Rune Mannaz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Mannaz

Mannaz – rune element of fire. 20th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Mannaz rune – a man as a person.


The meaning of Mannaz is often associated with the image of a person. This is a possible, but far from a complete interpretation. First of all, Mannaz is associated with the concept of a human personality, which is formed in society and cannot exist without it. Therefore, the fuller meaning of the Mannaz rune is humanity, society. Also, this symbol is associated with some human qualities.
The rune helps to establish effective communication with others, to realize their social roles, and teaches how to act wisely.
To interpret the rune in more detail, we should consider the direct and inverted meanings.

Rune Mannaz in the direct position

In the direct position, Mannaz has several basic meanings. The most common of them is a person and his personality. That is why in runic staves Mannaz is often used as a symbol of the mage-operator or the person who is to be affected.

Mannaz has a universal nature, in this sense it is different from Berkano and Tiwaz, having a coloring tied to the sex of the person. Since the personality and intellect is a person regardless of gender, and magical effects are quite often applied to the mind, Mannaz is often used for magical purposes.

Also Mannaz denotes a certain society, a collective of people. In the direct position, the rune indicates that the team is coherent and functions properly. The actions of its members agreed and benefit the common cause.

The interpretation of Mannaz is often associated with the intellect. Indeed, this symbol is associated with the mental capacity of the individual. In a direct sense, this rune denotes a clear mind, the ability to be guided by logic and intelligence to achieve their goals.

Straight rune Mannaz says to do your own thing, to be honest with yourself and others. Act in harmony with the flow. The rune may give clues in the form of dreams.

Rune Mannaz in the inveted position

Mannaz inverted, like the straight one, can be interpreted in several ways. First and foremost, it is an obstacle to affairs and lack of help.

An inverted Mannaz as a symbol of an inner state signifies a deep spiritual crisis, a lack of understanding of where one’s own life is going and what to do with it. It can also signify a state immediately following a morally difficult incident for the person. Confusion, a mixture of negative emotions such as anger, resentment, pain, fear, rage.

Inverted Mannaz as a symbol of external circumstances indicates a difficult period in life. It could be a financial crisis in the life of a single person, health problems, difficulties in relations with others.

From the last meaning, another can be deduced. This symbol in its inverted meaning can be interpreted as a community of people experiencing a crisis. This can be a work team, a creative association, or a group of friends in whose relationships there is a period of discord.

Interpretation of the Rune Mannaz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct Position

Mannaz in a relationship in the direct position is quite often interpreted as one of the partners. Depending on the question asked in divination, it can be interpreted differently. By asking the rune the question “what future awaits this relationship?” and receiving this symbol, the diviner can be assured that the couple has good prospects. This rune means a strong, reliable union.

When answering the question “how does my partner feel about me?” Mannaz in the fdirect position indicates a respectful, considerate attitude toward the individual. This symbol speaks of a relationship based on mutual respect. Also, Mannaz in love is a union of two people who are close in spirit with common views and interests.

Inverted position

Mannaz inverted in a relationship scenario is an extremely negative symbol. It speaks of the unstable state of mind of the partners, of the fact that the relationship is experiencing a crisis and destruction.

When answering the question “What is the future of the relationship?”, Mannaz warns of a likely breakup if the partners’ behavior and attitudes toward each other remain unchanged or continue to deteriorate. The couple is heading toward an inevitable crisis, and the partners themselves are to blame.

In response to a question about the attitude of one partner to the other, the inverted rune indicates a lack of respect. It is likely that the questioner is perceived as a function, not giving him the right to be a person with his own thoughts, desires and goals. Excessive control of one partner over the other, an unequal relationship is likely.

On career and finances

Direct Position

The description of Mannaz in career, business, and finance rainbows is quite multifaceted.

First, it is an unambiguous symbol of all human-related activities. From teaching to trade – this symbol indicates a definite propensity to the questioner to such occupations, talents and the ability to derive income from it. Therefore, when answering the question about choosing or changing a profession, this symbol points to this kind of activity.

Second, it is a symbol of the man as a successful worker. His intelligence and ability to communicate allows him to realize in his favorite business and earn income. Mannaz is often used in runic stanzas aimed at increasing profits from work, and in divination, especially surrounded by Fehu and Uruz, it can mean the same thing.

Inverted position

The description of the rune Mannaz in the inverted position, falling out in the career divination, indicates the low success rate of the person about whom the question is asked. Most likely, this person has chosen the wrong profession or is simply out of place. It is also a symbol of a drastically reduced income or an unprofitable profession.

The rune speaks of the need to turn to finding a new job, probably with the help of training and developing new skills.

On health

Direct Position

Mannaz in the direct position in the health chart speaks of a harmonious state of the body. It is good health of the body, combined with vigor of the spirit and clarity of mind. Most often, this symbol falls in the layouts for young people without any problems.

Inverted Position

In the inverted position, this sign indicates problems related to disharmony. It can be sleep disorders, nutrition, balance of substances in the body, or excessive stress with insufficient rest. Either way, the inverted Mannaz warns of the danger that awaits a person if he does not deal with his state of health.

The “Rune of the Day” divination

As the Rune of the Day, Mannaz warns of paying special attention to one’s state of mind that day. It is worth paying attention to the slightest changes in mood, intuition cues and emerging desires. This day can be used to solve many problematic issues, just listening to yourself. In addition, the attention should be paid to the surrounding people, especially those who are with you in the same team.

Rune Advice

Remember that you can handle any difficult situation. Your own character and intellect – the main and best support people on the road to overcoming obstacles. In addition, the help of the team will be useful.

Never forget the logical thinking. Do not give in to the rush of emotions. Try to understand the situation in order and think about it with a cool head – the solution will be found much faster.

Combining Mannaz with other runes

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – receiving wise advice.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – clarity of mind.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – the awareness of his path, the destination.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – rationalism and practicality.

The combination of Mannaz with other runes of the Futhark often gives the latest coloring associated with human qualities, personality traits and the circumstances in which people find themselves.

Mannaz + Gebo = symbol of a couple, relationships as such. Often used in lovemaking works, where Mannaz reflects a person or couple, and Gebo – the romantic relationship arising between them. Also speaks of a person’s ability to love.

Tiwaz + Mannaz = symbol of a man. Mannaz here displays the man himself as a single man, Tiwaz emphasizes his traditional qualities, such as strength of mind and body, the desire to win. Also can be used regardless of gender for situations where you need a quick, decisive breakthrough towards the solution of the case.

Wunjo + Mannaz = the joy experienced by the person. A well-deserved reward for the work invested. A state of jubilation in the soul. The successful exit from a difficult situation. Happiness as a constant state.

Dagaz + Mannaz = changes occurring to the person. A change in values and orientations. Rapid exit from a difficult situation due to a radical change of circumstances to the opposite.

Mannaz+Ansuz = relationship between the person and Higher forces. Help and support from the Gods. Magical and priestly practices. Receiving an answer from the Higher Powers, can be used to successfully divine an important question.

Sowilo + Mannaz = personal energy and charisma. The ability of each person to broadcast their energy, ideas and impulses to the world.

Jera+Mannaz = can reflect both the cyclicality experienced in the process of life, and the fruits of cycles already lived. A mature personality that nevertheless continues to evolve.

Mannaz+Raido = used in works aimed at “challenging” the person, attracting their attention. Also symbolizes the path, both physical, passed in the literal sense, and spiritual.

Mannaz+Fehu = a person’s personal income, finances, chattels, profits. Used for influx of money, expansion of financial channel.

Mannaz+Inguz = material well-being, comfort and prosperity. The house is a full bowl.

Mannaz+Nauthiz = explicit compulsion of the individual to do something. Can be used both to establish and to oppose coercion.

Use of the rune Mannaz in magic


Rune Mannaz is one of the most used in magic, because its use is almost inevitable in complex works, which should indicate the object of influence – people. As a rule, it is placed in the center runes stavku. If the impact should be made to the practice, he denotes himself, around Mannaz spit or blood. In other cases, the image of the runes mentally invested in the image of a person who will have an impact.

The runes affecting the chosen person may be embedded in the Mannaz itself, while the secondary runes describing the situation of influence may be on the sides of it, on the side, above, or below.

Rune should be drawn indefinitely, from bottom to top. Both parts of the runes should be symmetrical about each other.

Activation of the rune Mannaz

This symbol is activated depending on the purpose of the application. As noted, in magical works, it is often activated by the saliva or blood of the practitioner. This is only permissible in positive works.

Spoils and other effects on other people require activation of the rune through the elements, the most appropriate would be the activation of fire or 4 elements with the appropriate ritual. Activation requires quite a lot of energy and experience in the use of runic magic.

Meditation on the rune Mannaz

Meditation on this symbol is used to clarify the mind, a better use of personal qualities and abilities. This runic symbol has a bright red color. Meditation on it requires some preparation, because it may be difficult due to the multiple meanings and great strength of this symbol.

If its practitioner is experienced in clearing his mind and concentrating on the symbol, there should be no problems. After meditation, there may be an influx of new ideas and thoughts regarding standard situations. A dream in which questions of interest will be answered is possible.

Living the Mannaz Rune

Living this rune is an important experience. In the process, many practitioners gain an unexpected awareness of certain events and phenomena in their own lives. Manifested in the living in the inverted value, it can turn into chaos in thoughts and events.

Being applied to the body, Mannaz spends a lot of energy, so it is worth preparing for living in advance, excluding the waste of energy due to lack of sleep or too much to do. After living, the symbol is washed off with an expression of gratitude.