Ehwaz in the direct position means that a person is growing on himself, is actively developing and waiting for changes. It is quite possible that he is waiting for a leap in some areas, the very real breakthrough, which greatly change his daily life.

Rune Ehwaz often indicates that the man has worked hard, performed proactive actions, and for this will be rewarded by some achievements. Thus, his future success is entirely to his credit, and not some gift of fate.

This symbol, among other things, has a double meaning. On the one hand, it signifies changes from the outside, such as new people, new events, and on the other hand, it signifies internal changes, such as new experiences, spiritual growth and development, and new knowledge.

Rune Ehwaz in the inverted position

The meaning of Ehwaz in the inverted position is directly opposite to the meaning in the direct position. When inverted, this symbol means stagnation, swamp, various obstacles to the implementation of set goals. However, they are not always insurmountable obstacles that can destroy your dreams, but it can be a minor setback related to bureaucratic issues.

The inverted symbol means that the inquirer will not be able to move forward for various reasons, often beyond his control. But do not be upset when you see such a rune. This does not mean that the chosen plan of action is wrong, it’s just a little stop, which, incidentally, are not uncommon, especially on the way to the global goals. The main thing in this case, do not hurry, do not be nervous, so as not to mess up and not to create new obstacles with your own hands.

Interpretation of Ehwaz in divination


On love and relationships

This rune is a symbol of new beginnings, the birth of new ideas and all sorts of changes in life. Its interpretation of love can be very extensive. Thus, in order to get a clear answer, it is necessary to ask the question as specifically as possible.

It can indicate the birth of a new relationship, the appearance of fire in an old relationship and even the birth of a new family or life. In any case, the person being divined must be fully and completely ready for changes in his life, because even positive changes require some preparation.

Direct Position

The rune in the direct position has a very good meaning. Ehwaz in a relationship suggests that peace, equality reigns in the couple, and the lovers seek common goals with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

The rune also means that it is time for the couple to develop their relationship, to move forward, to build a bright future together. Perhaps a new round of mutual understanding and love will arise in the couple, there will be a fire that seemed to be already extinguished.

This rune foretells positive changes, such as a wedding, the birth of children, moving the family to a new place of residence.

Inverted position

When divination for love, one should not be afraid of the fallout of this rune in the inverted value. Ehwaz inverted means minor disagreements, quarrels over nothing and some misunderstandings in the couple. All of this will not damage the relationship in any way and will not be perceived negatively by any of the couple. These are normal everyday things that happen to everyone and are an integral part of the life of two people together.

On career and finances

The meaning of the Ehwaz rune in career and finances is a symbol of change and moving forward. This can refer not only to the person himself and his position, but also to the development of the company in which he works, the attitude of his colleagues and business partners, changes in the activities of the company itself and its course.

Direct position

A symbol that has fallen out in the direct position means a change for the better. This could be a promotion, an increase in salary, a referral to advanced training and new knowledge. Regarding interpersonal relationships at work, the rune can predict improved relations with colleagues and supervisors and their entry into a new level of trust, the strengthening of a person’s authority in the company, new perspectives in relations with customers.

Inverted Position

Interpretation of Ehwaz in the inverted position means stagnation in work. This could be some unforeseen circumstances, due to which ongoing projects will develop more slowly than desired. However, all delays promise to be temporary and will not negatively impact the overall work.

Sometimes, the inverted Ehwaz falling out may mean that a person needs to develop, get moving and try to do something on their own, rather than wait for the grass to grow. Perhaps you may need to raise your level of knowledge yourself, or simply go to your boss and summon him to a frank discussion.

On health

Interpretation of rune Eрцaz on health is always either a positive or a neutral meaning. Therefore, the mood must remain optimistic.

Direct Position

In the direct position rune Ehwaz means a rapid change for the better. In the case of illness, it means a speedy recovery and a favorable outcome of the situation. In any injury, the Ehwaz rune means that healing will occur in a short time and health will soon improve. When divining the outcome of the operation, this symbol also predicts a positive outcome.

Sometimes this rune speaks not about the physical, but about the mental state of the person. It can both foretell the imminent relief from moping and even depression, and simply to say that the mood of the person will change, sometimes very often and dramatically.

Inverted position

In the inverted position of this rune means that if a person has any health problems, then he should not panic and worry, because they will soon disappear. Simply follow the recommendations of the attending physician and be patient, and the situation is sure to improve.

Fortune telling “Rune of the Day”

This symbol is very optimistic as a rune of the day. It means a quick change for the better. If in your life there is a matter that a long time can not move forward, some protracted quarrels or litigation, then this rune will be a positive news for you, because it will help things start moving.

Rune Advice

This rune fully supports the idea of “movement is life,” both literally and figuratively. It advises to never stop, neither in front of difficulties from the outside, nor in front of their own fears and doubts. Runa Ehwaz calls for an active and committed man, seek to learn new things and share that knowledge, to continually grow and develop. Also, the rune advises to take all external changes with gratitude and always be prepared for them.

Combination of Ehwaz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – the realization of plans.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – a sudden change.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – unexpected help.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – the material success, help from above.

Ehwaz+Raido = warns you to avoid traveling abroad at this time.

Dagaz+Ehwaz = says that any frivolous acts are not allowed and may result in trouble.

Ehwaz+Isa = suggests that the person has unrealistic hopes, and should abandon them.

Ehwaz+Gebo = advises to listen to the opinion of older or more experienced comrades.

Wunjo+Ehwaz = warns of a possible illness or advises to follow all the instructions of the attending physician.

Ehwaz+Algiz = dictates that the person needs to watch his actions carefully and beware of fraud and theft against himself.

Ehwaz+Fehu = foretells the questioner of financial gain or success in matters related to money.

The combination of Ehwaz + Inguz = means the resolution of a conflict situation.

Using the Ehwaz rune in magic


Rune Ehwaz, as the main symbol of movement and change, is used in magic as a catalyst for events. When a matter arises and does not move in any way, when you need to hasten the events or to influence the situation stalled, used this rune.

Also, the rune is used not only for external change, but also for internal. It is used for their own development, multiplication of knowledge, acquire new skills, not to stand on the spot in any field.

This rune, performed as amulet, can call into life the necessary changes and to attract events that are needed at the moment. Such an amulet can “set up” a needed meeting or event.

A tattoo with this symbol is highly undesirable. Although the movement of a person is vital, the endless movement can turn it into a hunted horse, and few people will have to like it.

Activation of the rune Ehwaz

In order to activate this rune, you must first focus on its image and form your intention. Activate a symbol can be a method of the four elements, their own breath, or another habitual way.

Meditation on the Ehwaz rune

To meditate on the rune need to stop the internal dialogue, relax and focus all of your attention on the image of the runes. Let the energy of the runes in his mind, feel what images and feelings it causes.

Meditating on the rune must listen to your inner voice:

  • How do you feel about change: do you like it or try to avoid it?
  • Are all events in your life subject to your attention, or do you prefer to let things happen on their own?
  • Do you take advantage of all the opportunities and chances, or do you miss some of them, and voluntarily?

Living the Ehwaz Rune

To living the rune Ehwaz need to put it on the wrist for a few days and observe the events and thoughts that arise.

Living this rune can lead to a person that he will open up a lot of previously unfulfilled cases, which he immediately wants to do. Worth holding back his ardor and do not waste energy in vain, and to create the necessary action plan, where the first items to write down what is really important.

Also, the rune can contribute to the discovery of their own creativity and thinking outside the box, which will help move things forward, despite the fact that it previously seemed impossible.