Rune Algiz – the meaning and interpretation of the rune in divination, use in magic

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The meaning of the rune Algiz

Algiz – rune element of fire. 15th rune of the Futhark, belongs to the Second Aett.

The meaning of the rune Algiz – horns, space, protection.


The main meaning of the rune Algiz is the protection and patronage of the Higher Powers. This is one of the most sacred symbols of the Futhark, directly related to the beliefs of the ancient Scandinavians in the existence of a pantheon of gods. The literal translation of the name Algiz reflects the power and strength of the patronage that the Norse Gods give to humans.

Algiz – a very strong rune protection, preventing malicious influences, warning of danger, helping to establish a connection with the Supreme Forces. This relationship can manifest itself in the form of sudden thoughts, insights, ancestral help. Rune contributes to the development of intuition and information from the subtle plans.

Also, this symbol has several other meanings that are manifested in a particular situation: in a straight or inverted position, as well as in combination with other runes.

Rune Algiz in the direct position

The description of rune Algiz in the direct position is reduced to the concept of “protection”, but it appears at different levels. Its main value – the protection and assistance of the Higher Powers that protect people from negative influences. The ancient Scandinavians put this rune on their weapons, which were used in battle.

Modern practitioners use Algiz as a universal protective symbol. It can not only lead people out of dangerous situations with the least losses, but also to develop an intuition that helps to avoid getting in such situations.

In the direct position, Algiz speaks of a favorable influence, of new opportunities. A powerful good force will play an important role for the diviner.

On a more down-to-earth level, Algiz can be perceived as patronage from more powerful and influential people. First of all, these are friends who have the right amount of resources: money, connections, and strength to come to the aid in case of problems.

Despite the great strength, the description of Algiz should not be misleading that it is an aggressive or “heavy” symbol. By its nature, this rune is different from the martial sign Thurisaz or masculine Tiwaz. Algiz is a soft symbol that does not expend the energy of the one who uses it. He does not increase the level of aggression and does not attract dangerous situations from which you will have to defend yourself, on the contrary, makes the line of life calmer and smoother.

Rune Algiz in the inverted position

Algiz upside down is a sign of danger hanging over a person. It literally “cuts off” something or someone from the help of their makers. It is a state of a completely lost and lonely in the global sense of a person who has no one to ask for help.

It is a sign of blunted intuition, difficulty in predicting one’s future, in part – dangerous illusions. Any choice made will be wrong, and the path started – hard if this sign actively affects the person. It does not harm itself, but it deprives the chances to get help.

Can speak of loneliness and insecurity at the domestic level, the lack of people who could support and help make life easier.

Interpretation of the rune Algiz in divination


On love and relationships

Direct position

Algiz in a relationship is a beautiful and promising symbol. When divining a person’s feelings, it indicates that the person in question is sympathetic to the diviner and shows a clear interest. It is highly likely that one of the partners is older than the other, has a more stable financial situation and higher status in society.

When divining the future of a relationship, the interpretation of Algiz is the approval of the couple by the Higher Powers. These can be the original intended for each other, or just perfect for the role of partners. This indicates a stable, long-term relationship built on a kinship of souls, the similarity of beliefs, views and interests.

With a high degree of probability promises a formal marriage. Approval of the relationship in society and in the partners’ environment. Development of the personality of both members of the couple in the process of the relationship, mutual improvement.

Inverted position

The inverted position indicates that the riddled people are not a good match for each other. However, there are many factors that can bind them together, such as passion, attraction to appearance or status. However, the long-term prognosis is disappointing: they are very different people, with different values and goals in life. They have a different approach to life and their chances of creating a family are extremely slim.

This may speak to the total disapproval of the relationship from society. Scandals and quarrels with friends and relatives because of the disclosure of the relationship. “Forbidden fruit,” a relationship of very different statuses.

One of the likely signs of emotional abuse in a relationship. Inhibitions, unwillingness to compromise, pressure from one partner on the other. Willingness to impose their will, without regard to the consequences.

On career and finances

Direct position

In a career chart can have several basic interpretations. When asked about the likelihood of a promotion or an improvement in working conditions, it quite often answers positively. However, Algiz is primarily protective, and if the change is not worth the effort, it may not take place.

If the diviner desires a job without reference to a specific organization or position, Algiz promises a job soon. The job will meet most of the expectations of the diviner.

Rune foretells of new business acquaintances, finding a mentor and a strong patron.

With a high degree of probability indicates that the diviner will not be in conflict with the bosses, staff or customers in the near future, or the conflicts will be very minor and will not interfere in the future.

Inverted position

The inverted position can speak of career-related difficulties. There is a very high probability that the guesser is disliked by someone in a higher management or a significant number of people in the team. You should be wary of gossip, intrigue, and unreasonably harsh inspections.

A likely sign of financial losses. This indicates that in the near future, you should not make large purchases. You should also be concerned about the protection of your property, including virtual fraud.

On health

Direct Position

One of the common signs of good mental and physical health. Often interpreted as an inherently large stock of body resources. Good genetics, energy, absence of serious chronic diseases. A strong immune system. A stable psyche, vigor of body and spirit.

Inverted position

Signals a potential danger. Warns of the possible development of hidden diseases, not yet manifesting themselves with pronounced symptoms. The necessity of a more attentive attitude to the body. A weakened immune system, a high incidence of illness. A depleted reserve of resources, a need for rest and recovery.

The divination “Rune of the Day”

Long-held dreams can come true today. It’s a good day to start something new. It is worth showing courage, perhaps to take a thoughtful and justified risk, having previously evaluated it. It’s a good day for religious rituals and rituals, communicating with the higher forces, reading prayers or mantras. A day for a good mood, joy, and openness to the world.

In the inverted position – a sign that today you should be extra cautious. All decisions are better postponed for the next day. Urgent decisions should be the least risky, if possible, you should think about it with a cool head, turning off all emotions.

Rune Advice

Remember that you’re not alone in this world. Do not be ashamed to ask for help when you need it. Awareness of its place in a complex system of universe – not easy, but a significant process for a man, leading sometimes to unexpected but important conclusions.

Combining Algiz with other runes

Combining Algiz with other symbols of Futhark usually colors the latter in a more positive tone. Can also enhance their action, without changing the basic meaning.

  • In combination with the runes of the element of fire – the band of luck, good luck in any case.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of air – the success of the activity.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of water – to receive the highest rewards, the rise.
  • In combination with the runes of the element of earth – protection.

Algiz + Tiwaz = a powerful protective and combat symbol. Used before difficult trials of any direction, whether physical or moral “battles”. Strengthens courage, while not taking away the ability to think soberly and coldly. It is used to inspire determination.

Algiz + Isa = freezing the situation until better times, while not depriving the chances of victory in the future. If Algiz is inverted here, can permanently and thoroughly deprive any help and support, should be applied very carefully and thoughtfully.

Laguz + Algiz = combination that allows you to clear your mind before an important event. Also able to help in a difficult situation, but is not a universal “magic wand”. Can create the illusion of accelerated flow of time, helping to live through a difficult period.

Algiz + Gebo = protection of the relationship from outside interference. Also, the relationship created by the will of the Higher Forces, the interaction between soul mates.

Dagaz + Algiz = happy changes for the better. Opportunity to correct past mistakes by acting wisely and consistently. Unexpected gifts from fate. A dramatic improvement in the quality of life. Requires a cautious and short-term application because of the instability of the rune Dagaz.

Algiz + Eihwaz = combination that allows you to establish contact with the higher forces and increase your own energy. Improves intuition, understanding of what is happening around, develops a timely sense of danger. Allows you to work more effectively with the runes and divination by using them, makes the results of divination more accurate and understandable.

Algiz + Uruz = physical energy in its purest form. Permanent replenishment of vital forces, good health. Faster recovery from illness.

Algiz + Ansuz = symbol that allows to come out a winner from any situation related to negotiations. Improves communication abilities, contributes to the development of public speaking skills.

Hagalaz + Algiz = unambiguous combination with great power. Can be used as an aggressive defense in dangerous situations, taking a lot of energy from the person using it. With Algiz inverted, it is an aggressive combination of destructive nature.

Algiz + Turisaz = combination of runes, aimed at the reflection of external aggression or fair revenge. Requires skill when using.

Use of Algiz rune in magic


Algiz is widely used as a symbol that protects against any kind of negativity.

Also contributes to a more rapid solution to any magical problems, calling for the help of the Force.

The symbol is often added to the runic staves, aimed at obtaining various benefits to the practitioner, in order to quickly carry out the desire.

In the inverted form is used in spells as a way to deprive the patronage of the Gods, a sign that cuts off a person from their help.

Activation of the rune Algiz

Rune can be activated by fire or 4 elements. Activated easily compared with other runes of the Futhark, as it does not require a lot of energy practice. Possible also activation through mental visualization or breathing after the application on the carrier.

Meditation on the Algiz rune

Meditation that contributes to the establishment of contact with the Gods and his own soul. Rune has a golden color. One of the common techniques of meditation – mental visualization of this symbol at the top of his head. Contributes to the development of intuition.

To obtain the Supreme patronage can be visualized on the background of a clean natural space from buildings and structures with a clearly distinguishable land, air and sky.

Living the Algiz rune

For the residence of the runes, you need to apply it to the body and keep track of events in life. Accommodation, as a rule, is not marked by pronounced emotions and experiences. Does not require a large expenditure of energy. It may manifest as unexpected good fortune or a feeling of vague but soothing presence of something unseen.

In the process of living, it may appear upside down and be accompanied by anxiety and negative thoughts. After living, Algiz should be washed away with an expression of gratitude.