Rune Inguz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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Meaning of the Inguz rune

Inguz – rune element of the earth. 22nd rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Third Aett.

The meaning of Inguz rune – fertility, harvest, new stage of life, promise of a better period, completion, renewal.


Rune does not have the inverted position, which is why the interpretation of Inguz in most cases is positive. It symbolizes abundance, potential, transition to a new stage in life, useful and pleasant acquisitions.

Rune Inguz teaches to see the result in all that has been done, symbolizing the completion of labor and receiving the fruit of laborious work. Inguz may also show the result of inaction, because collect the fruit may be the one who sowed the seed and worked hard to make it germinate. Thus, the Inguz rune teaches awareness of the cause-and-effect relationship and appreciate what one has learned in his life.

Rune Inguz in the direct position

Since this rune, as well as several others, there is only a direct position, it is worth dwell on it in more detail.

First of all, Inguz is one of the symbols of fertility. The meaning of this symbol is somewhat different from those of Jera or Berkano. Inguz symbolizes impending fertility, which is expected in the future – as opposed to Jera, which symbolizes the stage that has already arrived.

That is why one of the main meanings of Inguz is the future. It is a house that has just been built and promises to be a generic nest. A wedding that becomes the beginning for a long, happy and fertile marriage.

In a broad sense, Inguz can speak of the beginning of any business that will give a good result: getting a promising job, starting a business, monetizing your hobby. This is a good sign for those who are ready to invest in any business and expects to receive the appropriate return.

The rune speaks of a long and happy life as such, full of events and accomplishments.

Interpretation of the Rune Inguz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Inguz in a relationship is one of the most positive symbols. First and foremost, it speaks of the great joint future that awaits the couple.

Answering the question about one person’s feelings for the other, Inguz speaks of the existence of mutual love, respect and the desire to be together.

As an answer to the question of how the relationship will develop further in the couple, Inguz foretells the creation of a family, if it does not yet exist, a happy life together and the birth of children. It often falls on the eve of a wedding or the onset of pregnancy.

For singles, Inguz promises a prospective acquaintance soon. In order for it to take place for sure, it is necessary to take the initiative and begin to act actively.

Rune often speaks of the similarity of partners, their similar joint plans, goals and desires. These are people whose eyes are directed in the same direction, so there are no significant problems in their relationship.

On career and finances

Direct Position

The meaning of the Inguz rune in the career and financial calculations is multifaceted, but always has a positive coloring.

Answering the question about career prospects, Inguz promises significant growth if efforts are made. There are often situations where career prospects are not completely clear – for example, when a person enters a new field and is not yet aware of all the intricacies of development in it. In this case, Inguz can dispel doubts: “growing up” will be real.

This is one of the most positive symbols in divination of business prospects. The development of the case will occur as planned, the game is worth the candles. Clearly symbolizes a business related to food or the cultivation and sale of ornamental plants.
Inguz often suggests that it would be extremely promising for a person to monetize their hobby, to turn it into a way of income.

This symbol promises a significant increase in income in general. This can be a salary increase, a change to a better-paying job or receipt of income from a more unexpected source – an inheritance or repayment of a large debt.

Means the imminent prospect of buying real estate. Often falling out in divination for people who are planning to build their own house. A positive symbol that promises smoothly proceeding construction or global repair, the result of which will satisfy everyone living in the house or apartment.

On health

Direct Position

A good sign for fortune-telling about health. Indicates a significant improvement, recovery from illness, remission of chronic disease. Indicates the optimal state of the body, in which a person can live freely without experiencing problems due to any diseases. Also indicates the optimum time for conception and childbirth, one of the indicators of pregnancy.

”The Rune of the Day” divination

As the Rune of the day speaks of a successful and promising day, which is extremely important not to miss. On this day, it is good to start any business, make a tight schedule for it – everything will work out today. It is good to sow seeds and sprouts of plants, to take care of them. It is useful to do any physical work and actively move around. The acquaintances made today will be useful at the most opportune moment.

The evenings of this day would be good to spend with your loved ones and your family. This will greatly improve the relationship and strengthen the warm feelings towards each other.

Rune Advice

Do not be afraid to undertake, forget about the learned helplessness. Higher forces promise success in all matters, you only need to take them. In your life, there comes a stage when all the seeds you sowed will germinate and bear fruit. All that is needed is a calm and consistent effort.

Engaging in achievements in one area, you should not forget about all the others. Inguz speaks of harmony in everything, so all areas of life should be developed equally intensively. During this period, it is good to deal with personal relationships, to build or make repairs to the common home, to plan for offspring.

Combination of Inguz with other runes

The combination of Inguz with the other symbols of the Futhark is almost always positive because of the energy of the rune.

  • In combination with the runes element of earth – longevity.
  • In combination with the runes element of fire – a need to relax from his labors.
  • In combination with the runes element of air – comprehension of what is happening.
  • In combination with the runes element of water – the success of creativity.

Dagaz + Inguz – symbolizes the transition from black to white stripes. This is the arrival of the phase of deliverance from the difficulties and setbacks, spiritual growth, reflection of experience. In addition, good luck will accompany the person.

Inguz + Fehu – speaks of an increase in income. It is also a symbol of wealth and abundance as such. A very good combination when divining the prospects for business or career.

Berkano + Inguz – almost unambiguous symbol of an imminent family addition, pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, such a combination indicates an unexpectedly large profit from any business.

Ansuz + Inguz – used to successfully solve any case related to negotiation, communication, the gift of persuasion. The first one is the ability to speak in such a way as to come out the winner of any dispute. Attracts good luck in court if the user is objectively the injured party.

Algiz + Inguz – speaks of the good fortune bestowed by the Higher Powers. It is protection and patronage, usually they are endowed with the whole family, so it can be a hereditary gift.

Inguz + Gebo – represents a loving couple who later form a family. It is also a symbol of a young family that does not yet include children.

Othala + Inguz – symbol of a family nest, a large house in which several generations live. This is a full, large family, whose members do not lose touch with their ancestors and at the same time aware of the responsibility towards their descendants.

Inguz + Wunjo – joy of the experience. Satisfaction on all levels.

Uruz + Inguz means energy, a large amount of vitality. It is health, full control over your body, great opportunities associated with this fact.

Jera + Inguz is a doubled harvest symbol. This is the major and happiest stage in life, when a huge amount of effort finally brings the desired result, and it becomes the best thing a person ever experiences.

Pertho + Inguz – promises to reveal a mystery that has long plagued the person. The answer to the question of interest will allow him to find peace of mind, correctly adjust life strategy and take a fresh look at the events of past years.

Inguz + Kenaz – a powerful lovemaking symbol. It is used in works aimed at strengthening feelings in a family.

Use of the Inguz rune in magic


This symbol has been widely used in magic since its inception.

The main aspect of its use is domestic, household magic. It is the amulet of the family and home from difficulties, misfortunes, conflicts, and troubles from the outside. This symbol is applied to household items.

Inguz is used both on its own and in combination with other runes. Solitary Inguz can be used for the soonest possible onset of a bright line in life, to harmonize all affairs, improve relationships with partners and family members.

For family magic Inguz almost always used in combination with Gebo and Othala. Also in the composition of runic stavs with her often include Wunjo and Jera. In a negative context Inguz is not used, so it is difficult to find in combination with “heavy” runes.

Also Inguz symbolizes profit, although not as explicitly as Fehu. In this sense, it is often used in complex runic staves as a symbol of the final income derived from successfully completed work.

Inguz is rarely applied directly to the body. She brings no harm, but considering the aspects of its actions, it is logical to apply it to frequently used items, as well as those things that are used all members of the family, if the magical effects are directed including them. However, sometimes this rule is violated – for example, in some of the stakes to improve the health of the operator, which applies to himself.

Activation of the Inguz rune

Inguz activated in view of the subject matter on which it was applied. For example, the activation of fire for obvious reasons is difficult in the case when the symbol was applied to a wooden or other fire-prone object. In such a case, activation is possible with the help of the Earth element, which is symbolically replaced by salt. Also possible activation of the breath in the event that the practice is accustomed to this type.

In complex runes staves, applied to a photo or sheet of paper, this rune can be activated by the breath of the practice or around his blood or saliva. This is safe because this symbol is not used in spoilery work. It cannot have a negative effect on anyone.

Applied to the body or an article of clothing, Inguz does not need additional activation.

Meditation on the Inguz Rune

Meditation on this symbol is useful for the onset of peace of mind, the development of spiritual maturity and patience. The color of this rune is yellow. Its energy is quite positive, in addition, it does not take a lot of force, so this meditation is available including the relative beginners.

When meditating, there may be a sense of some excitement associated with the fact that Inguz is a certain stage of life, for which not everyone is always ready. It is important to cope with it, realizing that this change will be for the better.

Living the Inguz rune

Living of this symbol does not involve significant difficulties. Since it has no inverted meaning, the occurrence of specific problems is excluded. Inguz does not take much energy, but can give important realizations in the process of living. Therefore, it is important to mark your thoughts during this day.

The day of living of the Inguz rune may present unexpected encounters. It is important to agree to them, if possible, without putting them off, because conversations with people on this day can give more valuable information than ever before. It is worth listening to the details of what others say.

Dreams can also tell a lot, it is important to record them to the smallest detail in order to interpret them correctly and fully in the future. After living, the symbol should be washed away with gratitude.