Rune Jera – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Jera

Jera – rune element of time. 12th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of the rune Jera – harvest, fertility, season, year.


Jera symbolizes the year cycle, as the most important cycle in human life – from one harvest to another. In a broader sense, it symbolizes any continuous, repeating events in a circle.

Rune Jera has a dual treatment and can be seen as both the rune of the process and the rune of the result. It shows the effectiveness of the efforts made, teaches you to see the result of action (or inaction). Rune teaches awareness of cause and effect relationship, an important effect of runes – it shows the result of adequate effort invested.

Another feature of the runes: Jera shows the presence of recurring events. Often, life events are repeated when a person has not learned the lessons.

Like a number of other Futhark runes, Jera has only one position – direct. This can be explained by the fact that the cycle – a universal concept, the opposite of which simply does not exist. The inevitable cycle of events subject to all things, even the gods of the Scandinavian pantheon are doomed to death at the time of Ragnarek – the end of the world, and then a new rebirth. Therefore, Jera is only straight, and a specific, exact meaning of Jera is determined by the situation and the standing next to the runes.

Rune Jera in the direct position

So, the main meaning of Jera is the harvest during the completion of one of the cycles. It also has several similar interpretations. For the modern man who is not engaged in agriculture, Jera means the end of any important stage in life, receiving the results of activity.

Also, it symbolizes the reward received by a person for completing the tasks that confronted him. In this sense, it is partly similar to the rune Wunjo. However, if the Wunjo affects, for the most part, the emotional plane, representing the pure joy of finishing things, the reward of emotions and satisfaction, then Jera – a more practical and material “gift” for the work invested. Often symbolizes receiving a material increase as a result of the effort put in to do so.

Never means a gift received undeservedly. Jera is the rune of result, the completion of a long and systematic efforts. In some cases, it symbolizes the cycle as such, but much depends on the context.

Interpretation of the Jera rune in divination


On love and relationships

Jera in a relationship can have several basic interpretations. In divination, during which a question is asked about the feelings of the second person, this symbol falls out when the feelings are long-standing and strong. Most likely, the person the diviner is asking about has not been aware of his feelings for a long time, they “matured” in his heart, being inaccessible to awareness. However, the time has come: now it is possible to assert that love between people really exists.

To the question of what binds a couple of people, Jera answers as follows: their union is based on mutual attraction and common affairs. It often indicates that people are planning to have children in the near future.

Jera in love is a positive symbol for anyone who sees a relationship as a long and serious process in which resources must be invested, but it will pay off many times over in the future.

When asking about the future of a relationship, it is very good to see Jera falling out. It promises the fruits of the efforts that people have made to be together. If at the moment the couple cannot be together or get married for a number of reasons, such problems will be resolved in the near future. Also, the rune suggests that any joint projects and endeavors, a common business or work together will be successful.

This symbol can manifest itself in the following meaning. It is often the case that a person is alone for a long time, despite the fact that he is making many efforts to enhance their own value in the eyes of potential partners, as well as actively seeking a relationship. In this case, Jera suggests that his loneliness will soon come to an end. A new promising acquaintance may take place quite soon.

In the case of problems in a relationship, this symbol indicates that making the decision to break up would be a wrong, overly hasty decision. The sharp points will not be resolved by themselves, but the couple has a good chance of staying together if they work to resolve the contradictions in the relationship. Indicates the need for compromise, discussion of common problems, and a deeper knowledge of each other. Says that the couple is destined to be together, so all conflicts must be resolved without resulting in a final breakup.

On career and finances

One of the most auspicious and positive runes that can be found when divining on financial and career matters.

Very unambiguously speaks of the prospects of career growth and improved financial situation. Often interpreted as a symbol of an imminent promotion as a reward for the efforts made, improvement of one’s own skills and diligence in completing tasks. Positive answers the question of whether to change jobs, if a new place will be associated with the execution of more complex, but better paid tasks. The person is “ripe” to discover new horizons, to grow in his/her profession.

Gives a positive answer to the question of whether to expect an increase in income from entrepreneurial activity. In some cases, it directly indicates that the waiting time has passed: if the person was preparing to open his own business, then now is the best time to translate projects and ideas into reality.

In difficult, conflict situations in relations with colleagues indicates that it is not necessary to take everything to heart. Right and wrong will soon be discovered, so if the diviner considers himself a victim of the conflict, rather than the original aggressor, the entire situation will be resolved favorably for him, and the perpetrators will be punished. Do not be in a hurry to change jobs in this situation: things will soon get better.

On health

A joyful sign in health divinations. Says that all efforts made to recover will definitely give results. Promises a cure for acute illnesses and stable remission during chronic ones.

Can indicate a favorable period for planning a pregnancy. Not negative, but may indirectly indicate the need for a healthier lifestyle to improve health and appearance. Indicates a potentially long life. Sometimes an indicator of having many children.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

As rune of the day falls infrequently, but very pleased with his appearance diviner. Predicts a pleasant result from the processes running a relatively long time. Can talk about an unexpected return of a debt fortune teller of unplanned profitable acquisitions. It’s a good day for shopping. Also, a favorable day to sum up the results of the week, month or other significant time period.

Rune Advice

Happiness, wealth and success from birth are only given to a select few. However, everyone has the power to achieve the desired results on their own. As agricultural work brings the necessary harvest for survival, and any other effort in the right direction will bear fruit. He who does not get discouraged and works systematically, daily on it, will gain more than any favorite of Fortune, all benefits to whom are given for nothing.

Combining Jera with other runes

The combination of Jera with other runes is almost always favorable, the positive meaning of this symbol softens and makes more positive signs standing next to it. However, this is not true for all runes.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – you need to stock up on energy, to seek hidden reserves.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – a pleasant meeting, events, travel.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – your services will be recognized.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of the earth – longevity, addition to the family.

Jera + Hagalaz = powerful destructive alliance. The first symbol amplifies and cycles the destructive energy of the second. Makes destruction of anything more effective and permanent, which can be used for destructive purposes.

Jera + Fehu = strong money amulet. Helps in obtaining material results of work, increasing one’s own wealth, also gives the opportunity to make non-permanent, one-time part-time jobs a regular source of income.

Jera + Kenaz = increases passion in the relationship, literally symbolizes a long, but no less passionate from the past time love. Helps in protecting the relationship from cooling, indifference to each other. It can be used as a charm necklace, but any such influence should be carried out with caution.

Jera + Sowilo  = used in the search for a job or relationship without a specific desired result, just makes the most favorable options “visible” to the seeker, opens up new ways, horizons, collides with the people intended for him.

Dagaz + Jera = unambiguous combination. Can be used to resolve situations that are stuck in a deadlock, when there is little left to get the reward, but to the end still can not come. However, the radically different nature of these two symbols makes their simultaneous use very energy-consuming and challenging.

Jera + Uruz = constant renewal of mental and physical strength. It is a symbol of the physical and moral traumas that have been suffered. It gives courage, determination, desire to go forward, improves mood. When divination can mean a person with great strength, able to get out of any difficult situations.

Jera + Berkano = used for early conception, as well as a significant enhancement of the female qualities.

Use of the Jera rune in magic


The rune finds wide application in magic as a strong and positive symbol.

One of the most frequent aspects of its use is creation of a continuously renewed and moving system.

If you want to make some magical work permanent, not ending its effect after a short period of time, Jera is applied at the edges of the runic stave itself.

It is used when it is necessary to “gather the harvest” from one’s activity.

It is very often used in work with a love spell.

It is not particularly energy-consuming, but should be used with caution because long magical processes are somehow hard for the magician.

Often used in energetic formulas designed to give more power and restore the energy of the practitioner more quickly. It is safe to apply on the body, but it is more advisable to use wooden and stone amulets as more durable carriers.

Activation of  Jera rune

Activated the usual way, the most effective activation with the help of 4 elements, as Jera affects all the elements at once. Rune is able to influence the processes under the control of each element, so the activation of the 4 elements seems the most appropriate and effective in respect of the sign. As a rule, the activation does not take away from the practice of a large amount of force.

Meditation on the Jera rune

Meditation on the rune Jera helps to get out of a difficult mental state, significantly improve the mood and realize that no matter how hard and unpleasant work, he certainly will be rewarded. When meditating is to present the runu in a light green, gold or golden brown. It has a weak but constant glow. After meditation, there is a calm, peaceful mood and a replenishment of energy.

Living the Jera Rune

Living through the rune Jera, you should not dwell on its symbolism. It may manifest as a series of events, not related to obtaining any profits directly, but they will lead to this in the future. As a rule, it does not require too much energy to live and does not take her, but it is important to remember that living any runes can be associated with a sense of fatigue at the end of the allotted period.

It is best to apply it to an inconspicuous area of the body, so as not to dwell on the thoughts of this symbol. After dwelling, it is necessary to wash off the rune with special gratitude, because it leads to extremely favorable events and gives a well-deserved reward.