Rune Laguz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The Laguz rune meaning

Laguz – the rune element of water. 21st rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Laguz rune – the water, flow, intuition, fluidity, warning.


This symbol really belongs to the water element and carries its energy. In addition, the meaning of rune Laguz associated with the feminine. But, unlike Berkano, Laguz refers to a woman not so much in the context of maternity, as in the sense of the propensity for magic, flexibility of thought, a special type of nature and the ability to change depending on circumstances.

Often, the rune Laguz symbolizes the young unmarried girl. In addition, this symbol can adjust the values of the standing next runes.

Rune Laguz symbolizes achievement, helps to feel the flow and fall into it, allowing the flow to carry itself to the goal. The symbol includes intuitive knowledge, sharpening sensitivity and teaches how to properly track the flow of forces.

Rune Laguz in the direct position

The description of rune Laguz in the direct position is related to its several meanings. First of all, it is the flow of life, constantly changing circumstances. It is literally a river of time, a stream. There is another meaning associated with the symbolism of the flow. After all, streams can also be energetic. Speaking of a financial or love channel in a person’s spiritual body through which they receive benefits (including through runic magic), Laguz denotes these channels and streams of energy moving through them.

In addition, Laguz in the direct position are certain qualities described in the context of runic practice as feminine. These include a penchant for magic, the ability to intuitively sense a change of circumstances and adapt to them, the ability to achieve their goals softly – as water erodes soil, and a woman can gradually and seamlessly overcome great difficulties.

In addition, this symbol means developed intuition, the ability to anticipate future events, propensity to engage in fortune telling, fortune telling, seeing and interpreting prophetic dreams.

Laguz in the direct position encourages listening to your intuition, to immerse themselves in their inner world, trust the flow, to show flexibility and relaxation.

The direct position of the rune indicates the ability to cope with adversity, as well as success in learning and creativity.

Rune Laguz in the inverted position

Laguz reversed can be interpreted in several ways. First, it is a suspension of events, processes, and flows. In this sense, it is somewhat similar to the inverted Raido, but to diagnose the situation of suspension is more difficult. Quite often it is associated with a deliberate magical blocking of certain opportunities for a person.

In the inverted position, this symbol can mean a ban on practicing magic and divination, usually imposed artificially in order to prevent. In addition, it can reflect the events after the misuse of magic or misinterpretation of any predictions.

Often speaks of the closed ways and possibilities, lack of chances to do anything about it at the present moment.

Interpretation of Laguz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Laguz in a relationship is an ambiguous symbol. When divining the future of a relationship, this symbol indicates that it is too early to give an answer. At the moment, some important processes are taking place, the outcome of which will decide the future of the couple. Influence them with great caution, because the outcome may be unpredictable. Time is needed in order to understand the situation better. Possible second fortune-telling in a few days.

Means a young girl or woman, so falling out surrounded by negative symbols, for example, inverted Hagalaz, can indicate that the relationship is at risk due to the influence of such a person.

Answers to questions about this relationship may come in dreams or during meditation, so it is recommended to practice it at this time.

Inverted position

Laguz reversed in a relationship is a negative, but not entirely unambiguous symbol. First of all, it indicates that the relationship is on pause. It often falls in the case where one of the partners has taken time to rest and reflect on his attitude toward the other. It can also symbolize the temporary cooling of feelings in the couple.

Often indicates artificial interference in the relationship from outside. Understand the situation better help fall side runes or other predictive techniques.

Can indicate a deadlocked relationship when the feelings of both partners have, but something prevents them from staying together further. If you are in the phase, you will be able to make a decision about what to do and how to do it, but you will not be able to do it.

On career and finances

Direct position

The interpretation of Laguz in a financial and career chart varies depending on the question posed. In a general sense, this is a positive rune. It means progress in the cases, solving long overdue questions. In combination with the positive runes can talk about upward promotion, the appointment to the desired position.

Symbolizes professions associated with the frequent short trips. Can also point to typically female occupations.

In a positive environment, such as next to a straight Fehu, may indicate an increase in income.

Answers positively to the question of whether to change the field of work. Also indicates the need for professional growth and development, further training.

Inverted position

The inverted position describes a situation of career or financial deadlock. Most likely, the diviner is already aware of his situation, but is not yet ready to take action to correct it. Laguz reversed calls for a change, and action is immediate, but not too hasty. The most important thing now – to understand in what direction to move, and begin to apply effort, but not too hasty with their implementation, and act gradually and in stages.

This indicates a stalemate in terms of career development. Most likely, the current work does not allow the diviner to fully realize himself and develop beyond the position he is in now. In this sense, the inverted Laguz should be an incentive to change jobs. In addition, an improvement in the financial situation will also be unattainable until the diviner actively begins to change the circumstances in which he or she finds himself or herself.

On the health

Direct position

Does not have a specific interpretation in health divinations, like any straight rune, indicates the absence of significant problems. Also indicates youth and good physical fitness. Cheerfulness of body and spirit.

Inverted position

Indicates a pause or slowing of any important processes, for example, metabolism. Could indicate a lack of movement, leading to health problems. The slowing of vital processes in connection with the aging of the body or a serious illness.

”The Rune of the Day” divination

As a Rune of the Day it warns of important events that will occur in the near future. Calls to actively participate in them, not to refuse new opportunities, to move forward in their affairs. In the inverted form warns of a possible unplanned suspension, which should be perceived calmly. It is worth to listen to the signs that give the higher forces, divination in the morning will be useful. It is also worth paying attention to the dreams that were dreamed the previous night and will be seen the next. Their interpretation can help in solving many troubling issues.

Rune Advice

Never stop in their pursuit of the future. Everyone can live up to the changing circumstances and keep up with the flow of life, if it will make the effort. Development, striving to stay in line, not to remain on the sidelines of events will help to get what you want and not to be deprived of benefits. Passivity is very likely to lead to defeat. It is worth taking from life everything that is possible and available.

Many problems can be solved if you think them over and act slowly, but do not stop and have a clear plan. Helpers will be patience and intuition.

Combining Laguz with other runes

Combining Laguz with other symbols of the Futhark often corrects the value of the latter, or gives them a certain direction.

  • In combination with the runes element of water – the flood, which can both wash away all the negative and destroy all in its path.
  • In combination with the runes element of fire – either a success or failure.
  • In combination with the runes element of air – volatility, insight and protection.
  • In combination with the runes element of earth – fertility, harvest.

Gebo + Laguz – a symbol of feelings that are just forming. Can also denote the attraction of one partner to another, the desire and desire to be together. Often used in runic invocations and lovemaking.

Laguz+Berkano – feminine energy and attraction. Beauty. Ability to use given by nature opportunities.

Ansuz+Laguz – flow of speech, eloquence in a necessary situation. The ability to use words to dispose of their environment. Writer’s talent.

Sowilo+Laguz – a combination of fire and water, not weakening, but mutually complementary these different energy flows.

Dagaz+Laguz – rapid change. Abrupt change of the situation, often – occurring by the will of the magician and with the help of runic magic. A global change of life circumstances, views, orientations.

Fehu+Laguz – a financial channel and financial flows. The combination is often used in works designed to increase income and wealth. In addition, the financial capacity of the person as such. Together with negative runes can mean problems in this regard.

Laguz+Algiz – help from above, the blessing of the Higher forces. Can mean a good period in order to start a new business or to make a decisive breakthrough in the already started.

Kenaz+Laguz – a bright passion, streams of feelings coming from the heart. Often used in spells. Love as a process. Strengthening and development of feelings, a stronger attraction of partners to each other.

Pertho+Laguz – magical power. Predisposition to practice magic and/or a great experience in it. Energy flows that the practitioner directs to influence the world, people, and events around them. Intuition, good timing for predictions, increased likelihood of lucid dreams.

Laguz+Tiwaz – not often used combination. Can be used to deliver a precisely directed “blow” to any problem for a quick breakthrough in its solution. A stream of power that hits exactly on target.

Laguz+Wunjo – positive vibrations, streams of joy. Changes for the better in life. A chain of events that will take life to a new level. Exit from a difficult situation.

Use of Laguz rune in magic


This symbol is actively used by practitioners in order to designate a process, a chain of events, the flow of energy. Often used in works whose purpose is to change circumstances. Laguz is a process, so the result of the changes should be expressed additionally with the help of the runes surrounding it.

Can accelerate the beginning of long-awaited events. Used to enhance magical abilities, the development of clairvoyance, improve the results and accuracy of divination and prediction. Used as part of amulets and as an independent amulet.

Activation of the Laguz rune

This symbol is activated in the usual way for the practice. Does not require a lot of energy to activate, but such may be associated runes. Universalna activation with the help of 4 elements. Also appropriate activation with the help of the water element. In the application Laguz not in any stav, but as a stand-alone symbol, can be applied to the skin and activated by the energy practice itself.

Meditation on Laguz Rune

Meditation on this symbol is widely used to develop clairvoyance, magical abilities. Rune Laguz has a blue color and is associated with such a plant as jasmine, so when meditating it is appropriate to recreate in the consciousness of its fragrance.

Due to the elements of this rune, meditation can take place under the sounds of a moving stream of water. This meditation also allows you to meet with your subconscious, to better understand their needs, desires, true intentions and tendencies.

Living the Laguz Rune

To reside the rune, it is necessary to apply it to the wrist of the left hand. Living this symbol can be associated with an energetic, active day, lots of new events and experiences. Therefore, despite the fact that this symbol does not expend much energy on its own, it is worth to prepare and stay in a good physical and moral state. After a stay, the symbol is traditionally washed away with an expression of gratitude.