New Year Games and Contests for the Year of the Dragon 2024

With the coming of the New Year we all expect fun, joy and unforgettable moments. What better way to make the holiday bright and memorable than to organize fun New Year games and contests for the New Year of the Dragon 2024 for family and friends? In this article, we offer you some ideas that will help you create an atmosphere of fun and joy at the New Year’s Eve party.

Who I am?

new year game

This is an exciting and interesting game that allows participants to have fun and develop logical thinking. It is perfect for New Year’s parties and family celebrations.

Rules of the game:

Write on separate sheets of paper the names of famous characters, celebrities, heroes of fairy tales or movies.

Each player is given a sheet with a name on it, but does not look at it. The sheet is attached to the forehead of each player so that all other participants can see the name, but the player cannot.

The players’ job is to ask questions to find out the name written on their sheet. The answers to the questions should be “Yes” or “No.” For example, “Do I live in fairyland?”, “Do I have magical powers?”, ” I am an actor?”, etc.

Players take turns asking questions and trying to guess who they are. The game continues until everyone guesses their identity.


Musical figurines

new year game

This fun and dynamic game is suitable for New Year’s Eve parties, children’s parties and other festive events.

Rules of the game:

Choose the music for the game. It can be any holiday music or New Year’s hits.

Put the players in a circle.

While the music is playing, the participants dance or move to it, but when the music suddenly stops, all players must freeze in a statue pose.

Anyone who fails to freeze or continues to move after the music stops is eliminated from the game.

The music starts again and the game continues. Each time the music stops, the players must freeze in a new pose.

The game continues until there is only one participant left, who becomes the winner.

The game promotes the development of movement coordination and reaction in children, and also allows adults to relax and disconnect from everyday life. Don’t forget to choose some good holiday music and enjoy the game with friends and family!


Dragon jumps

new year game

This fun and active game for the New Year 2024 is suitable for all ages. For this game you will need some free space, for example, in the hall or on the street.

Rules of the game:

Set up a few obstacles on the floor – these can be pillows, mats, soft toys or other objects.

Participants are divided into teams or play individually, depending on the number of players.

Each participant pretends to be a dragon and must overcome the obstacles by jumping over them. At the same time, players must keep their balance and try not to touch the obstacles.

To make it more interesting, additional rules can be established, such as prohibiting touching the ground while jumping or setting exercises that participants must perform before making a jump.

The team or participant who successfully overcomes all the obstacles and reaches the finish line first becomes the winner.

For fun, music can be added and competitions can be held so that participants can show off their agility and quickness.


Snowflake Dance

new year game

This is a fun and beautiful New Year’s Eve 2024 game that will add a festive mood to your New Year’s Eve party. It is a dance competition in which participants portray falling snowflakes and compete for the title of the most beautiful and graceful snowflake.

Rules of the game:

Participants break into pairs or dance individually, depending on the number of players.

Each participant must come up with a unique dance that will resemble the movements of a snowflake – smooth and easy movements, spins, turns and falls.

The musical accompaniment should be slow and melodic to emphasize the beauty and grace of the movements.

The jury evaluates the performances of the participants on such criteria as originality of the dance, plasticity, choreography and overall impression.

The winner is the one whose dance is recognized as the most beautiful and airy.

To make this game even more interesting, you can add elements of costumes – participants can dress up in white outfits as snowflakes, or put on their heads tiaras with artificial snowflakes.

“Dance of snowflakes” is perfect for the diversity of the New Year’s holiday, creating an atmosphere of magic and joy. This fun competition will give all participants pleasure and memorable moments, and the audience will be delighted by the beauty and grace of the dance numbers.


Magic Glass

new year game

This is an exciting game that creates an atmosphere of magic and fun at a New Year’s party. For this game you will need a special prop – a glass with magic tasks.

How to prepare a magic glass:

Write a variety of tasks on the cards. These can be tasks for dancing, songs, mini performances, congratulations. You can also add cards with prizes and surprises.

Roll up the cards and place them inside the glass.


Participants take turns pulling a card out of the glass and performing the task written on it.

The tasks can be various: to wish everyone a Happy New Year, to show your best dance, to answer a question from the quiz, to tell a joke, to do a funny acrobatic trick, etc.

Each task brings joy and smiles to all participants, and the magic glass becomes a bright element of entertainment at the New Year’s party.


Best New Year card contest

new year game

A best New Year’s card contest is a great idea for a creative and fun New Year’s Eve party activity.


Before the party starts, prepare all the materials you need to create the cards. Provide guests with cards of different sizes, paints, markers, colored pencils, glitter, glue, stickers and other decorative items.


Give participants instructions that they are to create a Christmas card that is unique and original. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to wish each other a Happy New Year.


Give participants a set amount of time to create a card, such as 30 minutes or 1 hour. Don’t forget to warn them when the time runs out so that everyone has time to complete their work.


After the time is up, collect all the cards you have created and display them on the table. Invite guests to vote.

Announcing the winner

Count the votes and announce the winner of the contest. You can award the winner with a prize.


After the winner is announced, leave the cards on display on the table or hang them on the wall for all the guests to enjoy each other’s creations.

Such a contest not only brings joy and fun to the party, but also stimulates the creativity of the participants, allowing them to create unique and memorable New Year’s greeting cards.


Hidden Leaders

new year game

The game creates an easy and fun atmosphere, allowing guests to get to know each other, socialize and enjoy interaction in an informal and fun way


Prepare cards with names or characteristics of different leaders (political, sports, cultural, fictional, etc.).

Rules of the game:

Guests are given cards with the names of the leaders they will represent during the game. Guests should not show their cards to others.

The host gives a signal (e.g. a musical cue or a short announcement) to start the game.

From the moment the game begins, guests begin to behave like their leaders. This may include voice, manner of speaking, gestures, and behavioral style related to the leader’s personality.

Guests may ask each other questions to guess who is who.

The game does not involve strict winning or losing, as the goal is to have fun and get to know each other.