Runic formulas for health and energy

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This article contains runic formulas for health and energy enhancement, which can be used to heal and improve physical condition.

Recovery from an illness

Uruz – Dagaz – Berkano – Wunjo


The formula should be applied after the disease has passed its peak in order to restore strength quickly. Uruz improves physical condition, gives strength, Dagaz produces transformation into a healthy state, Berkano promotes regeneration and recovery, Wunjo fulfills the desire and brings positive energy to implement the formula.

Say your intention: “This runic formula helps me quickly recover and gain strength, feel healthy and fulfilled, start an active, healthy life, elevates my mood, gives me strength and energy. So be it.”

Prevention of women’s illnesses

Dagaz – Pertho – Laguz – Berkano – Jera

Dagaz - Pertho - Laguz - Berkano - Jera

The formula normalizes hormones, improves metabolism, and acts favorably on the female reproductive system. Pertho, Laguz and Berkano contribute to the harmonization of female energies, Dagaz and Jera set up processes in the body.

Say your intention: “This runic formula aligns the state of my body, heals diseases, restores hormonal background, starts normal metabolism in the body. I am healthy and energetic. So be it.”


Dagaz – Wunjo – Sowilo

Dagaz - Wunjo - Sowilo

The formula helps to fight depression, get rid of moping and sadness, depressed state. All three runes bring light, joy and positivity to life.

Say your intention: “This runic formula improves my mood, puts me in a positive mood, gives hope and faith in a bright future, gives impulse to positive actions, activates in me hormones of joy. So be it.”

Thyroid Treatment

Uruz – Ansuz – Dagaz – Kenaz – Ansuz – Laguz

Uruz - Ansuz - Dagaz - Kenaz - Ansuz - Laguz

The formula heals thyroid disorders, removes throat blocks, helps cope with stuttering. Also helps with fear of public speaking, helps to speak easily and calmly. Uruz and Ansuz remove throat block, Dagaz helps remove weaknesses, Kenaz turns on life energy, Ansuz and Laguz set up the process.

Say your intention: “This runic formula heals my throat and self-expression problems. From now on I begin to express myself fully, my thyroid gland begins to work properly, my speech becomes confident, correct and beautiful. So be it.”

Improvement of eyesight

Dagaz – Ansuz – Sowilo

Dagaz - Ansuz - Sowilo

In addition to improving vision, the formula also helps unleash creative talents and intuition. Dagaz transforms weaknesses, Ansuz is responsible for vision as well as the throat, speech, Sowilo opens the flow of energy.

Say your intention: “This runic formula improves my vision and perception of reality, everything I see becomes colorful and clear, my eyes enjoy the observed world, my creativity unfolds, good luck accompanies me. So be it.”

Treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases

Pertho – Ansuz – Algiz – Jera

Pertho - Ansuz - Algiz - Jera

Ansuz and Algiz have a cleansing effect on the lungs (Pertho), Jera triggers the process and brings it to fruition.

Spell: “This runic formula heals my lungs and harmonizes my breathing process. I breathe freely and deeply, my breath reveals itself as beneficial to my body as possible. So be it.”

Getting rid of excess weight

Kenaz – Algiz – Dagaz – Uruz

Kenaz - Algiz - Dagaz - Uruz

Formula reduces appetite, kindles the internal fire, sets up self-control and exercise.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me to get rid of extra pounds, reduces appetite and craving for food, gives internal forces, helps to monitor my weight, stimulates to active physical activity. So be it.”


Dagaz – Uruz – Inguz

Dagaz - Uruz - Inguz

The formula awakens energy and promotes exercise or physical activity. Dagaz triggers the transformation process, Uruz gives strength and energy, Inguz turns on activity and gives results from physical activity.

Spell: “This runic formula helps me to engage in sports, increases the growth of muscle mass, increases the effectiveness of physical exercise. I am full of strength and energy. So be it.”