Chinese Horoscope for 2024 – Year of the Green Wood Dragon

The year of the Dragon in the Chinese horoscope is considered one of the most favorable and strongest periods. In Chinese culture, the Dragon is considered a symbol of well-being, strength, wisdom and prosperity. However, the year of the Dragon can also be a time of change and unexpected events. This period can be quite challenging, and it requires wisdom and patience to overcome all difficulties and reach a new round of development.

From February 10, 2024 to January 28, 2025, the year of the Green Wood Dragon will begin. The influence of the element of wood calms the ardor of the Dragon. In Chinese astrology, the element of wood symbolizes growth, vitality, flexibility and perseverance. Green is also traditionally associated with the element of wood and symbolizes life, growth, wealth and renewal. Green is also considered to be the color of wisdom, harmony and balance.

In 2024 you should be active and strive for success and not allow yourself to degrade. People who felt like they were wasting their time last year will feel like they are living again in 2024, and those who were experiencing a decline in popularity may see their ratings rise dramatically.

The year 2024 of the Green Wood Dragon will teach us to adapt to any, even the most difficult circumstances. As the predictions say, the more obstacles, the stronger we will become.

Consider the Chinese horoscope for 2024 by sign.


ratThe Dragon is quite loyal to the Rat, so 2024 can be quite a successful year for the Rat. You can find new opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The Rat should understand the character of the Dragon and should be honest with people. It is recommended to avoid conflicts and remain calm. Be prepared for change, but avoid risk and make decisions based on common sense.

In 2024, the Rat may feel the urge to change things that she is tired of, that she is no longer satisfied with. Rat’s financial situation will also be good, as she, thanks to her sagacity, won’t miss a single financial opportunity.


oxFor Ox, 2024 could be a year of success and prosperity. You can expect great income and professional growth. It’s also a year where you can improve your personal relationships. The Year of the Dragon will boost your energy and determination. Be prepared for challenges, but don’t let them hinder your progress.

The Ox in 2024 will need to learn to control his emotions, as the Dragon may incite him to conflict. A lack of restraint will hurt his long-term plans. However, if the Ox is able to adequately assess the situation, progress may await him financially.

In his personal life, the Ox may begin a romantic relationship with a partner from another country or city. If he has already found his other half, he needs to control his fiery temper to keep his love alive.


tigerThe year of the Green Wood Dragon will be a volatile but interesting year for the Tiger. You may find many opportunities for creative expression and self-development. The Tiger under the influence of the Dragon will strive to be the best at everything. You can use this time to realize your goals and achieve success in your career. However, you may find it difficult to stay focused and disciplined. Financially, you will need to pay attention to detail and be able to manage resources.

This is a time for risky and ambitious projects, but Tiger must be prepared for change and be able to adapt. Be prepared for unexpected turns of events.

Love relationships will be important and full of emotion. In 2024, you will be accompanied by reliable friends and business partners.


rabbitThe year of the Green Dragon will be quite auspicious for the Rabbit. Rabbit will be able to overcome many difficulties that have arisen in the past and reach great heights in his career. However, you will have to try and show persistence and perseverance in order to do so.

The Chinese horoscope for 2024 recommends paying attention to the acquisition of new knowledge. While others will be busy with trivia, Rabbit will accumulate knowledge, experience and money.

In 2024, Rabbit may feel some difficulties in relationships. Conflicts with people close to you may worsen. However, if you show patience and restraint, the situation may improve. In 2024, you should also pay attention to your health and emotional well-being in order to successfully survive this period.


dragon2024 will be a special year for the Dragon, a time of beginnings, changes, new opportunities and growth. This is the year of your good fortune. You will feel more confident. You can boldly go forward and realize your dreams, especially in the professional sphere. Your leadership qualities and high goals will attract the attention and support of others to you.

Thanks to its energy and perseverance, Dragon will be able to overcome all difficulties and achieve success in any field. Do not forget about your commitments. You can attract a lot of attention this year, so be prepared for that. Also, the Chinese horoscope for 2024 recommends you to be attentive to your finances in order not to get into debt.

It is also important for you to learn to manage your emotions and control your anger so that your emotions will not throw you off track at the wrong moment. Impulsiveness is a hallmark of the Dragon. However, the influence of the element of wood will help the Dragon become more wise.


snakeFor Snakes, the year 2024 Dragon can be successful if they are willing to make some life changes. This could include a move, a change in job or relationship. It is important to remain flexible and adapt to new circumstances. You may encounter difficulties and obstacles, but if you can remain calm and patient, you will be able to solve any problems.

Be careful of your financial obligations and don’t risk your investments. Using your professional credibility, you will be able to significantly increase your financial assets.

The Year of the Wood Dragon will bring Snakes good luck in personal relationships, especially if they are open to new acquaintances. Snakes will have an enchanting and mysterious charm that will attract many. This is a year when Snakes must rely on their instincts and intuition to make the right decisions.


horseThe Year of the Dragon will be a period of growth and development for the Horse. You will be exposed to new opportunities for travel and learning. This is a year for expanding horizons. Chinese horoscope 2024 recommends that the Horse pay attention to its professional career and develop in this direction. In the year of the Dragon, the Horse will get additional stimulation and motivation to achieve.

There may be a lot of unpredictability and instability in personal relationships. Keep your emotions in check and don’t forget to fulfill your commitments. The Year of the Dragon is a time when you can make new friends, colleagues and business partners.


goatThe Year of the Dragon will be a period of creative growth and self-expression for the Goat. You may find new hobbies and hobbies that will bring you joy, as well as begin to monetize your hobby. It may also be a favorable year for your financial affairs. This is a favorable period to establish financial stability and improve your financial situation.

Don’t let your softness get in the way of your success. Be prepared for difficulties, but don’t let them break your spirit. Carefully verify the information you use.

In your personal life, patronage of a strong person who will help solve your problems is possible. The Chinese horoscope 2024 recommends that you improve your communication skills.


monkeyThe Year of the Dragon will be a period of exciting adventures and new opportunities for the Monkey. You may get a new job or move to a new city. This year is also a good time to expand your social circle. This is a good time to establish communications and relationships with loved ones.

2024 represents a time of inner growth and understanding. You can expect successful progress in your work and career, as well as expanding your knowledge and skills.

The Dragon will present you with many opportunities for creative expression and self-development. However, you may find it difficult to stay focused and disciplined. Be careful not to take too many risks this year. Spending money is not recommended. The Dragon will encourage you if you show prudence and rationality.


roosterThe Year of the Green Wood Dragon will be a period of internal and external change for the Rooster. You may encounter difficulties, but they will be a springboard for your growth and self-discovery. Be ready for change, and you can come out of this year stronger. By staying calm and confident, you can succeed this year. Don’t let hardships stop your progress.

The Dragon will create a favorable space for progress in your career, as well as for the development of your talents. This is a year for action. Public speaking, showcasing your abilities, working in public will be favorable.

Roosters in 2024 should control their emotions and show restraint in communication with loved ones.


dogThe year of the Dragon can bring many surprises and changes in the life of the Dog. It is important to remain optimistic and confident in your abilities. The dog may meet new people who are close in spirit and make important partnership deals. It is also a favorable time for relationships, marriage or starting a family.

You can use this year to realize your financial goals and achieve success in your career. This is a good period for investing. However, the Chinese horoscope for 2024 does not recommend taking risks and investing in dubious projects. Dragon will appreciate and reward your prudence, rationality and financial literacy.


pigThe Year of the Green Wood Dragon will open up new opportunities for the Pig for career advancement and business success. The Dragon will encourage your energy and determination, as well as push you to improve yourself and develop. With due diligence, in 2024 the Pig can gain recognition for his work and establish himself as a master of his craft.

The Pig in 2024 can also expect a stable financial situation, but she should be careful not to risk her capital. Be prepared to learn and increase your level of professionalism.

In personal life, the Pig will smile with luck, there will be a chance to find true love. Relationships with other people may bring you pleasure and support. During the year, Pig will strive for inner harmony and search for balance.