Rune Hagalaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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Researchers runes convinced that the first eight runes of Senior Futhark represent the Highest Cosmic Forces, due to which there is the Universe and directly to the world of people. After them, followed by the ninth rune – Hagalaz, which has the power of destruction, seeking to destroy and complete renovation. It is endowed with a special force, and to resist it makes no sense. Consider the meaning of runes Hagalaz, its use in magic and divination, the combination with a number of other runes, and talk about meditation, activation and living Hagalaz.

The meaning of the rune Hagalaz

Hagalaz – rune of the element of water. 9th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of Hagalaz – hail, destruction, force majeure, an accident.


The meaning of the rune Hagalaz – destructive natural forces, events, the course of which is impossible to influence. The ninth rune is present in every living thing. This is the energy, which is frozen for a time, and may awaken under the influence of a new impulse, and its consequences will be devastating.

Researchers runes note that its main feature is the uncontrollability and irreversibility of processes occurring under its influence. If a person runs a rune once, he can no longer stop it. He will only have to wait until the destructive processes end (usually it happens quickly), and then start a new stage of life. Considering the meaning of Hagalaz at the domestic level, it should be noted that it denotes a person who has long endured, but suddenly could not stand it and “snapped”. After such an explosion, he feels renewed and begins a new page in his life.

Hagalaz has a connection with the destructive Force, the elements, mass disasters. However, it should be understood that destruction is not always a bad thing, and Hagalaz has only a negative image. Very often destruction can act as an element of progress. The old is gone, clearing a place for the new.

Rune cuts off circumstances affecting life, cuts off obsolete energetic ties, limits the space of man himself. Shielded from the outside world, a person can accumulate its energy and send it to the realization of their goals.

Interpret the meaning of the ninth rune can only be in the context, except for the meditative practice, figurative symbolism, or a specific one-armed divination. In these situations, Hagalaz means cardinal changes, destruction, events with a negative connotation.

Rune Hagalaz in the direct position

Hagalaz in the diract position means the event, which occurs so dramatically and suddenly, that there is no way to prepare for it, but not because of inattention or indifference, but only because of the impossibility of such preparation. Such a situation can be any serious change up to the total collapse of hopes, plans and even physical death.

It is not necessary to look for who is responsible for what has happened, as a person cannot have anything to do with such events. Such an event always has its prerequisites, but the main thing that gives the rune of loss is the subsequent purification. Hagalaz in the direct position contains the nihilistic principle – for the emergence of the new must be cleared from the old. A person often can not give up what has long been lost, because it gives heartache and extremely unpleasant emotions, but to do it is necessary.

The appearance of the rune often indicates that one wants to free oneself from the limiting space and experience freedom. Spontaneous changes come into life that you cannot control, and there is no need to do so. Step back and succumb to the flow.

Rune Hagalaz in the inverted position

The inverted Hagalaz rune cannot, in principle, be interpreted in a positive way. It indicates complete destruction, an irreversible situation, a “blow of fate”. That is, serious trouble that prevents a person from getting what he wants.

Inverted Hagalaz indicates the energy of incredible power, which instantly turns to ashes everything that man has created, especially – the most important to him. After such a blow, it is very difficult to rise, but it is impossible to prevent it. Literally everything collapses: love, career, financial stability. The cause of total destruction should always be sought in context.

Interpretation of the Hagalaz rune in divination


In divination, the rune is capable of predicting events that will occur regardless of the will of man. As a rule, everything that had been planned before can fail. Quite often, the rune indicates that a person should pay more attention to their spiritual development.

On love and relationships

The Hagalaz rune is very important in a relationship. Its falling out in a divination means that there are serious problems in the current union. It can be about the presence of a fierce opponent of the relationship, as well as about the “third wheel” or other threats that can destroy the relationship in the couple.

Direct Position

Hagalaz in love in the direct position means that there are serious problems in the couple that are not obvious to one of the partners. In this case, it is useless to correct the shortcomings of the other person in the near future.

For a free person, its falling out means that this is not the best period for a new relationship.

For a couple who began a relationship recently, Hagalaz indicates that there is a period of getting used to each other, the result of which depends on the patience of both partners.

Inverted Position

If Hagalaz is inverted, it indicates that the union will end in a breakup. But there is no need to panic, because, in all likelihood, it was bound to happen anyway, the only question was the timing. It is necessary to endure this event and expect new, much more pleasant acquaintances.

On career and finances

The rune falls when it is necessary to warn a person of the need to avoid any innovative decisions and to preserve what has already been achieved.

Direct Position

In an direct position, the symbol can indicate a quick success in affairs, but something must be sacrificed to achieve positive change. With a long effort person will be able to achieve the desired heights in career and finances.

Inverted Position

The inverted Hagalaz has a clearly negative meaning. If this symbol is rolled over, the person should refrain from making major decisions that could affect his or her future career. In the near future, one should expect a busy period when one needs to be as careful and cautious as possible.

On the health

If in a reading relating to health, this rune falls, it means that in the near future should expect illness and ill health. A more precise interpretation depends on the position of the symbol – straight or inverted.

Direct position

Hagalaz in a straight position indicates the return of past mistakes in the form of illness. Especially often, the disease overtakes someone who previously denied the possibility of getting sick or feeling sick. In order to heal, the person must become more conscious and patient, and in the future be careful with his or her own words.

Inverted position

The inverted symbol promises extremely negative health consequences. Most likely, the person will become seriously ill or even die. This sign may indicate cancer, HIV, complicated childbirth, blindness, serious injuries.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

If Hagalaz falls in the rune of the day divination, it indicates an upcoming unfavorable period for the person. On this day, it is better to stay at home and not to make any serious decisions. It is necessary to refuse unnecessary physical and mental activity, to moderate your own enthusiasm. The power of this symbol has already started to work: any planned activities of this day will not work, so it is better to cancel or postpone them to a more favorable period.

Rune Advice

Hagalaz advises not to seek to act in defiance of Fate. Sometimes it is necessary to compromise with themselves and wait out the bad times to avoid destruction. Rune teaches you not to fall into illusions, to understand the limits of their capabilities and move towards the result, based on a realistic view of things.

Combining Hagalaz with other runes

The combination of Hagalaz with other runes often has a radically different meaning when compared to a single interpretation. In order to correctly interpret this symbol, you need to know its exact meaning in each combination.

In combination with the runes of the element of water – leaving from the worldly life.

In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the misfortune, disaster, events that are out of control.

In combination with the runes of the element of earth – you need to stop and gain strength.

Hagalaz+Nauthiz = denotes noise from nothing, shifting the most difficult things by others to the diviner. A person should work on his own apathy and helplessness, develop inner strength and learn to separate the meaningful and unnecessary.

Dagaz+Hagalaz = designates prolonged unhappiness, serious troubles, which cannot be avoided, but which are necessary for hardening of character and change of incorrect life values.

Othala+Hagalaz = indicates serious changes in one’s life. One should be open to new things and not be afraid to realize oneself in the desired sphere.

Hagalaz+Eihwaz = the combination of symbols means a drastic change in the situation, which could lead to the complete destruction of the familiar life. It is necessary to get rid of unnecessary nervousness and work on intuition.

Sowilo+Hagalaz = taking the little things too seriously can lead to big problems. To avoid adverse changes, you need to be more concentrated and attentive, as well as soberly assessing the situation.

Hagalaz+Jera = indicates unexpected success, good luck in endeavors, and the ability to find a way out of any situation. However, the favorable period will not last long, and you should have time to accomplish important things before its completion.

Hagalaz + Laguz = significant events, which no one can prevent and predict. The person should be sincere and open to win the recognition of those around him, particularly his own enemies.

Hagalaz + Algiz = bad emotions, nightmares, and sleep problems. This combination requires increased equilibrium and protection against extraneous negative influences.

Tiwaz+Hagalaz = vulnerability to enemies, conflict and defeat, physical weakness. Overcoming difficulties, a person can strengthen willpower, become more resilient, develop leadership qualities.

Gebo+Hagalaz = designates a complete collapse of all plans and hopes, predicts quarrels with relatives and friends. To maintain strong ties with family, you need to be more critical of yourself, your actions and words.

Hagalaz+Ansuz = indicates machinations of enemies, competition, struggle for a job. Victory over rivals will increase organization and importance in one’s own eyes.

Hagalaz+Kenaz = indicates failure of all plans. It is better to refrain from making serious decisions during the period of this combination of symbols.

Use of the Hagalaz rune in magic


Hagalaz is applicable in magic and divination. Its power helps banish negative energy from the house, out of the spiritual crisis and break the circle of failure. Action of this rune appears quickly – it gives a result of literally 2-7 days. Conducting ceremonies with this symbol should be scheduled for the evening. In this case, it is necessary that during the magical action in the house were not other people, and the magician was trained.

The destructive power of Hagalaz is used in magic when there is a need to break a “vicious circle” in destiny and release the negative energy of the person, which is locked in itself.

A talisman with this symbol is needed for a person who has been experiencing failure for a long time. It will help to activate the release of negative energy and break the circle, then – to change your life for the better. It is better not to put this symbol on yourself.

The magical characteristics allow including this symbol also in powerful formulas. But apply them with great caution and only to people with experience.

Activation of the rune Hagalaz

To rune began to work, it must be activated before the rite of activation should take care that the room was not bystanders, and the emotional state of the man himself was stable.

The most reliable and easy way to activate runes Hagalaz – through breathing. To do this is not difficult. First, you need to close your eyelids and formulate your goal. After that, collect air in your lungs, mentally warm it, and exhale completely on your talisman.

Meditation on the Hagalaz rune

Meditation is necessary for novice practitioners to establish a connection with runic symbols. The ritual of meditation on the runu Hagalaz consists of the following actions:

  • The first thing to do is to light a candle and close your eyes, imagining yourself in a comfortable place. The vision should be detailed, close to reality. When the body feels relaxed, you can begin the main part.
  • Draw a symbol in front of your inner gaze. Color, size, and shape are up to you.
  • Gaze into the symbol, whispering its name a few times.
  • Ask for knowledge and information.
  • Remember, without the distraction of extraneous thoughts and sounds, but do not evaluate all of the images and details that the subconscious mind gives.
  • After feeling full, thank the symbol and open your eyes.
  • At the end, you should take a few deep breaths and exhales to return to the real world.

The rune helps to get answers to the following questions:

  • How well do you know your sphere of influence?
  • Are you under any illusions about what really belongs to you and what doesn’t?
  • Do you understand what limits your space?
  • What are your underlying limitations?

Living the Hagalaz Rune

Living Hagalaz will help to dramatically change your life. Before living this symbol, you should tune into its energy with the help of meditation. Then you need to put the rune on the left hand in the wrist, mentally ask her to manifest themselves and help to get rid of unnecessary burden. During the week you can observe the changes.

It is quite possible that for the period of living a difficult symbol, a person will want to seclude himself from everyone and rethink his life. Shutting yourself off from the outside world will help to let your energy go to the solution of personal problems. To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to return during the day to the state after meditation, which will allow you to maintain the connection with the symbol. Also it is necessary to write down your observations on paper in all details. After a week, you can erase the sign from the wrist and begin to live the next rune.