Rune Sowilo – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Sowilo

Sowilo – rune element of fire. 16th une of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of rune Sowilo – the sun, energy, life, integrity.



The meaning of Sowilo associated with the image of the sun, which is complemented by two qualities – vitality and integrity. This rune symbolizes the achievement of the impossible, that is why it is called the rune of inspiration and hope.

Sowilo completes the understanding of all the meanings of the Second Aett, helps to realize all the achievements, combine them and show them to the world.

Sun, as the symbolic meaning of life, says that any mastery must live, and any case should be filled with vitality.

Rune Sowilo only has a direct position. The form of the rune is similar to lightning, and engages the subtle bodies in the mind, introducing a moment of insight. Rue helps manifest itself in different situations, experience a variety of emotions, access information and change your life.

Rune Sowilo in the direct position

Rune Sowilo – one of the runes of victory and success. Sowilo embodies the desire for self-fulfillment, its appearance indicates that the chosen path is correct.

The appearance of rune suggests that the life force is available to you, able to turn your dreams into reality.

Sometimes the rune can indicate the need to recover and fill with energy.

Interpretation of rune Sowilo in divination


Interpretation of the rune Sowilo not only depends on the runic schools, but also on the personality of the interpreter, but they all converge in one concept – the integrity that implies openness to all possibilities. Sowilo is the most pleasant in this respect, in a difficult situation, it reminds a person that life has a place in the miracle.

On love and relationships

Whatever the relationship between a man and a woman, Sowilo gives an optimistic prognosis. If they stay together, that’s good, but if they don’t, that’s good too. Only it will become clear after some time.

Sometimes the Sowilo rune in a relationship may indicate excessive selfishness of the partner.

The appearance of Sowilo suggests the need to realize that one already has everything one needs to solve difficulties. Sowilo directs to work with what is available to the will, and portends good luck along the way.

On career and finances

In this sphere, the rune portends success if a person is able to understand their strategic and tactical mistakes.

In this case, at the forefront of behavioral tactics.

Conscientiousness and diligence in the work will be rewarded. The Sowilo rune foreshadows that the understanding of the vocation is close.

On health

If a person is sick and is in hospital – Sowilo inspires hope for recovery, confirming that the treatment chosen correctly, the doctor is good, the relief will come.

If a person is healthy, the rune indicates that his energy state is satisfactory, work and rest mode established correctly.

In general, in divination on any subject, when falling rune Sowilo, need to keep in mind that thoughtful and painstaking efforts will help achieve the goal. Illness – one of the most difficult situations in life, confidence in the recovery mobilizes.

The “Rune of the Day” divination

When appearing as a rune of the day, Sowilo indicates the possibility of radical changes in life. And these changes can be of this kind, when, over time, a person looking back, realizes that it was on this day and it all began.

Rune Advice

Sowilo appeals to the will and the mind. In each specific situation, one must seek an understanding of the correct action, which is not spontaneous, but verified and weighed. One must be aware of one’s actions.

A clear vision of the goal involves clearing it of unnecessary things that cloud its image. A person begins to realize it more clearly and understand their true motives, so they are not afraid to retreat and wait it out.

Combining Sowilo with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – trouble recedes.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – teaches loyalty to his word, clarity in decision-making.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the sharpening of intuition.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – stabilization of the situation in a positive aspect.

Gebo+Sowilo = successful cooperation. However, the inverted runes may indicate a short-term alliance based on the temporary coincidence of interests.

Sowilo + Wunjo = bright emotions and impressions.

Sowilo + Raido = the ability to navigate the circumstances. The path to the goal may include detours and retreats.

Sowilo + Uruz = deprives the movement of the mind of plasticity and stimulates it in one direction. But corrects this direction – exactly “in the bull’s-eye”.

Sowilo + Tiwaz = focus only on external goals, personal problems do not solve.

The combination of runes Sowilo + Thurisaz = helps in the disclosure of intrigue and intrigue. Thurisaz reveals obstacles, and Sowilo gives the light of understanding.

Berkano + Sowilo = formula for enhancing female attractiveness.

Use of Sowilo rune in magic


Rune Sowilo is a very bright and strong rune to help in various areas.

  • Rune helps to clarify confusing situations and push to the right decision.
  • Includes internal insight, which helps to release dormant energy, to anticipate events and adjust to the right path of movement.
  • Used to gain strength, increase energy levels, and heal.
  • Helps to achieve success in activities, helps to overcome obstacles.
  • Sowilo enhances attractiveness and helps to attract attention.
  • Used to develop magical abilities, stimulates the energy centers and the flow of energy needed for creation.

You can use rune both independently and as part of runic formulas and ligatures to enhance their effect, giving additional energy formulas.

Sowilo put on the carrier mascot, a photo or directly to themselves.

Activation of the rune Sowilo

To activate the rune need to put it on a carrier, and to use a familiar way to practice. This can be a pronunciation of the plot – the intention, visualization desired result. Perfectly suitable activation of the elements, especially the element of fire.

Meditation on the rune Sowilo

To meditate on the runes, it is necessary to take a comfortable position, relax and free your mind from thoughts. Next, visualize the rune Sowilo, allow its energy to penetrate into the body and mind.

Note the sensations, images, and emotions that arise during the practice.

Meditation on the Sowilo rune will help to increase the level of energy, to get out of the state of weakness, fatigue, and moping.

Living the Sowilo rune

The purpose of the practice is to be able to perceive the energies of the Sowilo rune.

The algorithm of living the rune is as follows:

  • The study of information on the meaning of the Sowilo rune,
  • Meditation on the rune,
  • Applying the rune on the wrist of the hand washable material, such as a permanent marker or henna,
  • Tracking events and feelings.

Living of the rune runs from three days to a week, then the rune is erased from the wrist with gratitude.

Living of the rune can be repeated many times, it is desirable to keep a diary. He will accumulate and reflect on the experience, return to the record and think about the events in new angles, which are opened over time.