Rune Isa – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the Isa rune

Isa – rune element of water. 11th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of the rune Isa – the ice, the cold.

Its symbolism – the “freezing” of the situations, processes and feelings. The temporary suspension, the break in motion, the inaction.


The quality that the Isa rune bestows is the will. Will to live, to create, to go against and in time to stop. The rune helps temper the will by freezing feelings, emotions and reactions, leaving only the mind – pure and cold. Isa helps to stop in motion, to realize the moment “here and now”, to realize the reality without illusions, to see the root cause of events, to discover the essence of what is happening.

One of the main features of this rune is the lack of an inverted position. Despite the fact that in these days, some runologists argue that Isa inverted can be used in divination and magic, having the appearance of a straight Isa, traditional and authoritative modern sources clearly make it clear that this symbol, like several others in Futhark, has only the direct position.

Rune Isa in the direct position

Because of the existence of only one possible position, the interpretation of the Isa rune depends largely on the runes surrounding it. In addition, a wide range of possible interpretations stem from the ambiguous nature of the symbol itself. A literal translation of the name of the rune “ice” can have many specific meanings applied to different situations.

It is not uncommon for Isa to signify a forced suspension of a process. At first glance, it may seem similar to an inverted Raido in this respect, but the meanings of these symbols are very different. While an inverted Raido signifies an “emergency stop,” unpleasant for those involved and possibly causing many problems, the stop given by Isa is for good.

In situations that involve the emotional sphere and are difficult to perceive, such as unrequited love or other life problems, Isa “freezes” the feelings of the victim, giving him time and strength to resolve the problems calmly and live painlessly.

In difficult and problematic situations, when a person is faced with a large number of problems at once, Isa indicates an opportunity to suspend negative processes, to slow down the course of unpleasant events, to give time for a gradual and unhurried resolution of important issues. However, in the same way, Isa can also “freeze” well-functioning matters. At first, this may seem a problem, but subsequent events show: this stop was needed for something man.

Rune Isa, like several others, belongs to the goddess Hel. Do not be afraid of the fact that Hel rules in the realm of the dead: it is fair and merciful, and without her runes can not solve many of the affairs of the living on earth. Part of the cold and the calm of the underworld is for the benefit of people when used correctly.

Interpretation of the rune Isa in divination


On love and relationships

Isa in relationships in general is considered one of the unfavorable symbols. When divining the feelings of a man, you can say that the hot, ardent love in his heart is not. Most likely, he treats the diviner evenly and aloof. When divining the future of a relationship, this is an extremely ambiguous answer. A forced stop almost always means a test of feelings.

It is not uncommon for it to fall out when a couple is faced with a forced separation. This can be the departure to another city or country of only one of the two lovers, conscription into the army and other situations where the lovers find themselves separated by circumstances.

Sometimes Isa speaks of the need to take a pause and carefully analyze the options for the future of a relationship. When divination after a serious quarrel or disappointment in a person, this symbol falls in the case when it is not necessary to sever all ties at the moment. The incident should be thought over and only then make a decision about the separation or continuation of the relationship.

When reading a prediction about the possibility of having children in a couple, Isa indicates that it is better to postpone the question for some time. There is a high probability that conceiving a child at this time is not the best choice, and at this time it is better to focus on indirect preparation for it – for example, strengthening one’s health and financial situation.

Isa may promise lovers a breakup and a relationship breakup, but it will not be final. Fate will bring the two people together when the moment is more appropriate.

For career and finances

In divination of finance and career, work and business issues description rune Isa can be very ambiguous. It all depends on the question posed.

Asking the question of what the prospects for career growth in the current place, and receiving the Isa as an answer, the diviner must accept a number of facts. First, a promotion is not expected in the near future.

Secondly, there is a high probability that even after a promotion, he will not benefit and enjoy it substantially. Isa gives time to consider how much the diviner values his current job, to draw conclusions and make appropriate decisions.

Asking about whether income will increase from entrepreneurial activities or non-permanent earnings, the diviner receives a warning. Most likely, he is doing something wrong in trying to improve his financial situation. Isa suggests thinking about what mistakes in strategy and tactics of work lead to the fact that income is not increasing, and correcting them.

In divination with the question of whether to open a business in the near future, whether it is necessary to change jobs right now, or other direct question about imminent change, this symbol says – rather no. Hasty and insufficiently considered decisions will have dire consequences in the future, so everything must be carefully planned and thought through once again.

On health

When divining on health, Isa can have both positive and negative meanings. Asking about severe chronic diseases, the diviner can count on a steady remission if other conditions important for its occurrence are observed. At the same time, Isa may indicate metabolic problems (the person’s energy is literally “frozen”, he or she consumes calories very slowly).

This symbol may also indicate anemia, vitamin deficiency and lack of good circulation in the body. Can indicate potentially late aging, long maintenance of youthfulness and long life, provided that the person takes care of his own safety and avoids getting into potentially dangerous situations.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

When falling out as the Runes of the Day, it suggests that the best companions for today will be patience and a calm mindset. The solution to the issues scheduled for the day may be postponed to a later date, and you should not resent this – it was the will of the Higher Forces to ensure that everything ended well in the end.

The whole world around you may seem to be too slow and the time may seem to drag on too long, but this is an occasion to dive into thinking, which you didn’t have time for before. Very favorable on this day is meditation, a walk alone with yourself, listening to calm music. It is not necessary to schedule an important meeting today, unless the relationship with a person does not need a temporary pause.

Rune Advice

The one who lasts longer than the opponent wins the battle. A slow, with the necessary pauses, pace of movement is more effective than a mindless race, stopping in the process would be an emergency and would drag on for a much longer period of time. The modern pace of life must be alternated with periods of rest and reflection.

Combining Isa with other runes

The combination of Isa runes with other runes of the Futhark gives the latter special meaning. The most important cases of combination should be considered in detail.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the incapacity.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – soon the fire will melt the ice, there will be better times.
  • In combination with the runami element of air – the excessive caution, stereotypical thinking.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – you are guided by more powerful partners.

Uruz + Isa = freezing of life energy, literally imprisonment of a living being with all his mental and physical strength in an icy cage. It is used for cooling of love feelings, freezing all that lovers feel towards each other.

Hagalaz+Isa = extremely destructive combination. Should be used only by experienced practitioners with all precautions. Destructive power Hagalaz multiplied by the icy energy of Isa, acquiring the ability to rudely harm what the combination of symbols aimed at.

Isa + Jera = makes any process truly continuous. In this combination, Isa is used as a freeze against change, while Jera gives a constant, repeating cycle in a circle.

Eihwaz + Isa = can be used to stop a process started by magic. Sometimes it is used in attempts to deprive the magician of the ability to do his job, to take away abilities.

Isa + Laguz = stops those processes, which in essence should be continuous. Can be used as a tool to create a failure in the established processes, but just as well can turn against the applying.

Isa + Kenaz = literally means extinguished fire. Most often seen in the context of the interruption of love relationships built on passion, feelings of the partners. It is wrong to consider if the relationship is based on material or other interests that are not related to romance.

Gebo + Isa = one of the most popular combinations in all sorts of discord, applied when necessary to separate the union of people. In this case, the union is not necessarily romantic in nature, but most often seen in the context of the family. Literally means the end of the relationship.

Algiz + Isa = destruction of the patronage of the Higher Forces. Removes protection from a person, object or process, making it vulnerable to all kinds of destructive actions.

Othala + Isa = suspension of all issues related to personal property, real estate and family matters.

Use of the rune Isa in magic


This symbol is widely used in all areas of runic magic because of its universal nature. Adding this rune in a stavka, the practitioner can pursue several goals:

  • Destruction of something;
  • Temporary suspension of the process;
  • “Freezing” the action of magic stav, so that the program inherent in it lasted forever, not stopping after a short time.

There is a popular practice of putting the runic stav in 2 or 4 runes Isa, so that he could not affect the outside of the return of magical actions. “Ice shield” protects the magical program from influences.

Isa is often used as an aid for pain. It does not heal itself, but it is believed that the visualization of the runes on the disturbing part of the body helps to alleviate the experienced sensations. Should be used with caution by women for this purpose, because when often used could adversely affect reproductive function.

Activation of the rune Isa

Relevant activation of any habitual way of practice, but the activation of the 4 elements with the ritual allows you to give the maximum energy symbol. Known is the practice of activating runic stavs, in which Isa plays an important role, by freezing the carrier – for example, a piece of paper – in water.

Meditation on the rune Isa

Meditation on the rune Isa is used in a wide range of situations. It is useful in the presence of any excessively strong emotions, when piling irritation, mental negativity and inability to move on because of all these factors. This meditation helps in dealing with mental pain, in experiencing moments of crisis in life.

Meditating on the rune Isa, it is appropriate to represent it in a silvery or pale blue shade. It is literally made up of ice, so it is important to fix in mind the feeling of coming from a symbol of cold.

Living the Isa rune

When living this symbol, it is important to remember that it does not carry a negative connotation – a similar reaction is very likely when encountering manifestations of the rune. In today’s world, any stop is perceived as an irritant, a hindrance, an obstacle to success. Therefore, if the symbol manifests when living in the form of any kind of delays and pauses, it is very important not to be nervous and not to treat it negatively. Later on, life will show that these events were necessary. The кune should be released with great gratitude after the end of the living.