Rune Thurisaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Thurisaz

Rune Thurisaz – rune of the element of fire. The 3rd rune of the Futhark, belongs to the First Aett.

Thurisaz means the god Thor, Thor’s hammer, giant, thorn, the gate. Rune is devoted to Thor – the god of warriors.

The meaning of the rune – a source of strength.


Rune reveals such qualities of personality, such as determination, the power of intent. If the first two runes of Futhark bear in themselves the strength of spirit and vitality, the rune Thurisaz concluded determination to direct this spirit in the right direction.

Thurisaz teaches how to direct the power where it is important to get results. Along with this rune helps to realize your own goals, as well as fears and limiting beliefs, to realize how much effort one puts into its activities.

Thurisaz symbolizes order, directs the structure of thoughts and desires into action and removes obstacles.

Symbolizing the mighty weapon – Hammer of Thor, which always returns to the hands of one who threw it, the rune shows not only the powerful force of action, but also warns of its consequences. Thurisaz brings change, destroys the old reality and creates a new one. Through constant change, destruction and creation, the world creates itself anew each time.

Modern interpreters give the following value of rune Thurisaz – the boundary between the two worlds – the ordinary world and the world of knowledge inaccessible to mere mortals. This rune is a very strong sign, which is better not to play, if this is not enough power, experience and energy. The meaning of Thurisaz also suggests that it can give a lot of opportunities, but only to those who are worthy of it and ready to show their strength of spirit.

Rune outlines certain events occurring in the life of man, in relation to which he must give his all, put them in the soul. It also symbolizes the length of time that may be necessary in order to find all the answers and analyze the past actions. It also means that it is time to stop living as before and need to change your life and attract new people and events into it.

Thurisaz helps to fill with energy for significant changes in life, to make the right conscious choice in this or that situation, to gain spiritual experience and reach a completely different, qualitatively new level of existence.

Rune Thurisaz in the direct position

  • The arrival of this rune in a direct position means the situation in which a person is at a turning point. Continue to delay can not and will have to choose – to give up the old but familiar and go in search of a better life, to go looking for yourselves, or leave everything as is, but agree to the absence of any changes, to continue to live in a quagmire.
  • It also means that the person will be given a chance, perhaps the only chance in his life, which must be used to change life for the better.
  • A very important decision might have to be made, but it would have to be done with a cool head, carefully considering everything.
  • Rune in a direct position also means hidden forces in man, which can both lift him to the very top, and hurt.

Rune Thurisaz in the inverted position

  • Thurisaz inverted can mean the arrival of fatigue and moping, when one will want to just lie down and look at the ceiling.
  • Possible forced travel in not very good company.
  • The arrival of the inverted rune could mean payback for past mistakes. Decisions of the past may bear negative results.
  • There may be danger, which would cause anxiety and gloomy thoughts.

Interpretation of the rune Thurisaz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Since this rune foreshadows a turning point, the value of Thurisaz in a relationship can say that soon a person will meet his or her soul mate. Sometimes this symbol portends a very unexpected, incredible meeting, as in a fairy tale.

Perhaps the person needs to think about their behavior properly, the symbol of Thurisaz in love advises to delve into themselves to find the true solution to the problem.

Inverted Position

The inverted symbol suggests thinking several times before carrying out a serious action. It may be worth “hanging” the situation and not to cut it short.

Also, the inverted value suggests that the person is somewhat weak-willed, and no matter how much he hopes that the problem will resolve itself, he will still have to do something.

On career and finances

Direct Position

Direct position promises great changes in the future, a very strong change in important things, but the outcome of events will depend entirely on the correct behavior of the one asking.

Thurisaz can mean good luck from an unexpected source for you.

Also, the rune means patronage, protection, and these benefits should be carefully guarded and not risk them unnecessarily.

Thurisaz can mean a serious opponent who is trying to put sticks in the wheels.

Inverted position

This position of the symbol means that it is time to stop hovering in the clouds and finally come down to earth. It is necessary to closely monitor what is happening, because the universe is asking the questioner warning signs, and constantly, and he needs to think about their actions and their consequences.

On the health

Direct Position

In matters of health, this rune always means making an important decision. For example, to agree to the proposed treatment or to try other methods. Or have to decide whether to go to surgery, or not yet. As always with this rune, making a decision must be carefully considered and weighed.

Inverted Position

Reverse value warns that in matters of health should avoid haste and rash decisions. Do not rely on fancy words and promises, and allow yourself to be carried away by a pretty picture or a great discount.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

As a rune of the day, this symbol means that the questioner will be accompanied by good luck. However, it is worth remembering that a happy coincidence must be able to take advantage, and this requires faith in the best, strength of mind and courage. If you just go with the flow, you will not achieve anything, or will be satisfied with little. But, along with this, you need to act albeit decisively, but wisely.

Rune advice

As the rune symbolizes the arrival of a new life with the complete rejection of the old, its main advice – do not hurry. Reflect on your goals – are they important to you? In no case should not act on emotion, to burn bridges and take any small chaotic steps. All decisions must be carefully analyzed, all consequences, from good to possibly bad, must be foreseen and accepted with understanding and humility. One can only rely on oneself and one’s own strength and courage.

Do not rely on outside help, support from others, you must rely only on yourself. This rune favors a strong mind and soul people, so the action with cunning and deception, wanting to get something another’s hands, not very welcome, and will have unpleasant consequences.

The made choice can not be reversed, the decision taken will entail certain circumstances, which you will have to put up with and live with in the future.

Also remember that by freeing yourself from the past, you restore your energy and get rid of everything that prevents you from moving and developing.

Combination of Thurisaz with other runes

In order to more accurately grasp the meaning and get a more detailed answer to the question, you can look at the combination of Thurisaz with other symbols.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – reflection, experience, sympathy.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – receiving important and valuable information.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – renewal, purification, emotional experience.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – the stability of affairs.

Positive combinations:

Gebo+Thurisaz = change of the current situation for the better due to correct actions on the part of the questioner.

Algiz+Thurisaz = unexpected joy, almost a gift of fate.

Eihwaz+Thurisaz = success in spiritual practices, particularly in meditations and receiving secret knowledge.

Thurisaz+Uruz = this combination speaks of the beginning of a bright streak in life, the end of problems and troubles.

Negative combinations:

Thurisaz+Nauthiz = loss and disappointment as well as forgery.

Thurisaz+Isa = loss and illness.

Thurisaz+Jera = possible problems of a long term nature.

Use of the rune Thurisaz in magic

Thurisaz is one of the most powerful runes. It can carry both incredible protection and destruction.


This symbol, used in magical rituals, allows one to achieve various goals.

  • Thurisaz helps a person to start everything from scratch. When the phase is over, the countdown is turned on and the water is turned off so that the child does not have to worry about the physical body, the brain, the brain or the head.
  • Help establish protection from evil people who want to harm and actively act in this direction.
  • The rune will help bypass competitors.
  • For those who want to find the inner core, this symbol will help start to act in the direction of strengthening the spirit and will, as well as acquiring determination.
  • In love, the rune will help to attract the desired specific person in your life and get his reciprocity.
  • Those seeking enlightenment, who want to interact with the spiritual world, the rune will help to establish this relationship.
  • It will also help to move to a new level and create the prerequisites for something new in life.
  • In rituals designed to attract love, this rune is used to protect people from evil forces, to protect them, as well as give them the mood for the right action.
  • This rune encourages people to look at the world with open eyes and do not think of unnecessary, on the contrary, to act on the situation.
  • In the military, the rune is applied to the uniform and weapons of soldiers to protect them from enemies and bring good luck.

Women should not use the runes, because it is too strong and due to its energy can have a negative impact on women’s health.

Also, this rune can be very strong adverse effect on humans. With its help, you can bring people to moping, constant discouragement, and even depression. It can cause a decline of strength, chronic fatigue and unwillingness to change anything in their lives. This symbol causes male and female sexual problems: impotency in men and frigidity in women.

This symbol is also very strong, but should be treated with care and attention to the slightest fluctuations in its energy and disposition. This is why it is better to entrust the work with it to experienced masters of their craft, and for beginners to approach the work very responsibly, realizing all the destructive power of the symbol. It is important to be filled with energy and courage, otherwise you just be swept away by the flow of this rune.

Activation of the runes Thurisaz

To activate the rune, you need to let it inside you, feel its power and meaning. This may take a long time, but do not hurry, you need to let her be with you as long as necessary. To activate the runes need to meditate on it, imagine it in your mind, learn its meanings, read it.

Then you need to call the power of the runes. To do this, find a secluded place outside, away from people, or even at home, but the distractions nearby should not be, the phone should be turned off, as well as other electrical appliances. If it is a room, the door to it must be closed.

Then you need to take the runes in their hands, and naming it, to call for her strength. Need to feel this point, imagine how the power of runes enters you and opens up in you new opportunities.

Then, feeling all the power of the runes, you need to raise it in front of you. Then you need to thank this rune and its power.

Runes should be stored in a pouch away from other people.

Meditation on the rune Thurisaz

In order to begin to meditate on this symbol, it is necessary to look at him carefully, let it into your consciousness.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why, in fact, are the same events constantly repeating in your life, the same people coming into it seemingly different, but so identical, and you do the same things over and over again?
  • Do you really intend to break with the past once and for all and are you determined to accept new events and new people into your life?
  • Will you miss the current events in your life that you now want to give up forever?
  • Did you consider everything before starting a new phase of your life?
  • Were there any little things left unnoticed that could significantly affect events in the future?

Living the Thurisaz Rune

Living this rune is necessary when a person is in a “disassembled” state, does not know where to go and is looking for clues. With this rune, certain events come into a person’s life that need to be noticed and analyzed. This life experience will lead to the fact that the solution to the worrying issue will come more quickly.

Also, the living of this rune can help determine which area of life a person is stalling and preventing the normal flow of life. Rune will give a sign and tell in what direction to move.

Carry the symbol of the rune with you and note how your life is changing.