Rune Othala – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of Rune Othala

Othala – rune element of the earth. 24th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Othala – separation, digression, fork, choice, heritage, termination.


Rune Othala associated with what must be abandoned. Freed from what has outlived itself, casting off the old skin, you can rebirth and start a new phase. Othala is a symbol of departure from the negative to the positive life changes.

Important value of rune Othala – heritage, the experience of ancestors, traditions and rodovoy protection.

Rune Othala in the direct position

What does the Rune Othala mean when it falls in a direct position:

  • A big purchase is possible in the near future: apartment, house, land, expensive car.
  • Perfectionism in its positive quality.
  • Support and help from loved ones.
  • Perhaps the person will soon receive a large inheritance, thanks to which the financial situation will significantly improve.
  • The need to show willpower and firmness.
  • It is possible that in order to achieve success, you will have to make some sacrifices, to part with what you are used to.
  • Don’t hold on to the past and regret what is lost, let go of what is going away.
  • The need to maintain family and friendships.

Rune Othala in the inverted position

When the rune falls in the upside down position, its value becomes negative. Inverted Othala means:

  • Hasty and rash actions can hurt a person and change the current state of affairs for the worse.
  • The task set before the person will be difficult to accomplish because of the obstacles that constantly appear in his way. To succeed, you need a lot of patience and perseverance, as well as care and conscientiousness.
  • What is planned cannot be realized. The person moves in the wrong direction or sets unrealistic goals.
  • There will be a difficult situation in life, the person will need money but will not receive help.
  • A rune in the inverted position means financial instability and doubts about the success of the planned case. It is important to think carefully about each next step, so as not to make a serious mistake.

Interpretation of Rune Othala in divination


Othala is rune of inheritance. It tells of a spiritual legacy, the values that become truly important, the welfare. In the inverted position indicates bad karma and prejudice, loneliness, family conflict, detachment from something material, disorder, and sometimes vagrancy, problems with housing.

On love and relationships

Direct Position

Rune Othala in a direct position means that the relationship is strong and stable. It is quite possible that the couple will soon move in together. Being surrounded by negative runes means that the relationship will not develop. Often falls on already married people.

Inverted Position

The Rune Othala in the inverted position can foreshadow that a couple is waiting for a breakup. It is an unreliable, frivolous relationship.

On career and finances

The position in which the Rune Othala will fall out can indicate the situation of the person with a career and finances. In addition, the Rune Othala is a symbol of wealth, the embodiment of everything that can be obtained for money. This symbol helps to bring the help of powerful patrons and influential people in a person’s life, which opens up opportunities for enrichment, provide support in a difficult period for the man.

Direct position

When the Rune Othala is in a direct position, it signifies development and advancement. It also indicates that a person will have certain events related to acquiring something, such as a home. There may be financial support from outside. When dealing with work matters, it may mean mutually beneficial cooperation.

Inverted position

If the symbol is inverted, in this case it means delay and portends a lack of help through already established channels and connections.

On health

The Rune Othala can indicate the presence of any health problems. Of course, it all depends on the position in which it falls out.

Direct Position

When Othala falls out in the upright position, it is recommended that treatment be done at home.

Inverted Position

Rune Othala inverted means that the person needs to urgently seek help from a doctor.

“The Rune of the Day” divination

What if the “Rune of the Day” divination has fallen out of Othala? So, this symbol will contribute to the further growth and well-being of the person, the absence of money problems in the family, success and peace of mind.

Also Rune Othala suggests that perhaps in the fate of man will happen something new. It is likely that he will buy a new apartment. If there are obstacles along the way, they need to be treated with understanding.

Rune Advice

The meaning of the rune Othala in a direct position indicates that a person should let go of his life, all the old things that have long served him. An inverted symbol means that one should be on guard.

Combining Othala with other runes

The meaning of the rune varies depending on the combination with other runes.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – prosperity, health.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – financial success, assistance.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – new circumstances.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – obsession with an idea.

Othala + Sowilo – says that a person’s life is like a triangle, and he can not imagine it otherwise.

Inguz + Othala – means a marked increase in finances, the emergence of a new source of income (possibly additional).

Othala + Fehu – a monetary gain.

The combination of Othala + inverted Laguz – negative energy in the house.

Uruz + Othala – due to adequate and calm perception of the situation, the person will be able to find a solution to their problems, he should not count on good luck.

Othala + inverted Mannaz – there are people in the person’s immediate environment who wish him harm. The rune reveals difficulties in communication and lack of understanding.

Othala + Wunjo – means recovery, deliverance from doubts, the end of heavy abusive relationships.

Othala + Dagaz – means that between two good acquaintances in the near future will begin a romantic relationship.

Othala + Gebo – achieving harmony, resolving conflicts, balancing a certain situation.

Use of Rune Othala in Magic



The value of the symbol allows you to use it as part of runescripts and formulas aimed at healing and obtaining certain benefits. Rune is often used in rituals for protection, patronage, assistance to the Higher Powers.

The value of rune Othala in the practical esotericism is almost always aimed at achieving the daily goals – the development of intelligence and planning skills, improvement of analytical skills and self-control.

The symbol can also help in building relationships, and the scope does not matter – it can be business, family or friendship. Rune Othala helps to achieve harmony, pushes people in the right direction and gives determination when doubts prevail.

Activating of the Rune Othala

Runes are recommended to activate only in a good mood. No negative emotions at this point, he should not feel. To create amulet suitable wood or stone. Activated rune habitual way for the practice, for example, with the use of the elements.

Meditation on the Othala Rune

Meditation on the rune can be done in a form that is convenient for humans. It is important that all the attention was directed to the desired rune. Mentally need to turn to the rune with a request to give their energy and show the way forward in life. It is important to focus on what is already known about this symbol. During meditation, it is necessary to note the images and thoughtforms that arise.

Living of the Othala Rune

This is the strongest method of tuning into the energy of the runes. Living the runes is necessary in order to better use and understand them. It is important to note that residing is a difficult practice. It takes time. It will also be important to focus as much as possible on what is happening and to minimize distractions.

The process of living the rune step by step:

  • A single rune must be applied to yourself, for example, on the wrist.
  • It is important to direct all his attention to the rune and indicate their goals, to say everything happens without harm.
  • Activate the rune, one of the most convenient ways.
  • Wear a rune on a few days. At this time, you need to be especially serious about their own state. It is important to monitor their feelings and thoughts.
  • Recommended during these days to keep a diary of feelings. It is necessary to write down in detail the period of the runic living.